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  1. He's basing having the most tackles in a game as being the best player...tells you how much he knows.
  2. lol tf, did we watch the same game? He did well.
  3. Honestly, not just the team's youth movement, but also the entire new coaching staff...the short term might suck but so excited for this team's long term future.
  4. Just imagine if we win enough games this year to pick between 5-10 in next year's draft, missing out on a QB...BUT adding to that line by drafting FSU DT Marvin Wilson. Yetur Gross Matos - Derrick Brown - Marvin Wilson - Brian Burns ...oh my
  5. Yup, the Bears. I believe it was the same off-season when they drafted Trubisky...
  6. Because he’s on another team now, simple as that. I just find it weird cheering for a player that’s on another team, regardless of that player’s history...cause if I cheer for him to do well, then it means i’m wishing success on that other team as well.
  7. Only player I hope does well and will root for is anyone wearing a Panther jersey. I won’t wish bad on anyone, but I just don’t care too much for a player once they’re gone.
  8. Jesus, talented DBs drafted by the Chargers can’t stop getting hurt, first Verrett and now Derwin James
  9. "Panthers young defense feasts, sets team record for most sacks in a game"
  10. He’s done bad (what you just mentioned) and he’s done some good...but again, to say he’s one of the 3 worst based off just 2 years, is extreme. You may end up being right in the future, but everybody deserves some time, and he hasn’t had enough yet to be criticized fairly. This is the first year that he’s made some actual real change (the coaching staff), so let’s just wait and see.
  11. How can you judge off of like 2 years? I’m not saying he’s good either, but cmon...give the dude a chance and some time first.
  12. Happened with Lorenzo Alexander also at 33 years old and played well for like 3 more years. Also another linebacker.
  13. Bonnafon was the clear backup anyways, oh well.
  14. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-acquire-kaare-vedvik
  15. Always enjoy your camp observation write-ups... Would like to know what differences you see from the new coaching staff and the old one, in terms of atmosphere, practice, etc...any small or big details that stand out to you And also would like to hear about the 2020 entire draft class in general, how each player is looking individually...especially Kenny Robinson, I feel like we haven't heard much from him.
  16. I was seriously trying to figure out what two towels meant, didn’t even notice the red jersey
  17. Ya'll should know by now that TheSpecialJuan doesn't mean half the stuff he says.
  18. Him and YGM are gonna be special for many many years.
  19. TSJ always on top of the latest roster moves, we appreciate it!
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