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  1. Here in Pineville, the greenway is right behind my backyard and there's some huge trees that fell thankfully towards the direction of the greenway.
  2. That’s what I keep saying about Gross-Matos, he’s going to be crazy good. I don’t get how some rank Epenesa above Yetur.
  3. If we get rid of Cam (assuming would be because of his health), and the staff really wants a healthy experienced player rather than bringing a rookie this year...I honestly wouldn’t mind it, only if it’s a 1 or 2 year deal (which I doubt Jameis would accept though). It’s crazy how boom or bust Jameis is, there’s no in between AT ALL. When he’s having a good day...oh my god.
  4. Even if they did want to trade the pick, it's the correct move to say they don't. It makes the pick more valuable and would make teams give up more in order to acquire it.
  5. TBH, this is actually more about the breaking news that Bobby Axelrod bought the team from David Tepper.
  6. Yeah, he already mentioned that he'll definitely go.
  7. I like Tepper trying to sneak a butt grab there at the end.
  8. Godwin has been on another team for months now. I forgot which team though.
  9. Question for you all...If you were Hurney and if you (Hurney) stay as GM, you having a close relationship with Rivera...would you give a Rivera a call and attempt to trade up to the #2 overall pick and select Chase Young? Imagine Burns and Young together...
  10. Is the team able to purchase players or bring them from loans in their first year? I'm sure Tepper will want to bring in a star player and not shy away from paying the sort of money to bring one in.
  11. All i’m saying is let’s wait for him to put his own stamp on the team, which he will this upcoming offseason, and then we can begin to judge him based on the moves he makes then (which honestly would still be premature to do so). He didn’t make any moves the past offseason because he said it himself, that he came into this team not knowing anything about the football side, so he wanted to take some time to learn first before making actions on the football side. It might seem to some of you that he only cares about building a new stadium, creating an MLS team, but that’s business and he knows business and that’s the only thing he’s been able to do for now. But now it appears that he’s been able to see and learn about the football side and is ready to make moves.
  12. What do you expect him to do right now? Let's just please wait after this offseason once he finally chooses his own coaching staff.
  13. Really nice article on Devonte’ Graham from BR. First thing on their home page https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2867608-devonte-graham-isnt-supposed-to-be-here
  14. Yeah there are plenty good OT’s but I believe Thomas is way better than everyone else, I think he’s on elite level.
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