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  1. I am confused on what people mean by "Regressive".. when you say regressive.. do you mean against social norms? Or regressive as in more taxes, more rules, laws etc? I wouldn't label NC as regressive.. certain things are liberal and certain things are conservative. SC for example is very lax on property taxes for Veterans,vehicle inspections, window tint, car insurance is cheaper etc.. Is this regressive? NC is very high on taxes, not many tax breaks, strict on inspections, car insurance, etc... is this regressive? When I hear the word Regressive.. I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing or a good thing. If the public wants lower taxes, less public assistance, pro-life, pro-gun etc.. let them have it... same as if the public wants gun bans, pro-choice, higher taxes, etc... is either one bad? no..it all depends on what YOU think is a social norm.. each person is different.
  2. Sweet Caroline!!! Smash Smash Smash.. oh how make me feel so good... ( Sorry, just had too)
  3. Now, they just need an high speed monorail system from the stadium, to the Head Quarters.
  4. why is this out of the question? We have talent on the Offense, need to use all of it
  5. We are going to have 3 QBs, 7 WR, 4 RBs, and 3 TE thats it.
  6. We will have 6 WR.. Hogan, Moore, Samuel, Wright, Smith, Ross Godwin, Frazier, White will be on PS Jean and Levrone just camp bodies Bazinga
  7. NFLN Kept breaking up for me, like lagging on a computer. I watched ESPN. It is not uncommon for it to go to a commercial break when our pick comes up. However. ESPN didn't cut to commercial.. which I ended up watching.. No Tay Tay, no Luke Bryant..
  8. Actually Verge wasn't that far off. TBH.. Raiders picking Clelin.. through everything off. Jones was on hardly any mock draft.. His sources picks were almost spot on.
  9. The two most hilarious responses to the draft picks IMO was Raiders and NY Giants... it was glorious.
  10. Verge is Legit.. He cannot show all of his cards in one hand... he is giving us insight that we have never seen before.... Panthers will chose Williams Burns Ford Ferrell If they dont trade up
  11. People are forgetting other Great SC Towns Loris, Conway, Florence, Myrtle Beach How about Anderson? Aiken? Santee? All great towns
  12. I was wondering where did they get the emails to send the surveys too? I got one.. but dont remember giving my Email to Panthers... except this page.. Hmm
  13. I cant believe the Seahawks paid 35 Mill for a little above average QB.... but wouldnt pay Top Defensive players... interesting
  14. Stadium Upgrades.... Seat Warmers Better Drainage system in seats Make the seats about 6 Inches wider, and room in front of seat 6 inches more More Bathroom options... only 2 Shitters covered in Piss in each bathroom last but not least.... a place to plug in head phones to listen to game
  15. Wasnt there 6 Ex Panthers that were AAF Players? I wish the AAF would have lasted... it was a great concept... maybe someone can scrounge up money next year to bring it back.
  16. Why did the person who was against it... look a lot like Jared Norris?
  17. What if you are a Redneck, religious, and a Troll... but also smart, Yankee, semi-religious and a Troll at the same time? Or maybe the Troll is perceived to be these things you see there is no common sense to be found? Interesting..
  18. I bet you ( Im Broke) that almost every single play in the NFL have penalties that could be called... End Rant.
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