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  1. I agree, in my current job, I get randomly drug tested, and can lose my job quick if illegal drugs are found in my system. True, if he knew he was riding dirty, he prolly shouldn't have been speeding. Everyone knows, if you ride dirty, dont speed, make sure all your lights work and obey all traffic laws.... lowers the chance of getting pulled over.
  2. True.. but enjoy yourself man. You havnt really done anything for yourself in years.
  3. Looks like Slye had a slump in practice today... many were wide right.
  4. Boo... no more Spartanburg.. We need a FRESH place.... to have camp.
  5. does anyone know why Cam gave Munnerlyn a hard time for wearing #26? I know he is normally 41, I guess he in a way is saying, he wasnt good enough to get his old number back?
  6. I was a Cowboys fan in 1997, moved to NC in 1998, Converted to Panthers around 2003? Yes, the first SB... then, converted more, around 2008. Cowboys is still my second team.
  7. I never knew this thread would go for this long. It has always ben a question of concern. We seem to bring in really good kickers each year, for them to mosey over to another team.
  8. Maybe we should just keep Slye in the dark, so when Gano goes out in game 5, we can bring Slye in.
  9. Rats.. this nuts. Pure spite. How did Reid take a pic of him in the Caribbean, the same week of practice? Or was that an old pic?
  10. So, lets say you missed and punched the player in the stomach, is that a Flag?
  11. Who was the guy who jumped the line and blocked the pass? I couldnt get his name, dont remember number
  12. Slye was looking good last nigh.. JS.
  13. I am hoping the Panthers can move on in the future and not worry about kicks to win the game, but TDs to win.
  14. Fresh, Succulent Walmart Frozen Burgers, cooked and seared to perfection on La George Foreman. Topped with toasted white buns and creamy american cheese. Comes with Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips, and crisp soda.
  15. So, Ross was one of the best WR in the short lived AAF. Will he make the final cuts?
  16. I think Gano is good, I seen him play a game of tic tac toe, whilst kicking the ball to the targets. However, I just figured, like every year, they bring a "Competitive" kicker, just to kick the tires. Sounds like this Slye guy isn't that guy
  17. Can we bring back Bersin? He was a good dude.
  18. Could this guy possibly be a Butker No.2? I mean Gano is good, but we need to start building a replacement.
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