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  1. My dad cleaning out my moms room she is deceased found a package of N95 masks.
  2. I have esurance part of Allstate and I just checked my payments they're exactly the same. No credits
  3. I hate being an essential worker everyone I know is having fun cook outs, camping etc Not me just grinding.
  4. I'm going to laugh at you all when we win the Super bowl this year or at least the simulation SB.
  5. We could trade Cam and our 1st for the Bengals 1st. Get r dun.
  6. The healthy should go back to work and the fragile should be in quarantine.
  7. I'm thankful I have to work through all this cause if I was forced to stay home 24/7 I'm pretty sure my wife will murder me.
  8. My drug dealer is sick cant get my weed, need to get high um for my arthritis. S O S
  9. Charleston county and Berkeley county have a grand total of 102 cases, .0000111 percent of the population.
  10. Ibuprofen is safe to take ask any doctor
  11. Being a pimp right now is tough might have to smack a ho
  12. I just heard that as long as chic filet is open I can handle anything
  13. I keep hearing 30 million , I wish. The dead cap for Carolina sits at a whopping $46.1 million, the most in the NFL by a wide margin as the Jacksonville Jaguars rank second with $33.9 million in dead cap. Once Cam Newton is released as reported, thePanthers dead cap will increase to $48.1 million.2 days ago https://www.si.com/nfl/panthers/news/carolina-panthers-salary-cap-update Sleep well
  14. Panther fans are the only fans hoping the season gets canceled.
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