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  1. jasonluckydog

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    When the Panthers lose no one is safe and that's including the huddle. You will feel the wrath #huddletoo
  2. jasonluckydog

    Cameron Newton to bounce back Sunday?

    With our oline and how they played last week Cam will bounce back and forth up and down off the ground.
  3. jasonluckydog

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Who knew the Huddle had so many football geniuses?
  4. jasonluckydog

    Need reports from Charlotteans

    Oh yes seen him in several bars today getting drunk with every hudlers mom.
  5. jasonluckydog

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    tPantPanttPantPanthtPantPanttPantPanthersntPanttPantPanthtPantPanttPantPanthee P
  6. jasonluckydog

    Cam Newton sighting

    No win, no pizza.
  7. I feel like this was our coach for the 1st 20 minutes
  8. I'm going to eat a bowl of ice cream and shove the bowl up my ass when I'm done
  9. God I hate getting embarrassed on national tv.