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  1. Um Matt just threw an awesome TD PASS!!
  2. I was going to go to bed but now that I'm about to watch a Matt Moore game no fuging way. I thought this moment would never happen again !!
  3. Matt Moore show about to blow up in the 2nd half now that loser Mahones is out.
  4. Yeah I was at the game just drove back home to Charleston traffic was terrible all of those idiots driving on the wrong side of the road.
  5. The London Silly Nannies would be an awesome NFL team name.
  6. I agree with Bull just stop it...looks so stupid.
  7. Trade Cam to the Dolphins for a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd and the 2021 1st pick
  8. The bucs were smart and drafted a kicker early .... Lol
  9. This is the 1st game that I remember that ended on the same play as the beginning with an interception
  10. This one is more difficult as this was a team win So on offense I'm going with Curtis Samuel On defense you could go with several but I'm picking McCoy he made Winston's life miserable for most of the day! Anyway the Panthers are undefeated when playing outside the US.! Thanks to the London Silly Nannies football team for a fun game.
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