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  1. Don't care who wins. I hate most of these teams and you people should as well.
  2. I feel a SB is coming..
  3. Trail mix taste gooder
  4. I watched Delhomme come in at half time with Peete on the bench to come back and win the game. Best time of my life at a game..carry on.
  5. jasonluckydog

    Trouble in Steelers land

    AB is elite big difference. DJ could be elite or he could be another Funchess.
  6. jasonluckydog

    Trouble in Steelers land

    I would trade DJ MOORE a 3rd round pick and the year after that a 5th.
  7. Its been very difficult to enjoy this ass whipping. I dont care if we win or lose. I think I'm out, yes I'm out
  8. This is idgaf game, it will be on. If it goes bad Arthur Morgan will be my entertainment
  9. jasonluckydog

    Elf is the best modern Christmas movie made.

    Christmas vacation will one day be more popular than a Wonderful Life
  10. jasonluckydog

    Eagles or Vikings?

  11. jasonluckydog

    Panthers New Year Resolutions

    1. Quit losing 2. Win more 3. SB win.
  12. jasonluckydog

    Merry Christmas

    2018 and this Christmas I will be happy when it's gone...worst year of my life. Carry on with your Christmas cheer while I plan some illegal things in my mind to seek revenge. #JUSTICEFORHOSS
  13. Sad news guys I have to move to a new town and I'm not sure they get the huddle over there. So bye .