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  1. The only exciting thing to happen this offseason.
  2. I just heard Tom Brady was the 1st person to opt out the thought of coronavirus and playing the Panthers D twice a year was too much...lol. ha ha ! Playing the Panthers twice a year is a reason enough to risk the virus
  3. We will suck so bad this season no matter who we play at tight end. If we win 2 games this year I'll be shocked.
  4. So what team will Cam represent when he is inducted into the HOF?
  5. First time I have been excited about football this year.
  6. I just turned on the tv no game is playin, this thread is full of lies.
  7. The Patriots are my new favorite AFC team
  8. I'm here to watch football the only kneeling I want to see is in the 4th quarter up by 3 and just seconds left on the clock.
  9. I might buy it my girlfriend needs a place to stay when her husband is out of town
  10. I wasn't an Obama fan but I respected him wish we could all appreciate the hard job just being the president is. Our country is doomed.
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