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  1. I don’t think Winston will ever change. Arians coaching him was the last hope for that and he proceeded to throw 30 interceptions. Let someone else chase something that doesn’t exist. If it was purely as a stopgap placeholder while we tank, sure but then it doesn’t even matter who it is.
  2. Chiefs blueprint is having Andy Reid (hope Rhule can become that good for us but Reids don’t go on trees...), and then finding Mahomes and taking the risk to trade up for him—it’s obviously been more than worth it and paid off big time.
  3. It seems to me that the issue is even with Hurney technically “GM,” Rhule has tremendous power and I don’t see him letting someone else have sole final say in the roster he’s coaching, and that’s what we’d need to give this guy to get and interview with him.
  4. Should be an extremely interesting next couple of years. Our HC, OC and DC all have zero NFL experience outside a couple years as low level assistants.
  5. Yeah this matchup doesn’t remind me of that one at all. Niners D is nowhere near that Broncos D but their O is better. Chiefs are nothing like we were on either side of the ball.
  6. Mahomes will get his, they have enough weapons and an elite OL. Question will be if the Chiefs D can hunker down like they did against Henry after the 1st quarter and stop the Niners running game. Need to force Jimmy G to throw because he’s the weakest link on that team. I’m pulling Chiefs but have no idea what to expect as far as who I think will win.
  7. Tua’s very risky yes, but he could be worth the risk.
  8. As unlikely as it is I’d love to see a crazy crazy comeback and have the final score be 28-27
  9. I don’t think this one is decided yet to be honest. Rodgers has looked like poo as has the entire Packers team, but we’ve seen way crazier things before, and if there’s anyone you don’t count out it’s Rodgers, no matter how old he is or bad he’s looked so far.
  10. He had a big game last week out of nowhere but before that outside of the blowout against us he didn’t do poo in the regular season.
  11. Agreed, but I think scheme and coaching is way more important than talent on the D and O lines. You can scheme around deficiencies on both lines. We’ve just never seen that because of our crappy coaching lately....
  12. Well Coleman wasn’t really “their #1.” Mostert has outperformed him and pretty much took over that job after an early committee. Their success is scheme related and dominant OL, which obviously supports your first point.
  13. Packers needed to go for it on 4th and short. Rodgers was pissed they didn’t.
  14. I agree he did, but the ref threw the flag before that happened. That was outrageous.
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