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  1. Tepper could’ve rebuilt this place from the second he got here, and he should’ve.
  2. This game won’t tell us much at all, we’ll be sloppy as hell on both sides of the ball but will come away with a win. Kyler Murray works some magic on our safeties and David Johnson leaks through our run D a bit. McC goes off and Allen has a solid but not spectacular game with about 200 yards, 2 TDs and a pick. 27-20 Panthers After this week, division will be locked up at 1-2 for all teams. Falcons can’t win in Indy, Bucs fall to Daniel Jones’ magic, and Aints without Brees don’t stand a chance against the Seahawks. Ugly but we’ll be right there with them. Bucs will “lead” the division with the tiebreaker in divisional record by default.
  3. He did that while he was with the Broncos
  4. How many players have been “in Charlotte” before and never even been linked to us through out the years. There’s nothing here.
  5. At least if we sign him and start him were guaranteed the first overall pick. Grier or Allen would at least win a few games dropping us to 5-10
  6. I recall reports that Tepper was among the minority owners making a strong push a few years ago to get rid of Tomlin. If that was true then yeah no chance, but if that report wasn’t true then the connection is there and Tomlin may be on the outs pretty soon.
  7. Saints played their starters on D and most on offense too. Pretty much only one who sat was Brees, and Kamara only played a handful of snaps. The D didn’t change much and Thomas and their starting OL played the whole game. Of course, you can question how much game planning went into it but he wasn’t facing backups last year.
  8. Bucs at 9-7 or worse and a one and done in the playoffs. Unless Allen or Grier somehow pull a Dak Prescott out of nowhere, or old Cam appears again, but I doubt any of that happens.
  9. I love boxing but the sport has also gone downhill, less talent than in the past, less national pride in our country’s fighters and bulslh*t decisions like GGG vs Canelo both times... I got way more into hockey last year and the Hurricanes have an extremely bright present and future. Been a lot more fun watching that lately even though I like the sport of football more.
  10. I haven’t watched him a lot but it does seem he’s made some strides as a passer this year. He was terrible last year and was way closer to being a RB playing QB than Cam or Vick ever were (as foolish people have suggested about them).
  11. I’d go with Grier just to give him some real game experience and see what we have for the future, he has way more upside than Allen. But doesn’t really matter much to me. We’re not bringing another QB in, there’s absolutely no reason.
  12. I’m thinking this may be the case too. Even Ron said he’s been “low” since Thursday. Probably taking a short break to get healthier and see if he can find renewed motivation and love for the game. It has definitely appeared to be lacking this season.
  13. Maybe. He’s more fragile than Cam though and I highly doubt he comes near Cam’s rushing TD records.
  14. Everyone who hasn’t relinquished their rights by breaking the law.
  15. Everybody has the right to arm themselves to defend against a tyrannical government. Has nothing at all to do with race.
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