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  1. Odds are not in their favor. All the other teams could be threats. Will just need to see what happens.
  2. What the hell is up with Willy? Worst player on the ice this series after a really good start to the playoffs in the first two rounds.
  3. Yeah Rask hasn’t been all that great this series. He’s had some moments but has been beat a lot too. We’ve been terrible on offense and have missed like 5 empty nets. The first 3 games remind me of our team before January this year making all opposing goalies look like Brodeur.
  4. If there’s any team that can have a chance at coming back from down 3 it is this team this year. Very unlikely but it’s been done before in this league and against the exact same opposing team’s leadership. I’m still watching and hoping, of course without any expectations.
  5. Yep. If we hit those in game 1 and yesterday, it’s 2-1 us not 0-3. Oh well, we far exceeded expectations this year and have a ton of money to make moves this offseason too if we choose to.
  6. We’ve ridden overachieving grinders like McLovin (Warren Foegele, a rookie who was a borderline 4th liner the whole season with no real offensive impact) and relied on outworking the other teams this postseason, as well as admittedly some puck luck against the Islanders (who also overachieved and don’t have much natural scoring talent). We’re really close but it was always going to catch up with us this year. Bruins have like 4x the offensive skill as us, and combine that with lack of experience and poor reffing and you have what we have this series.
  7. All that time and all you can come up with is that crappy shot... find the open man and bury it
  8. He’s been really lucky today. We’ve missed 3 wide open empty nets today would’ve been easy goals for apparently any team but us. Also had an easy empty net missed in game 1 that could’ve put us up 3-1 and essentially put them away in that game...
  9. We don’t have a single natural scorer on the team right now. Svech could become one as soon as next year but the kid is still a teenager.... Regardless of what happens this year, we need to fix that. Go get the breadman.
  10. That’s GI. If they call this a goal I’m turning it off officially. And the penalty call on us was absolute bullshit.
  11. Extremely wealthy public figure gets off... shocker. He’s far from in the clear with the NFL though. As we’ve seen before, all it takes is a video releasing to nail a guy in this league. If the video comes out and it shows anything relatively bad, Kraft is done. If that happens his son would just take over and everyone would move on. And TMZ is working their ass off and paying people left and right to get that video.
  12. Overall I’ve loved RBA but his inability to change anything at all on the PP is unfathomable. Take a step back and remove yourself because it isn’t working and let someone else handle special teams.
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