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  1. t96

    London here we come

    We'll have our bye after
  2. t96

    London here we come

    Do you already know it’s going to be in October? And it would be Sunday at like 10am eastern time right (3pm local)?
  3. If they did that and called every play 100% by the book there would be a flag thrown on every single play. Terrible idea.
  4. t96

    London here we come

    Well at least we aren’t losing a home game for it. But would prefer not to have ever had to go play there.
  5. Yes it was and there were a ton of non-calls that went the Aints way too.... at the end of the day they came up short and have no one to blame but themselves
  6. @Jeremy Igo why do we let this guy spam this forum with crap like this?
  7. KC needed to call timeouts earlier and get some answers on 3rd and long. Retards
  8. Game over Pats gonna win here what an absolute joke. Chiefs are trash chokers
  9. LOL KC absolutely sucks. THREE 3rd and 10+ allowed on one drive in OT. Even if they somehow win they’ll get smoked by the Rams
  10. How about another Edelman first down on 3rd and long KC?
  11. Chiefs defense is terrible
  12. Yeah DG drafted him and got fired then Hurney came in and got rid of him.
  13. Has he ever cost us a playoff game? I mean maybe you could argue Aints last year but he missed one XP early and that’s it. Bigger problems last year were WRs choking in red zone and secondary getting lit up by Brees.. Gano hasn’t been a problem in the playoffs. Was a huge problem in 2016 and Lions/Seahawks games this year but otherwise has been solid.