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  1. Reminds me of that outrageous play against Denver where Cam was speared in the head as he was throwing, and it wound up being a duck that they called grounding which cancelled out the dirty hit on Cam. I still can't fuging believe that poo. The league let that Broncos D get away with murder, there's really no explanation for why that poo was allowed.
  2. He's a pretender who puts up great stats in garbage time and meaningless games. Only time he's ever come up big in his entire life was against the Aints in the playoffs and they've got a recent track record of playoff chokes... Yes, he's better than Bradford, but he's also already earned over $200M which is just absolutely silly...
  3. We definitely have a ways to go, but they aren't who I thought they were. I was sure we'd be a bottom 5 team, and the worst D in the league. They've already exceeded expectations in both those regards this year, and every single loss so far has been a relatively close, winnable game. I think with dead cap space cleared up after the season and some FA additions and another draft and more development from our young guys, we'll be a playoff team next year and contending for a SB within 2 years. Before the season I thought that'd be more like 3-5 years.
  4. He definitely has his flaws, but I think we need to give him a chance with an improved defensive roster. Our D is insanely young with many rookies contributing and on paper really should be a bottom 5 D. Yet, we rank in the top 15 in points allowed per game... The results in that regard speak for themselves as being very impressive considering the roster.
  5. Samuel has more value here than he does for other teams. We'll be able to keep him relatively cheap.
  6. I'd say he was an average 4th quarter comeback QB. He was not a detriment in those situations, but he wasn't like many of the elite QBs throughout the years who you just know are scoring in that situation.
  7. That model just resulted in a Super Bowl for the Chiefs... How is it "outdated?"
  8. Very true, and today LT was a disaster in addition to the interior. Has mostly been good when Okung has played but outside of Moton our OL was college level today.
  9. You need great to win in this league unless you have an elite defense and a lot of luck. I wouldn’t want to count on the latter, would rather we just try to find a franchise QB. It’s worth the risk in this upcoming draft, even if we need to give up assets to trade up for our guy. Now’s the time.
  10. I mean the deal really isn’t that bad at all. It was worth a shot to see what he could do. He’s the ideal guy to be a mentor and bridge QB for a young rookie and is an amazing locker room guy. Knows the game well, just doesn’t have the talent to be a great QB on the field. I’m fine paying Teddy $20M next year to mentor Lance or someone else for a year. Then we can cut/trade him after 2 years easily.
  11. Trade up for Lance if need be. There are sure to be some teams in the top 5-10 who don’t need a QB. Dolphins come to mind with the Texans pick.
  12. Sorry guys, I really do like Teddy, but he will never be more than an average quarterback at best. We need to draft the future QB this year. That’s two game losing picks now, and a complete face plant against the Bucs in a winnable game. Can keep him around another year in case we want to be patient with the rookie, but it has been made clear that Teddy has no future here. Great, great guy. Not a great QB
  14. One of the better games from Ian Thomas today... not saying much but I guess it’s one small bright spot from this game.
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