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  1. Scot I know you don't do PIE, but you should at least poo particularly bad posts. Maybe 2-3 per week.
  2. t96

    Hey everyone, look, David Newton

    Then the text above the picture should indicate that. Sloppy work, as is usually the case with not just Newton and some of our other reporters, but many journalists in this day and age.
  3. Yeah honestly. How CJ felt about his role shouldn't have Ben taken into account unless he was causing problems, which clearly he wasn't. Now CJ could go to a rival and hurt us and we have significantly worse HB depth. Dumb decision unless there really is more to it and it's just not coming out.
  4. Luke, Cam, McC are the only locks. Moton, Turner or Donte could have a shot too. And hey maybe if Armah keeps getting TDs he could be the FB...
  5. t96

    Two Backs vs One

    I think it's definitely pretty significant. Gurley has played 9 more snaps in 1 more game, and the only other RBs anywhere near McC in total snaps are Conner, Elliott and Barkley, 3 guys with nobody else behind them. Until today we had a guy who was a 1000 yard rusher last year behind McC... And there are just 5 other backs playing over 80% of their team's snaps, with Zeke the highest at 88%. Christian is playing 96.5% of snaps (!!!). That is pretty much unheard of in recent years for RBs. I agree with your second point that he's not getting hit as much as other RBs and a lot of his touches are catches which is less wear and tear, but it's not like he doesn't do anything on snaps where he doesn't touch the ball... He blocks and gets hit on those plays and runs routes, which adds to fatigue over he course of a game. Obviously it's been working well so far, I just think it'd be even better and McC would be more efficient and rested if we spelled him more often.
  6. t96

    Two Backs vs One

    I'm not really a huge fan of having two backs share the load equally. It worked with double trouble for us for sure but that's very rare to have success like that with a duo. Halfbacks rely so much on building momentum and getting up to speed during a game and that's not really possible when you and another player keep switching out. So I actually really do like having McC as our workhorse back, and he's absolutely proven capable of handling it. All that being said, even true workhorse backs of the past haven't played nearly 100% of the snaps like McC is. That's just silly. Workhorse backs still need a guy to spell them, and in McC's case a short yardage specialist (like it seemed CJ could be) would be beneficial as well. So not entirely happy with what we're doing but it is in my opinion much better than if we had another situation like last year with Stew and McC but with CJ or someone else instead.
  7. Yeah makes no sense why we ever even signed him. Someone with a need at RB will snatch him up immediately. Won't have any impact on our season considering we never even used him...
  8. Not just good, but ELITE offensive line with no weak links on it, which is extremely rare these days.
  9. t96

    How about them Falcons?

    Not sure about Mayfield but Chubby is the real deal. Great move by them to ditch Hyde and let Chubb start.
  10. Feels like he's been there since the first Bush admin...
  11. Ok but a 1.5 game lead for us is realistically no different than a 2 game lead, that's my point.
  12. Unless we also tie, that's basically a 2 game lead. Only difference is if they win 2, and we lose 2 they're definitely ahead of us rather than going to tiebreakers. But if we lose one, they win one, we're ahead.
  13. Disagree. With how well the Aints are playing, that was a hugely important game to win. Getting embarrassed was horrible and it put way more doubt in my mind about this team than a close loss would've, but any kind of loss that game was a tremendous setback for the division--and therefore, the playoffs. Anything can happen but it'll be tough to make the SB this year as a wildcard. We're way better at home than on the road this year and winning in the dome is damn hard. Yes, we still control our destiny for the 2 seed but that could very well require winning in NO week 17--no easy task.
  14. t96

    Black helmetz for realz?

    Can't we use the same helmets just a different color? That's not really changing helmets... And no white face mask. Blue face mask would be cool