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  1. Will reserve judgement until moves are made but on the surface I don’t love the sound of this.
  2. Yeah I don’t think any player that’s not taken in the first 3-4 rounds of the draft can be considered a bust.
  3. Small for the NFL and not just height but his build. Hope he can make it though, I liked him a lot here and will be rooting for him in AZ as long as it doesn’t hurt us.
  4. t96

    Sean Payton is unhappy

    Yes but he only has the ability to own the team because the NFL says he can. And they’ve essentially forced out another owner for less once before... And other leagues like the NBA with Sterling have done so as well. Neither Sterling or JR were convicted of anything either. Kraft has the presumption of innocence in the eyes of the law, not public opinion.
  5. t96

    No collusion

    You can’t prove a negative so of course there’s no “evidence” to exonerate him.
  6. t96

    Gronk retires

    That would be retarded for us. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd at the very least but a late round pick would be useless.
  7. t96

    Gronk retires

    He's not a lock for HoF. Only played 9 seasons and pretty much all of them were injury riddled... Amazing player when healthy but I bet the lack of longevity will work against him. Almost certainly not going to be first ballot because of that. May get in just because of the "dynasty effect" though...
  8. t96

    2019 Playoff race.

    Yep. Big bounce back from the 3rd period against TB. The Svech-Staal-TT line has been unbelievable. TT with 70 points now... That contract is a steal.
  9. You would think, but this is the NFL and Kraft won’t just flop and give up without a fight like Jerry did.
  10. KB was impressive as a rookie but he was also thrust into being Cam’s #2 target behind Greg while DJ had very limited playing time early. DJ’s season gives me more promise for sure.
  11. t96

    2019 Playoff race.

    Yeah especially against Tampa who has the #1 kill and powerplay... That was rough. But the way we played in the 3rd was embarrassing and the reason we lost. Such a great 2nd period and then to close it out like that. Rough. Couple huge winnable games this weekend. Wild aren’t that good and neither are the Canadiens except for Price. Get these two and we get some more cushion for the playoffs. A loss to the Habs would be devastating.
  12. t96

    2019 Playoff race.

    Not sure what they were talking about, Mrazek was just the main reason we beat Pittsburgh with 36 saves, just 2 GA and perfect in the shootout. His game before that was a loss but he was solid we just couldn’t get past Bobrovsky. And before that he had a 38 save shutout. Mrazek has been mostly on fire and Mac has slowed down a bit. Coaching has generally been good but I’m not seeing the justification for Mac against the Lightning.
  13. Did you watch the Eagles Super Bowl?
  14. t96

    2019 Playoff race.

    I still trust Mac as a backup but Mrazek needs to be the guy playing pretty much every game except back to backs. No idea why he didn't play today...
  15. I don't really care about the semantics between OLB and DE, what I was responding to was the argument by that other guy that Irvin was here to replace TD, which won't be the case at all.