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  1. Joke’s on them though... we never really had a chance to go all the way this year and have just been waiting to clear house and start the rebuild, so a loss like this will expedite that and help our draft position. Meanwhile Falcons are falling back in the draft order for no reason in a year they’re already eliminated from playoffs and this will likely cause them to keep Dan “embrace the suck” Quinn around another year.
  2. Awesome! Any chance you have video (or anyone else here) of the anthem? I’m a harmonica player myself and would love to see that.
  3. Bucs haven’t made the playoffs in over a decade. 2017 we were 11-5 and nearly upset the Aints on the road in the playoffs. Last year before Cam’s injury we were 6-3... The division record blows big time but we’ve been wayyyyy better than the Bucs.
  4. I don’t think the team has ever really quit on him, I just think he’s not a very good football mind any more. He’s been figured out, especially within our division, and hasn’t changed anything or ever gotten better.
  5. Only if those 2 or 3 games are in the playoffs. And even then I’m not sure. Only way he’s definitely safe is by winning SB.
  6. If Kap would accept vet min, and coming in as the #3 QB... still no. (and, he wouldn’t accept that anyways)
  7. Yeah Donte is so young and raw but has flashed elite ability. Wouldn’t give up on him any time soon.
  8. Defense was terrible, and that’s been a trend the past month plus... That’s on the HC (who’s calling the defensive plays).
  9. I don’t know about that, he was a beast here for a year and a half and was still very good in Washington his first year there before slowing down. He’s an interesting case because he was really old when he broke out. I think if he had stayed here in our scheme he’d have had 3-4 elite years for sure.
  10. He’s a lot like Josh who wasn’t consistently great until the latter half of his third year. I’d give Donte a little time
  11. None of them at this point in the year. Everyone will be gone on Black Monday
  12. New coach and GM and QB in the draft that they like. Why not?
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