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  1. Anything is possible. I don’t expect much, but if our draft picks play like studs out of the gate (similar to Aints 2017 draft class) helping the D, we could definitely have enough offensive firepower if the coaching is legit to get 9+ wins and playoffs. I would be a little surprised but not completely shocked.
  2. Wow this place really is something else in the off season
  3. And not liking the outlook on Cam’s shoulder I’m guessing.
  4. I can’t believe how small he is for his height. Still is going to be 100x the jump ball guy that Funch and KB were. His mentality is that of someone LeBron’s size—if the ball is there for the taking, he’s attacking it and it’s his.
  5. Or maybe football tears ACLs and it happens at other teams’ training camps too?
  6. Kareem barely tapped some drunk chick with his foot and was never charged with anything. These guys committed armed robbery with a firearm. Not even close to comparable. These guys are more likely to spend 5-10 in the pen than to play 5-10 more snaps in the NFL.
  7. These two will not play another down any time soon.
  8. And these aren’t just scrub fringe guys. One is a recent first round pick (lol Nippleshorts) and the other was PFF’s 4th best corner in the entire league last year. If the accusations are true, they are both throwing away tens of millions of dollars for tens of thousands in jewelry? It doesn’t get much stupider.
  9. There’s zero chance we’ll be playing in a different stadium as soon as 2025. Even if the process started today it’d take longer than that to actually be ready to play a game in a new stadium. And the process has not started yet.
  10. I still love that his name is Gross and his number is 69. Aside from 1 year of decent play from Oher, LT has been an absolute disaster for us since he retired. I miss the big (thin?) guy.
  11. It’s pretty clear the way the deal is setup that that’s the case, and that we weren’t looking too hard at QBs this year likely in anticipation of the 2021 class (as was reported we like better). Not a bad play if we can truly scout a QB well and get a stud without a top 5 pick for Lawrence or Fields. But if we can’t do that then we missed out on a perfect opportunity to get Lawrence, without Teddy and with Allen or Grier starting instead and this D 1st overall would be guaranteed.
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