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  1. Yes, beast, as in physical specimen. Look at the picture in OP and tell me otherwise.
  2. He’s worked his way up from semi-pro British league football... You don’t think he’s taken any steps forward since then?
  3. Nowhere in my post did I mean to imply that he’s a great player at this point. He’s a physical beast and has high potential. That’s why I said I hope he continues to improve and eventually earn a larger role. It may not happen but it would be huge for the team if it does. Think Frank Alexander’s flashes back in 2013 before he went dumb on us.
  4. Yep very happy to have Vatanen playing for us now, that was a great trade and we need to re-sign this guy. He fits the team perfectly. Trochek has been great as well, definitely a big upgrade at C. Still hoping he can get to that next level offensively though, like he was at a few years ago. I like Skjei and he’s been good this series so far (that hit set the tone and without it I’m not sure we win game 1), but I’m still not completely sure about the trade. A 1st was more than I’d have liked to give up and having his contract and Gardner’s is a burden. Definitely happy to have him right now so I’ll just keep enjoying it and see what happens with contracts, draft picks, etc. after this playoff run.
  5. Yes he’s already a grown man and throwing his body around as well as anyone out there. But just wait until his body develops even more in the next few years... He’s already a force, but that force will be much greater when he’s 23-25 and older. He could be the best winger in the league at that point.
  6. Really hope Efe keeps taking steps forward. He’s a beast. Brees, Brady and Ryan seeing him barrel down on them will poo their pants.
  7. The future looks very very bright and yes they have our only championship, but before last year this was a team that went a decade without making the playoffs... Other than the Cup win, have the Canes actually been any better than the Panthers? Of course a championship goes a long way.
  8. First hatless hat trick of this no-fan period! Svech, Aho and TT will soon be the best line in hockey. Boston probably still takes that title but not for long. Svech is 20 and Aho is 23...
  9. Vatanen needs to be re-signed too. He fits this team so damn well, especially chemistry with the Finns, Aho and Turbo
  10. I love Morgan Geekie’s play in his short time up so far. Great forecheck from that whole 4th line.
  11. Yeah I get that but not every player needs a thread (UDFAs for example). If they’re bigger players who have a shot at contributing I think it could be worth individual discussion. Also, have you seen the threads on the first page... Is it such a problem that those are pushed back by opt outs? I don’t really care either way but at least if you merge them we need the info from the title of the merged thread. I didn’t realize Christian Miller opted out until well after that post was merged in here
  12. Why can’t each Panthers opt out have its own thread?
  13. Another huge save from Petr. Oh man. We need to get our heads out of our asses, Petr is saving us so far
  14. Petr almost got his glove on it. That ain’t on him. Brutal
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