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  1. What he says publicly is not a big deal at all. Not a single one of those guys in there give a sh*t about what he says in public. They care about his actions and how he treats them in that locker room and on the field.
  2. Yeah Bradberry clips were all probably so boring that they couldn’t use them. Surprised by lack of Curtis though. And 3 episodes in there’s been no Donte either but maybe he’s coming?
  3. I’m 3 episodes in. I loved it when he was blasting the D after the Falcons game but made it clear that it starts with him as a defensive HC and he’d do better. Took responsibility and didn’t throw anyone under the bus. People assume the guy doesn’t take responsibility because of press conferences which is ridiculous.
  4. Hardy is a retard PoS, but on the field in 2013 he was the most dominant DE we had since Pep. Was dominant pass rushing both inside and outside, setting the edge against the run and in coverage. It’s a shame he went off the deep end because the guy was as elite as it gets at 4-3 DE that year.
  5. I’m a Rivera fan but at some point he’s gotta go if it ain’t showing up in the win column...
  6. Outside of division games we seem to always battle the Seahawks in really close games and there’s a bit of a rivalry there...
  7. Seeing Greg with his family after the injury was rough damn.
  8. I was at that game. Couldn’t believe it. Good welcome to the NFL moment for him though.
  9. I don’t know what the process is for choosing a team to do all or nothing but one would think the team has to agree to it and they can’t just be forced by the league to do it. So a team could then say, “yeah we’ll gladly do it, if you ensure we never get forced to do hard knocks.” Just because Rams did both doesn’t mean this couldn’t be true.
  10. Well before they put themselves in cap hell with terrible moves.
  11. The saints were in cap hell and missed the playoffs 3 straight years despite having a top 5-10 all time QB. Then they got out of it only with a historically good draft and still haven’t won anything. Aints model ain’t one to follow.
  12. Did doing all or nothing come with a stipulation that the league can’t force us to ever do hard knocks? If answer is no, make sure to tell Ron that was a missed opportunity.
  13. Poe’s contract is worse. We don’t really have any terrible contracts right now though. I’m hard pressed to think of one. Maybe Shaq is a bit overpaid but it’s just 1 year and not by a ton. Edit: you could add Olsen because of his injuries and missed time but when he’s healthy that’s a great deal...
  14. Well seems guys like Torrey and McCoy wanted to be here as they likely could’ve gotten more money elsewhere....
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