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  1. Watch Hurney give him 4 years $60M in week 10
  2. I think it's more that as bad as Clark/Kalil are at LT, they are even worse on the right side...
  3. t96

    Falcons - Giants

    Would be great it Falcons choke this too
  4. t96

    Falcons - Giants

    There's a big play!
  5. t96

    Falcons - Giants

    I don't think the whistle even matters if it's a clear recovery by one team.
  6. t96

    Falcons - Giants

    That looked like a catch and fumble under the new rules...
  7. t96

    Falcons - Giants

    Absolutely. Fool them all with a Eli rollout and running it in himself.
  8. t96

    The Olsen Touchdown

    Uhh Funch caught our 2nd TD also in the shadow...
  9. I'm as big of an advocate of having McC carry the load as anybody but damn that is just retarded. Play him 75% of the snaps even and that's a lot. Guys like Gurley, Bell, etc. don't play near 100% of the snaps. And even more crazy that we have a productive 1000 yard rusher sitting behind him, it's not like we have a bunch of scrubs who you pray never have to see the field. I don't get it.
  10. t96

    Falcons - Giants

    Pretty fascinating that our one completed deep pass this year came in game 6 and was to none other than Jarius Wright... We really really need to get some downfield passing to Samuel and Moore going. This offense could be unbelievable if we can establish that threat with those two... Will open things up for McC too to take pressure off Cam in the run game.
  11. t96

    Falcons - Giants

    Finally Odell does something. Wish he took it to the house though....
  12. He's still got some juice left and fit extremely well in the Seahawks' 4-3 which is very similar to ours... but yeah would need to alter the contract and it'd have to be a 4th or less, 3rd is too high in my opinion.
  13. No chance unless they give up a crapload. Already gave next year's first ( and second I believe for Bridgewater) to get Davenport and 2020 first wouldn't be nearly enough since it's so far away (no way to justify that to the fans). I'd love to see them trade a ton of assets for him but it ain't happening.
  14. Go checkout Pats forum game day thread from that game right after Brady's pick 6... no QB is immune from fans whining and crying about mistakes and then cheering the heroics. It comes with being a fan ....
  15. It's rare thered and I agree on something, this guy needs to go