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  1. he supplied the needed players so I say he did his job ...
  2. heel31ok

    1 game mantra

    I honestly have never heard of one game at a week...
  3. well he hasn't recovered from the last time so your point doesn't hold up...
  4. heel31ok

    Cam sucks

    no value in a trade...
  5. heel31ok

    Cam sucks

    he sucks because hes hurt...
  6. heel31ok

    Cam Newton lost this game

    his age is career threatening and losing a step would be career ending...
  7. the fact Cam cant throw long is why Smith isn't a valuable pick up...he is here to stretch the field . That doesn't work if the QB cant throw long...
  8. lol...has nothing to do with the coach...you were wrong all on your own...
  9. has nothing to do with the retooling...that's coaching and execution...
  10. the current brain trust would be fine retooling...they have done well so far...
  11. I meant for the year...the end will be when he cant run...
  12. if he needs surgery then he is done...
  13. heel31ok

    Choker Cam

    its always an excuse...