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  1. Is Taylor healthy ? This just adds more smoke to the "Cam ain't healthy" fire..because you are correct no one in his right mind takes Taylor over Cam...
  2. Now that's just you making up nonsense and a false narrative...just because they aren't doing things the way you want...
  3. You are correct...you dont know what I'm talking about...that's still just life in the NFL...sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't...
  4. None of that changes what I said and what happened...and Tepper has everything on the line.
  5. Lol...calling plays has little to do with it...can he still play is more to the pt...I Think he's done ...
  6. Yeah like dropping Bledsoe like a hot pocket...lol
  7. As a fan you get what you get...ain't no deserving involved
  8. Great value pick in Hall...
  9. More comforting to live in a world where nuance is an excuse...
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