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  1. But only after he agreed to a random drug test...
  2. heel31ok

    Do you watch the pro bowl?

    What's a pro bowl?
  3. heel31ok

    Offensive Tackle

    We need OT every year...our neglect and spare tire mentality at OT demand attention at OT...
  4. heel31ok

    Offensive Tackle

    OT/LT has and will continue to be a need...
  5. heel31ok

    Offensive Tackle

    Yes there's every reason to draft a OT...
  6. Yes and Hurney isn't coming back and Mack Brown will never coach at UNC again...Like Mr Doubtfire said..."brace yourself!"
  7. heel31ok

    Do we need a CB?

    He's not near as bad as people make out ...
  8. Of course it's rigged...its like the WWE
  9. It would depend on who is available but he is a nice player...
  10. heel31ok

    If Clock Management is This Easy

    I drink coke products ...
  11. heel31ok

    PFF gives Moton props

    Go for it...piss off
  12. Yes...our 2 weaknesses, not utilizing our talent and not having a great Oline...
  13. Idk but the Clausen pick should have been Golden Tate...
  14. Actually it's a very legitimate criticism ...