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  1. I prefer Dillard but have no problem taking Williams...where would Haynes stack up in this draft?
  2. If true...where does the dirt go?
  3. heel31ok

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    Not at all ...a solid 1st rd pick
  4. heel31ok

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    Idk about that...
  5. The question is more towards the talent available at QB in this draft...still better with who they already have...
  6. Exactly...at this point outside motivation not needed...
  7. heel31ok

    Drafttek Mock Draft (April 17th)

    Id take 4.7 all day
  8. Yeah...Bosa is a terrible pick ...
  9. It wouldn't make sense to give away the future for any DE available...
  10. Not waste picks on Rosen that's for sure ..
  11. No...we need to get in position to draft Trevor Lawrence...