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  1. I understand the black youth vote not feeling motivated to vote but can anyone shed any light on why older black voters are so motivated to vote? You would think after years of being treated like an afterthought by the Dems and seeing your material conditions stand pat (at best) they would start to become more disaffected. Is the Obama connection really that strong with that generation that it lends Biden that much credence?
  2. there's a rather disturbing post i recently saw about this but its from a completely unreliable source so i'll refrain from sharing, but i would not be one bit surprised if it were true.
  3. i'm saying i take more away from a game against an opponent with more NFL-level talent like LSU than I do 10+ against the likes of Wake Forest, Virginia, Duke, UNC, other ACC cupcakes...
  4. he missed pass after pass against a good, aggressive defense-- that lost a key LB due to a targeting call. literally one drive in the 2nd half that wasn't a 3-and-out.
  5. vs Bama - 7 points off a pick 6 and 3 TDs from Etienne. Lawrence had a good game for sure but Bama was only in it for the first quarter before it was clear they were the weaker team. vs OSU - Higgins wasn't out for the game either, he came back and played a role along with the other weapons I mentioned. difference in that game were the 2 big INTs by the Clemson defense
  6. 2nd round draft pick, taken before Dak. the crown jewels of that draft QB wise were Wentz and Goff but Hackenburg was looked at as potentially a franchise QB before another terrible season at Penn State where he regressed each year.
  7. 21 unanswered to close the first half. Clemson had one decent drive in the 2nd half and then went 3 and out on every other drive (minus a penalty).
  8. 18/33 for 260 yards, 15 carries for 40 yards (2.7 ypc) outside of the big TD run. Georgia and Clemson had better defenses last year than OSU. Clemson were just the better team than Bama the year before, in every phase of the game. Etienne ran wild on them from the start and Clemson locked down the Tide's offense.
  9. They didnt play ND last year, the Clemson defense destroyed Bama and Etienne ran all over them, and they certainly didnt beat OSU because of Lawrence. dude has had tons of weapons (Etienne, 2nd round pick Higgins, Justyn Ross) and plays in the weakest power 5 conference. NFL "experts" are consistently wrong when it comes to evaluating QB talent because they fall in love with metrics and the eye test when it comes to QBs. they thought guys like Trubisky and Hackenburg were the next big thing because they looked the part, while guys like Watson and Wilson are overlooked despite performing better.
  10. The scouts were in love with Trubisky and see how that worked out. Burrow is significantly better than Lawrence and proved it against much better competition. Lawrence got exposed the first time he didn't face an ACC cupcake.
  11. I seem to remember thread after thread about Greg Hardy well after he was off the team that didnt get anywhere near the scrutiny the Cam threads have...
  12. every election from here on out will be the "most important." forget the carrot and stick, it's the stick and a bigger stick. even if Biden wins, in 2024 the argument will be that the republican nominee will threaten to undo all the "work" Biden/Harris will have done. "we have to keep the WH to achieve any of your progressive goals" and then if they win there will be 2 more years of centrist governing (ie, nothing done to assist the increasingly alienated and malleable working class) before Senate republicans will slam the brakes until the 2028 election. by that point the masses will be so desperate for material improvement in their lives they will follow whatever white-hood-wearing Pied Piper that promises to bring back manufacturing jobs while corporate Dems will continue to fingerwag at progressives and call working class americans deplorables for not using the correct pronouns, while a Latinx (sxe/hxr/hxrs) local district judge is still throwing people in jail for getting caught with 1/8 of weed. "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if not now, when?"
  13. "progressive" Dems are the girl who thinks she can change her boyfriend who beats the poo out of her by sticking with him. they instinctively reject any mention that they are being taken of advantage of and will lash out at anyone who threatens to disturb their fantasy worldview. explains why they project their own insecurities and motivations onto anyone who dares poke holes into their arguments.
  14. Trump voters said the same poo. "He doesn't mean literally what he says!" This is one area where I'll take Biden at his word, considering his record backs up his rhetoric this time.
  15. I would say even more than that. If they fully disavowed the racist rhetoric and dogwhistles, changed a couple of positions wrt criminal justice reform, I think they would pull the majority of the black vote, at least among the older generations.
  16. ask yourself why Dems spent $10M+ on primarying an incumbent (something they freaked out about when it was progressives primarying establishment shills) when this is supposedly the most important election in our country's history? surely that money would be better spent in a district that is not safely Dem already? or perhaps their goal is to crush and further alienate a portion of their electorate in order to smooth the transition to Republican-lite?
  17. i worry about future progressive candidates who aren't jewish getting the Corbyn treatment if they dont appear to be salivating at the thought of supporting Israelis as they take potshots at Palestinian children every time they pick up a pebble.
  18. remember when chris matthews compared the supporters of the only candidate to lose family in the holocaust to nazi brownshirts and kept his job
  19. assuming Floyd was going to die or in danger of dying due to the drugs in his system, what threat did he pose to the multiple armed officers? do you agree that a knee hold to his neck for 8 minutes is excessive? couldn't another officer have assisted in handcuffing and restraining him in a less dangerous way?
  20. i remember twitter libs calling kanye a coon for this too...
  21. If they do decide to continue playing I sure hope they don't settle for more empty slogans on the back of jerseys. I'm not sure what tangible change they can achieve; ultimately I think their best move would be to leave the bubble entirely and go to work supporting their local communities.
  22. Ironically Stidham would have been a great fit for the Panthers offense and the Baylor connection w Rhule. Cam was never gonna lose that battle as long as he was healthy, though I think Stidham could be a solid QB in this league and thought he would have the initial advantage given his knowledge of the playbook/personnel.
  23. if you honestly think Trump is even comparable to Hitler you are out of your fuging mind. liberal hysteria.
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