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  1. i'd imagine i divert from the leftist consensus on this board on these points, but i still maintain that alt-right dipshits, not neo-nazis, but the Pepe idiots and Jordan Peterson fans are much closer to a realization of class consciousness than your wine mom #resist types. at least they are able to identify the failures of capitalism and realize that tokenism is not a solution to the ills of capitalism. the issue is they fail to understand that the root cause of these failures are capitalism itself, and instead are steered towards blaming "cultural marxism," immigrants, feminism etc.
  2. besides nazis, who else would fall under your characterization of shitfug workers?
  3. the choices have always been socialism or barbarism, if we have learned nothing from 2016 then perhaps it is best in the long-term to destroy the two-party apparatus.
  4. i'll concede that point about literal "blood and soil" type nazis but your racist uncle or some barstool sports dipshit, raised in an environment surrounded by ignorance and intolerance -- not absolving them of culpability for their shitty beliefs, merely recognizing most people are products of their environment and lack the self-awareness to examine the validity of these belief systems-- is no more my enemy than #KHIVE neolibs.
  5. don't conflate my points-- i don't consider bashing nazis to be idpol, it's a separate observation from my first response. if you want to deem yourself the moral arbiter of who is worth the attempt to bridge the gap of understanding, go ahead. just saying you won't win many allies, and you'll likely alienate as many fence-sitters as you win converts. tho by definition idpol = identity politics, identity covers a broader schema than race, sexual orientation, gender identity
  6. i find racist, sexist, homophobic, other bigoted people to have reprehensible views but does it preclude their ability to perform the duties of their job-- or preclude others they work with from performing the duties of their job? if yes, then you have a case to fire them, otherwise i only see it as a way to feel morally superior and not need to challenge their value system-- lazy, performative politics imo. purity politics and weaponized idpol are the biggest threat to widespread class consciousness.
  7. never said it was tragedy, idc enough to get upset at it but ultimately i think it is counterproductive if you want to change their opinions/behavior. i found spencer getting punched pretty funny but i don't think that means you should punch someone you disagree with. if you want to go the extreme of literal white nationalists who advocate for ethnic cleansing i understand deplatforming them, but theres a pretty wide spectrum between that and someone with "problematic" tweets. if their ideology precludes their ability to perform their job appropriately then you fire them on the basis of not performing the duties the job requires. again, i'm more inclined to agree if you go to this extreme but their ideology doesnt affect their ability to perform this job adequately. same as the nurse example
  8. to me is purely an emotional reaction, schadenfreude, that serves as an outlet for someone who recognizes that they have no real power to make an impact and therefore sits on the sidelines rooting for an outcome rather than get involved and try to bridge gaps of understanding-- do you really believe all, or a majority, of the people fired for the political/social/etc views are inherently bad people, or lacking the ability to grow as a person?
  9. im not gonna cry about some nazi getting fired but i take no pleasure in them getting fired and i certainly don't think its a good thing. if anything, it reinforces whatever fuged up belief systems that they have and teaches others to code their racism/bigotry instead.
  10. sucks that he retired but having him on the sidelines and still in the locker room as a coach would be the next best thing
  11. Bernie is the only one who'll get my vote, and if I lived in a swing state I'd be tempted to vote for Trump for acceleration purposes if Bernie isn't the nominee. My state will probably stay red, though if Bernie is the nominee then things become more interesting. either way i'll show up to vote on the downballot races and potential state initiatives.
  12. Rogan was unfairly smeared by a bunch of handwringing dipshits. he platforms people he finds interesting and has conversations with them, he's not there to grill them on their positions-- for every alt-right darling he's platformed he has had someone on the other end of the spectrum on as well. the best move of Bernie's campaign so far (imo) was going on his show and expanding his audience to people who are mostly not involved politically, but are turned off by the idpol garbage that's pushed in major media outlets and in online circles.
  13. Biden's campaign will crater if he has a poor showing in the early states though i do worry if he does well enough in Iowa and New Hampshire he'll gain momentum as he'll likely win south carolina and do well in the more conservative southern states.
  14. i think Rhule is the type of coach that can get the most out of Jackson. worth nothing Donte is still younger now than Norman was entering the NFL, and it took a few seasons for Norman to mature emotionally and on the field. if he breaks out near the end of his contract like Norman i feel it would be worth it to give him lockdown CB money, while Norman was already at an age where any deal would look bad in the 2nd half of the contract.
  15. little known fact but bernie was actually the inspiration behind the Uncle Drew commercials
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