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  1. I bought a six pack of Fat Tire in February, I've drank 2. Mostly water and coffee here.
  2. Loved playing baseball throughout my middle and high school years. Do not care to watch it.
  3. I'm an essential worker, so I can't. I do my part by wearing a mask and respecting others with at least a 6 foot distance. There's always the risk, it would be nice if a certain group of people would have respect for others rights and safety instead of only their own. In essence to me, and part of the reason I joined the Marines, freedom is essential. People should be free to do whatever the fug they want, so long as it doesn't effect another person. Guess what, this effects other people too. Your one of those ignorant redneck flag wearing fugs who never even served in the military then has the audacity to condemn Colin Kaepernick bc it "offends the troops".
  4. fug you you stupid mother fuger. I'm a cancer survivor and veteran. My health doesn't matter and it's my fault I have a weakened immune system? Eat a fuging dick.
  5. Steve Smith was one bad mother fuger. Favorite player of all time by far. Love Cam, Luke, Pep and Co. Too... But nothing can compare to the joy Smitty gave me watching him put it on the line every Sunday even if we only won 2 games.
  6. This is the point I'm trying to get across. Usually hurney drafts do not induce excitement for me. For the first time in several seasons I have hope in the future. At least let me have that huddle!
  7. Again, just my feeling. Time will tell, but this draft just feels different than any draft we've had in recent memory. I like our 6th and 7th round selections better than our usual 2nd and 3rd rounders .. would be hard to top the Gross/Smith draft but I think said and done this one could wind up being up there. Hell even the Newton year, name one other halfway decent player we drafted?
  8. Relax on thinking we had a good draft? I'm just saying this draft feels better from the start than drafting Vernon Butler and amini silatolu type players. Who knows if they pan out? But I like our chances compared to years past. Rhule, Snow, and Brady might just know how to properly use and coach up these guys ...
  9. Sure, would have loved an OL or TE... But I am in disbelief, I think this might just be one of the best drafts we've ever had. Filled alot of holes, and got alot of high potential players. I'm not bad at all!
  10. Sadly - I don't think we will see many professional sports this year. Maybe Nascar or golf... But not any of the real sports.
  11. Just wondering if there's any updates on this? Has he refollowed the Panthers? I don't even have social media, so I know not to buy much into this but odd timing with all the trade rumors floating around yesterday.
  12. I was a skeptic at first, but I am a believer after those first three picks. This is truly a new age for the structure of the Panthers in general. Under Rivera or Fox I would have never had confidence for these players to be utilized correctly. I have faith now that Rhule is going to be very different from what we are accustomed to, in a very good way.
  13. Man that Greg Hardy highlight real brought back memories. That 2013 defense swarmed opponents!!
  14. This dude is a created Madden safety... 6'3 with a 40" vertical that runs a 4.45 lol I don't think Hurney is the one at the wheel tonight.
  15. Good read OP, I would certainly be fine with any of the top 6 on your list on day 2. I personally am hoping for Epenesa/Gross-Matos in the 2nd and getting a LB/DB in the 3rd. Won't be mad at all though if we wind up with DB's Jones, Fuller, McKinney, Diggs or Winfield Jr.
  16. This guy is disruptive on just about every single play even if he doesn't make the tackle. I think we got a slam dunk in the 1st this season, and Brown will anchor this defensive line for many years to come. Simmons is a beast too, but what good is another LB/S hybrid if the other team continually gets to the 2nd level?
  17. Good points, there really isn't a doom scenario unless we reach hard. I wouldn't be upset with Wirfs or Kinlaw even at 7.
  18. Grady Jarrett is listed as their best DT, they could definitely use one in my mind. I definitely don't want to see Brown twice a year!
  19. I haven't seen a thread, so I apologise if there is one. Not that I think this happens, but this is my worst case scenario for the draft tonight. This scenario involves the Dolphins paying a Kings ransom to first Detroit for #3, and then Cinci for #1. Atlanta also moves in front of us with the chargers. 1. MIA(via CIN) - QB Burrow 2. WAS - DE Young 3. CIN (via MIA via DET) - LB Simmons 4. NYG - OT Wills 5. CIN (via MIA) - CB Okudah 6. ATL (via LAC) - DT Brown 7..... In this scenario not only do we miss on all of the top positional prospects, but a division rival jumps us for a stud. I really do not want a QB from this draft class, and this scenario leaves us with little option but to trade back in my opinion. What's your worst case scenario tonight?
  20. I really disagree with the sentiment that this is a "strong" QB Class. I believe aside from Burrow, all QBs this year are overdrafted and will overwhelmingly be draft busts. This is not the year to draft a QB in my opinion.
  21. Simmons, Okudah, Brown, or Kinlaw to any team in our division aside from us lol
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