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  1. I thought I was the only one on that level of thinking. Hybridization has changed the game for humans. It could be argued that it's the cause of majority human suffering. Hybridization creates so many tribes of human in every corner of the planet. It creates a perfect recipe for disaster in which it is. This planet was meant for just a few million humans living a subsistence life. Instead we have billions of grasshopper-like beings proclaiming they are this race that race fighting over territory.
  2. I feel bad for guys like decker and hartline, they have about 3-4 years to be decent before their lack of physical ability catch up to them. My advice for future prospects similar to them is to fatten up and be offensive linemen. Receiver position is a flashy position reserved for gifted athletes.
  3. The thread topic does coincide with modern social event like the Winston accusation. It does open the door for people to make social commentary. A less radical solution would be to lock it or send it to the Tinderbox. That topic is not even about football.
  4. Teams should be allowed to keep a 106 man roster with those guys getting arrested.
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