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  1. I feel you on your fantasy woes. My ragtag team is 1-10 and fresh off a 10-game losing streak. Got my first win this week though!
  2. It was pretty awesome though. Not to mention Winston gifted us the one he threw straight to Marcus Williams. Literally straight to him. LOLOL.
  3. It’s a valid question, I really don’t know where it came from either, but I have heard Steve Mariucci use it before so I doubt it came from the Barstool crew.
  4. This is our bloody MVP, #1 overall pick, and generational talent of a QB! So once again I ask. Why are you being obtuse? Is it deliberate? @maddog1945 @stratocatter @Catsmiaow @Iron Saint @SBiii @bull123 @ickmule @dave-o I'll even add you jolly folks @App Panther @Snake and @MVPccaffrey. Why are you obtuse? Now that’s out the way, the fact that you called me an “Allen homer” for pieing a post while you simultaneously typed out my username to tag me in this asinine post is hilariously ignorant. I’m not an Allen fan. I’m not a Newton fan. I’m a Saints fan. And as an outsider to the Panthers organization, the “antics” mentioned above: the showboating, the wardrobe choices, the general circus, are all things Panthers fans put up with when everything’s hunky dory and the team is winning. However, when the team is struggling, the fans will always look for the root of the misfortunes, whether they are actually affecting the team or only imagined to be. When your team is losing and its leader’s focus seems to be on everything but football, it’s easy to place the blame. We had a similar situation like this just last weekend. Sean Payton pops the question to his girlfriend on Friday night and what was allegedly a birthday party turns into an engagement party. Fast forward two days later, we get our asses handed to us at home by the Falcons coming off the bye week. During the beatdown, they even show her sitting in the suite on the Superdome video boards with the caption, “The Future Mrs. Skylene Payton,” all the while the Falcons are kicking the **** out of us on the field. Some Saints fans obviously were pissed about it naturally because they felt his head wasn’t into the preparation of facing a 1-7 team and we got thumped as a result. https://saintsreport.com/threads/coach-payton-gets-engaged.418424/ (page 4 is when the posts after the game start) https://saintsreport.com/threads/csp-engagement.418803/#post-7801481 Sean Payton: “Hold my beer...”
  5. Hopefully a better one than we thought we were going to give the Falcons last week. We won’t take y’all lightly after that (hopefully at least). But it doesn’t help us they put it on y’all this week too, so I’m sure y’all will be nice and pissed off for the trip down here. Yay, divisional games!
  6. Keep y’all grimy little paws off our AHC.
  7. Even if a team does sign him it won’t stop. They’ll just continue complaining when he doesn’t get to start immediately and will have their pitchforks out until he does get to start. Then when he gets benched again, they’ll complain he wasn’t given a fair opportunity and/or the team he played for was holding him down. Always the victim. Twice. He was benched for Blaine Gabbert TWICE. He actually was... twice. NFL.com: Niners have seen enough, bench Kaepernick for Gabbert (11/2/2015) And here is the second time the following year... ESPN: Colin Kaepernick benched by 49ers after dismal 3 quarters vs. Bears (12/4/2016) And that’s not even counting when he lost his starting job to Gabbert before the 2016 season began. That’s 3 instances where the 49ers said, “We’re going with Gabbert over Kaepernick”.
  8. I retract all my previous nominations and nominate her All in favor say
  9. No way! If I did, I wouldn’t have no one to debate with then, would I? I can’t promise Falcons fans here would be safe though. LOLOL. If I’m made a mod, we can have a weekly deal where it’s like the dunk tank game at the carnival, but instead it’s “Insult the Saints Fan Mod with No Repercussions” game (within forum rules of course). Plus, it’d stir up some web traffic for Igo, I bet he’d like that. I’ve counted to infinity... twice. Also, if you get me drunk enough, I’ll give you a tear jerking rendition of “Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn. Really now? How’d it go? Well, I’m assuming? 1. I’m the most objective person here, change my mind. 2. I take extra long poos so that won’t be a problem. 3. Where is GeorgiaBoyz, I’ll ban his Falcon *** right now if they give me the hammer! 4. That’s easy, typically those screaming “racism!” the loudest are the most racist people you’ll ever meet. They’ll announce themselves, but like Whack-a-Mole, once goes down and another pops up somewhere else. 5. I guarantee one (1) atomic wedgie and one (1) super swirly to anyone caught bullying another poster. Additionally, the poster they’re bullying gets to pick the order and gets to flush the toilet. 6. You’ll find no pro- or anti-Cam Newton biasness here. You will, however, find a pro-Cam Jordan bias. 7. Nailed it. 8. Easy, I never go there anyway. If I wanted to argue with communists, I’d visit California. 9. No other sport I rather discuss, I would be on multiple teams’ forums if I didn’t. 10. I’m batting 1.000 with this one. So what’d I win? Did I do good? Tell me I did good. I have the full frontals ready to go and depending on where the jar is being inserted, I’m game. Also, while I don’t believe I’ve ever interacted with you before this, you’re my favorite mod solely due to the Patrice O’Neal avatar. Damn, I miss him.
  10. I hold no biases against anyone here and would be the fairest of all.
  11. This wholeheartedly. When we lost Brees earlier this year, our fanbase would've been absolutely over the moon if you told us we were going to go at least 3-3 over the 6-game stretch we were supposed be without him; even more so if we knew two of those would be without Kamara. If you would've told us that we wouldn't lose a game in that span, we'd be just as excited but probably be thinking you just smoked crack. Not one Saints fan that I've seen in that span was legitimately bothered by the fact that we were winning games without Brees. Of course there was a lot of cautious optimism, especially after seeing Bridgewater getting a full game under his belt in Seattle, but not any I seen were hoping Brees would comeback much earlier and possibly risk re-injury just to get Bridgewater off the field. In fact it was the opposite as the game against Arizona approached, a strong contingent of our fans were in favor of Brees sitting that last game (which was right at 6 weeks post-surgery and pushing the earliest of his timetable for return) because they viewed the game as a more than winnable one with what we've seen from Teddy for the last 5 games. While I wasn't in that camp, I also wasn't in the camp of "Anyone but Teddy" camp either, I simply felt Brees knew his body better than anyone and if he could grip and rip a regulation sized ball without fear of re-injury or tearing his hand where the stitches were ~4 weeks earlier, then why not let him knock some rust off a team with a horrible secondary before starting our divisional slate after the bye. Y'all situation is slightly similar, but where it forks off from ours is the "No One but Cam" group seems to rather losing without Cam than to win with Allen and that's just disappointing. While I'm an outsider and a division rival fan, I can see those people are putting the cart before the horse and will more than likely disappear when y'all move on from Cam or they'll stick around lurking for the opportunity to say "hah, I told you so" the minute the Panthers struggle and/or Cam succeeds with his new team showing they were likely never even Panther fans to begin with, only Cam fans.
  12. He certainly did keep y'all above water; I was surprised at how well Allen performed, much how I'm sure y'all were surprised about Bridgewater. Playoffs or not, I think he's definitely worth leaving in there and let him get more experience. He'll take a few more lumps, be he's already produced far more than most backup QB's that are thrust into the lineup like that. Definitely got to fix that offensive line though.
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