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  1. They weren’t blow outs, but they also weren’t shutouts by the vaunted “great defense”. The Ravens defense is currently the #1 scoring defense and lost to both us and the Chiefs who were both the #1 scoring defense at the time they played the Ravens. But by your logic, they should’ve won at least one of those games, right?
  2. Care to explain why the #1 scoring defense is 0-2 this year against the #1 scoring offense at the time the game was played?
  3. Iron Saint

    Eric Reid fined for hit vs TB

    And Reid would be cracked in half after being pummeled by our OL. This ain’t the Eagles offense you talking about here.
  4. We already see. It’s you that needs to take off your blindfold and/or pull your head out of your posterior...
  5. I mean if we’re ignoring the fact that the Saints have given up only 13 ppg in the last 5 games while the Bears have given up 18.8 ppg then sure. The Bears defense is 3rd in scoring (19 ppg), but the Saints defense is not far behind in 10th in (21.8). That’s a far cry from “not great”.
  6. I don’t know how that slipped my mind. That’s why I shouldn’t be allowed to post at 4 a.m. LOLOL.
  7. Perhaps, but it did help immensely that we hit a single in the 2015 draft that netted a solid starter and two contributing rotational pieces for our DL and secondary, then hit a triple netting two starting DT’s, a Pro Bowl WR, and our starting SS, before hitting the grand slam 2017 draft landing 5 starters (literally 1/5th of a starting roster). Had we whiffed on those picks (like we did countless drafts before it), we’d still be laying face down in the mud trying to swim and trying to win solely by attract overpriced free agents. We literally caught lightning in a bottle and I wouldn’t even expect us to do it again at that that magnitude we pulled off.
  8. Never were any bounties. Turn off the NFL’s propaganda station (ESPN) and try opening a book for once. Or at minimum, actually look into what happened throughout that glorified witch hunt step-by-step and educate yourself. Once you do that, you’ll see through every lie the League tried to feed you in 2012. I have the time, here’s the dead money incurred from cutting just those you named after this season. The numbers in parentheses are the cap hits in 2019 and 2020 if they were designated a June 1st cut. Short: $12M dead ($4M and $8M) Munnerlyn: $3M dead ($1.5M and $1.5M) Poe: $6,666,667 dead ($3,333,333 and $3,333,334) Butler: $2,671,618 dead Thompson: $0 dead Kalil: $14.7M dead ($4.9M and $9.8M) Total Dead: $39,038,285 Dead in 2019 if all 6/1 cuts: $16,404,951 Remaining dead in 2020: $22,633,334 Just for discussion sakes, we ate $25.45M in 2015 when we traded Graham ($9M), and cut Grubbs ($6M), Lofton ($5M), and Galette ($5.45M as a 6/1, and an additional $12.1M in dead cap for 2016). $25.45M for those 4 players alone. Had two losing seasons after those moves in 2015 and 2016. I wouldn’t get all willy nilly with the cuttin’ and tradin’ everybody. If he’s allowed to return and serve his suspension, Kareem Hunt will NOT be signing for a bargain. If anything, all this situation did is allow him to hit the open market and make big money over a year and a half early with a lot of tread still on his tires instead of being stuck on his rookie contract and being paid peanuts for another two years and getting run into the ground some before getting a fat second contract.
  9. This, I’d suggest plastic. Don’t forget the duct tape to wrap it around your neck so it won’t fly off.
  10. He won’t last long. He’ll fight a few cans and get a few wins but once he gets his first taste of an opponent with decades of high level boxing/Muay Thai experience, he’ll get slept. That’s not even counting getting subbed by BJJ black belts.
  11. Trading Rodgers next year involves the Packers eating $59.4M in dead money. File that under: Never Happening In this scenario, the Panthers then eat $23.2M in dead money ($8.5M for Cam, $14.7M for Kalil) to paying out the remaining of their guaranteed money. It actually costs the Panthers more to trade/cut Kalil pre-June 1st than it does keeping him.
  12. If you didn’t care if I believed you or not, why’d you feel compelled enough to reply and state your credentials?
  13. Send him on down here, we'll take him. Like Ginn, Sensei Curtis Johnson will fix his hands and turn him into a productive member of society and catch some big TD's when we play y'all.
  14. Pretty high and mighty coming from someone that joined during the Panthers 15-1 season... I literally argued with a member on here about two weeks ago that their tie helps them in their bid for a Wild Card berth more than it hurts them. Nice to see all y'all here aren't ignorant as that dude. LOLOL.
  15. Y'all would be exempt not only from having a new head coach but also since y'all made the playoffs in 2017. However, Tepper could still volunteer the opportunity to be on the show. I'd watch, I watched the seasons with the Falcons and the Buccaneers.