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  1. I honestly didn’t think we’d have any in the stands this week with how contentious Latoya the Destroya has been with the Saints front office. 3,000 is better than 0 though, I suppose.
  2. Ah I see, I didn't know y'all were playing next Thursday too. That can further complicate things.
  3. I doubt it because we just had our bye week so if they want to put y'all bye now, they'd have to shuffle some games later in the season to give us an opponent for this week. Hell we could end up playing y'all in back to back weeks in Week 17 and then "Week 18" if they push this game back to the extended season.
  4. Definitely a cause I can get behind. Long live the Field Mouse
  5. I believe there's this one popular song that goes along the lines of, "(She) don't cook, (she) don't clean", but as the song goes on, they may indeed need "a bucket and a mop".
  6. Helps us as well since we're playing them Week 5.
  7. THAT MOTHA... Hahah, I’m sure our games will be their usual slugfest selves though. Regardless if one team is dog **** or not, it’s usually a war, so I’m not expecting any different this year.
  8. He’s a genuine good dude. I hope he does well outside of games against us.
  9. I don’t think they can be more obvious than they were yesterday. All 3 of their TD drives yesterday were thanks to ticky tack calls giving them a fresh set of downs.
  10. I respect it. Indeed we do... along with 14 other positions. I LOL'ed.
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