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  1. Iron Saint

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    So he accepted the settlement he likely would’ve gotten even if the case had played out in a court of law but since the case didn’t get that far Kaepernick doesn’t even get the satisfaction of embarrassing the NFL and having to sign a NDA? At that point why not take it to court and humiliate the NFL if you’re still getting paid the same amount? It just proves he sold out and was all about the money since the beginning. And my facts are right. Re-read what I said. I said, “HAD Goodell not been able to avoid testifying”. HAD, that implies a hypothetical situation, i.e. didn’t happen. I know reading comprehension is low on the hierarchy of student skills in North Carolina public schools but come on. And why would he need to accept a settlement? It was only for a year suspension, he was suing Goodell for two things, to clear his name and the satisfaction of making Goodell squirm like the weasel he is.
  2. His racist, loudmouth girlfriend already screwed that opportunity up. He’ll never play in Baltimore as long as Bisciotti owns that team. Baltimore Sun: Ray Lewis - “Ravens were ready to sign Colin Kaepernick until ‘racist gesture’ by girlfriend” Twice. He got benched for Blaine Gabbert TWICE. LOLOL. The 2015 shoulder injury was to his non-throwing shoulder so you can stop right there with that . How about 2016 though, where he posted a starting record of 1-10? Was his surgically repaired, non-throwing shoulder hampering his performance then too? 2015 49ers offense with Kaepernick: 13.6 ppg, 2-6 record 2015 49ers offense with Gabbert: 16.1 ppg, 3-5 record 2016 49ers offense with Kaepernick: 18 ppg, 1-10 record 2016 49ers offense with Gabbert: 22.2 ppg, 1-4 record Care to please point out where exactly he “soundly outplayed” Gabbert? There you go, fixed that for you, pal. Yup. He threw for 1 completion on 5 attempts for 4 yards and a 39.6 QB rating. So on 10 drop backs, he was sacked on 5 of them, threw incomplete on 4 of them, and completed 1 pass on the last one before promptly being benched for... Blaine Gabbert... again.
  3. Iron Saint

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    Well he refused to take a paycut to $7M/year to get traded to Denver, $7M/year is typically more than what most backups are getting paid. If he won't sign for $7M/year, that more than likely means he won't sign for less either. And it's not like he would've taken a paycut to play for a garbage team, in April 2016 when it was shown the 49ers and Denver were in negotiations, the Broncos were 2 months removed from winning the Super Bowl, so he would've been taking a paycut to go to a very good situation AND he likely would've started considering the only other QB the Broncos had on the roster at the time of those negotiations was Trevor Siemian. Kaepernick accepts the paycut, they likely don't draft Paxton Lynch in the 1st round. What else could have Kaepernick wanted from that situation other than more money? And I beg to differ. Yeah, he set rushing records in the playoffs as a QB, that's it. He had to do something with his legs because they certainly weren't going to win on his arm alone. In 6 playoff games in 2012-13, he posted a completion % higher than 60% only once, against the Falcons where he completed 76.2% on his passes for 1 TD. The other 5 games? 54.8% against the Packers in the Divisional round, 57.1% in the Super Bowl against the Ravens, 53.3% against the Packers in the Wild Card round, 53.6% against y'all in the Divisional round, and 58.3% against the Seahawks in the NFC Championship. Oh and a 6-5 TD-INT ratio to go with it in those games.
  4. Iron Saint

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    He had offers before and after he opted out of his contract with the 49ers though. As I quoted in the article previously, the Broncos were negotiating a trade with the 49ers for him and he refused to take a paycut (and this was before his abysmal 2016 season where his only win was against the 4-12 Rams and it was by 1 point). Then the Seahawks worked him out and entertained signing him but he likely wasn’t going to sign to be a backup behind Wilson. The Ravens were set to sign him before the 2017 season until his girlfriend opened her racist mouth on Twitter about the organization (specifically the owner and Ray Lewis), causing them to withdraw their interest. As for the Nathan Peterman and Mark Sanchez aspect, yes, they both had starting jobs last year however neither of them were outright named the starter at the time of their signing. They both were signed as backups and remained in that role until something happened to their team’s starter. In 2017, Peterman was drafted and competed against T.J. Yates and Cardale Jones to be the backup QB behind Tyrod Taylor. He only started after prolonged struggles by Taylor and after his own disaster of a first start he was benched again. In 2018, he competed for the starting job in camp against the team’s 1st round pick, Josh Allen, and A.J. McCarron. He beat them both out and earned the right to start, it wasn’t given. Same with Mark Sanchez. After Alex Smith’s gruesome injury, Sanchez was signed by the Redskins to be the “backup of the backup” considering Colt McCoy was launched into starting due to Smith’s injury. He didn’t start until McCoy himself was injured. Kaepernick inherently felt he was entitled to a starting QB job (probably due to his 2012-2013 successes playing opposite of the 2nd and 3rd ranked scoring defenses) and chose not to sign as a backup with a backup QB’s paltry salary. Not a Panthers fan. But considering his stretch between 2014-2016 where he posted an 11-24 starting record and only completing 59.7% of his passes and an 85.9 QB rating, I’d say he wasn’t deserving of an outright starting job like he was allegedly looking for. Would you sign him to be y’all starter after posting that record?
  5. Iron Saint

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    Kenny Vaccaro remained unsigned all the way through the offseason and training camp (just like Reid did) until Johnathan Cyprien went down in August. He was only signed a month and change earlier than Reid was because Searcy didn’t get hurt as early as Cyprien did. I know y’all don’t like PFF, but Vaccaro graded out right there with Reid (66.5 grade, 55th safety) with a 66.4 grade as the 57th safety. Reid: 71 tackles, 1 sack, 5 PBU, 1 INT Vaccaro: 58 tackles, 2 sacks, 4 PBU, 1 INT Did you not see where I agreed Peterman sucks “major and complete ***”? LOL. I only said Kaepernick had his own Peterman moments, hence the picture.
  6. Iron Saint

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    He was not going to make $100M over the remainder of his playing career, even if he would’ve never started protesting. When the Broncos were negotiating a trade for him in April 2016, they set their number at $7M/year through the 2020 season meaning it was either a pay cut or sit at home a wait for a call after the 49ers cut you. No other team was going to offer him more after putting up a 10-14 record in 2014 and 2015, and this was all ever before his protest. NBC Sports: Kap not willing to take Broncos' current pay-cut offer Peterman does suck major and complete ***, but Kaepernick had his own Peterman moments as well. Finished that 2015 game against the Cardinals 9/19 (47.4% completion), 67 yards, and a 16.7 QB rating. And there was the game against the Bears in 2016 where he threw 1/5 for 4 yards and then was promptly benched.
  7. Iron Saint

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    Why does anyone sue anyone? Because they felt they were wronged by someone or something and they believe they’re in the right. I’ll use an example from our camp; after the farce that is known as “Bountygate”, Vilma pursued litigation against Goodell for defamation due to the claims Goodell made against him and others during the League’s witch-hunt. Even though Goodell ended up weaseling his way out of the case, Vilma was adamant on not settling out of court because he felt he was in the right and stood by his principles. Had Goodell not been able to avoid testifying and Vilma would’ve accepted a settlement before discovery, that would’ve been selling out all the same. Kaepernick was adamant he was colluded against enough to file the suit. Now, considering the fact the NFL decided to write a check that big just to make him go away (and sign a NDA), that leads me to believe the NFL’s case wasn’t as strong as they hoped (probably paper thin like their Bountygate case was) and likely did collude against Kaepernick. Had they been confident in their case, they would’ve willingly let the case get to discovery and play out like they did for Deflategate, but they didn’t. They refused to publicly show their cards leading me to believe they were caught red handed and chose to settle and save face as opposed to being caught red handed, lose the case, and still have to pay. However, it’s a bit unfortunate the latter didn’t happen because that likely would’ve cemented Goodell getting fired. Sticking by his principles =/= taking the money and running. If he would’ve let the case get to court and play out, he still would’ve gotten a damages payout (likely not as much as he did by settling) but he would’ve gotten the satisfaction of knowing he not only was proven right in a court of law, but he still got paid more than he ever would’ve by playing, and the NFL would’ve had another egg on their face. But taking that settlement proved it was never about football, likely never about social justice either, and instead all about the Benjamins. Reid didn’t have to back down because he never went to the table to begin with. He was too busy playing “woe is me” to get anything accomplished. The safety market was notoriously dry last year. That’s why he went unsigned as long as he did until y’all picked him up. Nothing more, nothing less. Now whether the NFL was purposely screwing with him through the drug testing or not, that’s another story entirely and not a part of this discussion. Jenkins, along with Boldin and others, got the Players Coalition established and secured massive funding for that program from the NFL (even more than this new “settlement” and it’s all going towards those social justice programs instead of one person’s pocket), all the while Kaepernick and Reid cried in the corner and refused to go to the negotiating table because the others didn’t want to play by their rules. Then since Reid didn’t get the back pats he felt he and Kaepernick deserved for their part in the protests, he felt the need to accost Jenkins before y’all game this year like a perturbed child. The only footnote on Kaepernick’s story is Reid. Woah now, facts aren’t allowed in this discussion!
  8. Iron Saint

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    Of course it was to get a payout, are you that dense? Point me to my previous posts where I said it "wasn't about the money". Jenkins also got something accomplished, Reid didn't.
  9. Iron Saint

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    Reid called Jenkins a sellout because he didn't believe Jenkins stood by his principle on the protest and instead took a payout. Kaepernick just accepted a payout to dismiss his collusion lawsuit. If he felt so strongly that he was colluded against, he didn't stand by that principle and instead took the payout just as Reid believes Jenkins did. I agree with your previous post I quoted below. A lot of people, especially celebrities, politicians, ect. are full of **** regarding their philanthropy.
  10. Iron Saint

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    Glad someone said it. You mean this fake organization? Devin McCourty is making winning plays for Patriots and Players Coalition Anquan Boldin: ‘We see teams competing to make a difference in the community’ Redskins’ Josh Norman tackling education issues with Players Coalition A.) He wasn't fired, he effectively quit by opting out his contract. B.) He refused to be traded to the Broncos, declined a workout with the Seahawks, and his girlfriend got another workout with the Ravens withdrawn due to her badmouthing the organization online. C.) He then receives an offer from a new startup league (where hundreds of players just like hims are vying for another shot at the NFL) and since he feels it's beneath him, so he demands an inane salary (267 times more than what AAF players are paid) where he can decline the opportunity. It was never about football. It was always about the money. He played his hand very well, I can give him that. He made an exorbitant amount of money and won't have to risk the brain damage and trauma he would if he'd keep playing while making less money than he ended up with. But he still did the exact same thing Reid accused Jenkins of doing. Can't wait to hear Reid's comments about Kaepernick "selling out".
  11. Then they can fight to the death. Bill it as: “The Boss vs. The Nuge”.
  12. Iron Saint

    Rivera evolving

    I loved that bit about the First Lady/First Man. LOLOL.
  13. Iron Saint

    Falcons cut Matt Bryant

    Yep, 2005-2008.