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  1. I already debunked the myth that Favre or Warner were ever targeted through their own words, if you're going to believe the League over the own players' words themselves then you're just a lost cause. As for Rodgers and Newton, Rodgers was hit 5 times in Week 1. 3 of those 5 hits were on legal sacks. The remaining two hits weren't flagged. All 5 hits were by players that were not suspended: Casillas, McBride, Galette, Harper, and Ellis. Newton was hit 3 times in Week 5 and 4 times in Week 17. 3 of those 7 hits in two games also were on legal sacks. Of those 7 total hits PFR counted, 6 were by by players that were not suspended: Jordan (2), Casillas, Ellis, Johnson, and Wilson. Vilma was the only player suspended that got a hit on Newton or Rodgers and that hit came in the Week 5 game (14:11 left in the 2nd quarter and was not flagged), however this article clearly states the Week 17 game was when there was an alleged bounty on Newton. That brings up another question, in Week 17 what exactly would be the purpose of targeting the rookie QB of a 6-9 team that's long been out of contention of a playoff spot? Hell, even going into the Week 5 game y'all were only 1-3. Targeting Rodgers at least makes sense considering they were just coming off a Super Bowl win (and ended up securing the #1 seed in 2011), but targeting a QB that went 6-10? LOL, no. Ah, Mike Ornstein! I was waiting for someone to bring up the 2-time-convicted felon. Real standup character guy he is, committing mail fraud in 1995 and then scalping Super Bowl tickets (that were obtained at face value) for profit from 1998-2006. He's a large part of the reason Super Bowl tickets are absurdly overpriced and even a pain in the *** to obtain so if you had trouble getting Super Bowl 50 tickets, be sure to shake his hand if you ever meet him. Again, a "pay-for-injury" system never occurred. A "pay-for-performance" system, more than likely, not like you know the difference anyway; but a "pay-for-injury" system? No, and the injury data backs that up. Still waiting for you to provide any data you've found contradicting the injury data I've previously provided. The only thing sad about it was a man was robbed of a year of his career and then the chicken**** League tried to have him fired by convincing two other owners to get Benson on board. But Benson told them to pound sand and now Payton will likely outlast Rivera like he has the other 7 NFC South coaches that were hired and fired since 2006. And that premature ruling was rightfully overturned by Paul Tagliabue, exonerating all players of any wrongdoing and saying Goodell overstepped his power. THAT is your final ruling and matter of record, not the garbage Goodell flung at the wall and tried to make stick. When your former boss has to be called back into the office to fix your massive ****-up, it speaks volumes to the ineptitude that has been in the commissioner chair since 2006. The fact that the League for decades denied the correlation between the football induced head trauma and CTE doesn't help the argument that the League is, or ever has been, even remotely trustworthy. Also, why are y'all both copying from Wikipedia? Can't y'all form your own argument about this instead of e-vomiting someone else's opinion back? I promise you, this is not a route you want to go.
  2. That is not a fact because a "pay-to-injure" system was never proven because it never occurred. There never was a single shred of credible evidence produced despite the League maintaining they allegedly had "50,000 pages" of it when in fact the only "evidence" they think they had was the testimony of a disgruntled, former Saints assistant (Mike Cerullo) that was fired after the 2009 season for lackluster job performance due to his proclivity of taking random leave of absences without permission and inability to provide an explanation upon his return. Upon his termination at the conclusion of the Super Bowl winning season, Cerullo sought retribution, specifically against linebackers coach Joe Vitt, and is alleged to have gone far enough to fabricate evidence long after the games in question. Then the NFL finally reveals their stalwart piece of evidence: a dingy, tattered napkin with a few player names, numbers and dollar signs on it. A napkin. However in his sworn testimony where Cerullo alleged that he was the bookkeeper (which was taken long before the napkin was produced), he specifically states he kept track of cash pledges that were made on notepads. He then states he had computer records of the money pledged to the system that Vitt was to oversee him destroying. So which was it? The records were kept in a notepad, on a computer, or a napkin? So did he just keep really good records of the system or is he a compulsive liar with a vendetta? Oh, funny story, the NFL then turned around and hired that compulsive liar to a "director of football administration" role in 2017. Sounds like someone got an "atta boy" for their cooperation and participation and got their belly scratched with a cushy job. Does that not even one bit seem fishy to you? That's the equivalent of you owning a franchise of a large corporation and upon you firing some random female employee for poor performance, she falsely accuses you of workplace harrassment and then 5 years later, that corporation then hires that same woman to be the director of HR that oversees the entire company. "Too inept to execute to the coaches' desires" yet we still went 5-1 against y'all in that span and the lone win was because our starters sat in a meaningless Week 17 game after having the #1 seed locked up, so who exactly are the inept ones? That picture only shows exactly how full of the League is when they plain and simple needed a scapegoat in the name of "player safety" because they knew they were about to be royally bent over a barrel by the impending concussion lawsuits (that were being filed almost daily against the League) and was still behind the curtain at the time. You can say I'm a conspiracy theorist but weren't y'all just involved in a witchhunt regarding Reid being blackballed? Seems like y'all more than any other team in our division would have your eyes more open to the shady dealings the League does. Okay, provide me with a comprehensive list of all these "many players" our defense deliberately hurt between 2009 and 2011... without including Brett Favre or Kurt Warner (who both dismissed the existence of a "pay-to-injure" system in the links I provided in my previous post). Go ahead, I'll wait for you, bud. Can't wait to see this list you can conjure up. If there was actually a "pay-to-injure" system enacted, those player suspensions would've stuck. But they didn't, because there was zero credible evidence corroborating the propoganda that the League pumped down your throats from March 2012 until they were overturned by Paul Tagliabue, and there still hasn't been any evidence surface in the 7 years since. When your team is the subject of a League-sanctioned witch hunt, we'll prop our feet up and enjoy the show. Oh wait, pretty sure that already happened considering you must be a Patriots fan, what happened to your Belichick avatar? I almost didn't recognize it was you, Patriot Pat.
  3. Easy to say that when y'all didn't come into the League until after our greatest period in franchise history (at the time) with the Dome Patrol concluded. Y'all were able to pad that head-to-head record in the early years and the saddest part was y'all only managed to go 3-3 against us during our pitiful Ditka Era. But we'll be taking that head-to-head record this coming season, unless we lock up the #1 or #2 seed early and give y'all another free win in Week 17 by resting our starters like we did in 2006, 2009, and 2018. Without those 3 wins against our backups the head-to-head record is 24-22 Saints. You do know he wasn't drafted by the Browns, correct? He was an UDFA. Going to come at me about facts but you're going to flub up your own witty comeback by essentially e-stuttering. LOOOOL. Never let facts get in the way of a good story right? And yeah, he was cut by the Browns and also by the Argonauts. But he never received a fair shake by any professional team until he played for Jim Mora in the USFL so as I previously stated, everyone of y'all can thank Jim Mora for giving him the chance twice to prove that he not only belonged in this League, but he could do it consistently at a high level. There's your good story and facts. As for attempting to "maim opposing players", you do know that entire farce of an investigation was not only directly refuted by the very players it allegedly "targeted" (Favre calls Saints bounty charges "just hearsay"; Warner didn't think Saints were trying to take him out), but it was also proven false through injury report data that was collected from all 32 teams between 2009 and 2011, right? During that period when the alleged "bounty program" was in operation, our opponents suffered the second fewest injuries in the League with only the Chargers "causing" fewer injuries to opposing players. If words aren't your thing, here's a graph with pictures that you might be able to understand... Tip: the further to the top the helmets are equals the total injuries caused by the team and the further to the right the helmets are equals the more injuries to opposing players by defensive players specifically; the line represents the statistical average of those If we were running a "bounty program" to the level that Führer Goodell and the ESPN propaganda machine was conjuring up, we'd be sticking out on that chart like the Broncos are. Interesting enough, not only did your own Panthers injure more opposing offensive players and total opposing players than League average, but both of the teams that everyone alleged we targeted in that 2009 playoff run caused more injuries to opposing players on average than we did. Can you explain how that might be?
  4. Kinda like y'all never get to enjoy games against us? Funny that your team's slogan came from the words of a player that across the League is known more as a former Saints player than a Panthers player. Yeah, he played there for 3 years and coached for a few more, but he was a 4-time Pro Bowler here in New Orleans as a key cog of the greatest linebacking corps in the history of the NFL and to this day still the only group a team has sent all four LB's to the Pro Bowl in the same year. No matter how hard y'all try to claim him, no matter how many statues y'all build, no matter how many of his progeny y'all hire to y'all coaching staff, without Jim Mora, no one in the Carolinas would've ever known the name Sam Mills. So y'all can thank Jim Mora for finding him and giving him the opportunity not once but twice (once in the USFL and then again in New Orleans), Bill Kuharich for being a dunce by dragging his feet in offering Sam a new deal in 1995, and Vic Fangio (Sam's LB coach here in New Orleans) that Polian hired to be y'all DC in the inaugural season because had Fangio not been the DC in Carolina, Sam likely wouldn't have gone. Same goes for Falcons fans that tried claiming Morten Andersen when they inducted him into the PFHOF in 2017. At least Andersen played in Atlanta for 8 years, but same principle. Says the team that has never had back-to-back winning seasons in their franchise history...
  5. Yeah, I'd think they may play at Bank of America for a few years then move into their own digs. As for the "MLS brass" comment, I was more so saying it'd likely be one of the conditions of him being awarded an expansion team with the intention of their permanent home being Bank of America that if after a trial period the grass isn't satisfactory to their standards that the stadium be converted to a turf surface.
  6. Well I was just referring to NFL stadiums that also host a current or future/past MLS team, but I agree. I think if the intention is to play at Bank of America only for a period of a few years before moving into their own house, the natural grass will likely stay (if the torrential rains don't contribute to it's wear). However, if they stay at Bank of America then the MLS brass may require them make the switch if they can't maintain the required upkeep. I'm only estimating that since the only MLS franchises that are currently playing on natural grass in a shared venue are the Galaxy (which is a soccer venue and the NFL is only temporarily leasing) and NYC FC (who are temporarily playing at Yankee Stadium until they get their new house). The new Nashville club too will join those ranks temporarily, but only until they get their new home.
  7. Likely so. Of the four NFL stadiums that also currently house a MLS team (Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Gillette Stadium, CenturyLink Field, and Dignity Health Sports Park) the only one that has a natural grass field is Dignity Health Sports Park where the Chargers are currently playing and that was only supposed to be for the 2017 and 2018 seasons, later pushed back an additional year when the Inglewood stadium had construction delays. The other 3 are all on FieldTurf Revolution 360 turf. However, I see Nashville is also in the running for a team that will be holding its games at Nissan Stadium until moving into a soccer specific stadium and the now-defunct Tampa Bay Mutiny used to play at Raymond James Stadium from 1999-2001, so there's two other instances of maybe Bank of America's natural turf being able to hold up?
  8. 24-22 Saints, if we aren't counting those three free Week 17 wins we gave y'all in 2006, 2009, and 2018 when we sat our starters after already having either the #1 or #2 seed locked up.
  9. I agree. This year will be the 3rd year we've practiced with the Chargers in Costa Mesa. 2016 we had joint practices with the Patriots in Foxborough and then with the Texans in 2017 here in Metairie at our facility. I made the practice date with the Texans and it was chaotic having two NFL teams with 90 players each practicing on only two fields. Very entertaining though.
  10. Going on what, four years since the last one of those?
  11. I never addressed whether he played a “traditional OLB” role (nor do I care), I addressed the fact that he has indeed played OLB in a 43 before, you OBVIOUSLY missed that. While I stated Sam’s pros, I wasn’t trying to compare them in the slightest, hence why I said it was a genuine question about Shaq. I mean it’s honestly unfair to compare anyone to Sam. That man was a gift. This post sums it up pretty well.
  12. 43 Over 43 Under So you were saying? Bennett and Avril are at DE in all 3 snaps I posted above. Rickey Jackson and Pat Swilling of our Dome Patrol (a 34 defense) were both OLB’s and were never considered as DE’s. You didn’t specify “traditional” 43 OLB, you said he “never played OLB in a 43”. Don’t try to move those goal-posts now. Field Mouse was sharp as a tack between the ears and had far more heart than a lot of players twice his size, can the same be said for Shaq? That’s an honest question, I’m not familiar with his film watching prowess, ect. as I am with Sam.
  13. Wish Trivium was on that level, love those guys. Saw them four times and they always put on a great show, especially with their newest drummer Alex Bent. That guy is a damn machine.
  14. I have not, I only have two seats but they’re both used every game. However if you’re wondering about the ease of the process, from what I hear it’s rather simple. Our organization switched our account managers from Ticketmaster to SeatGeek last year and to send tickets you just type in the email of the other person (I think they have to have a SeatGeek account too) and tickets are transferred immediately. Not sure if it issues another bar code or not though.
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