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  1. The USWNT negotiated their own CBA with the USSF. They have no one to blame but themselves as to the payment they agreed to and subsequently signed their names on the contracts to be paid. If they are unhappy, do what every other professional athlete does if they feel they have outperformed the value of their contracts: hold out. The entire 2015 Women's tournament had a worldwide viewership of 750M. The entire 2014 Men's tournament had a worldwide viewership of 3.2B. Therefore, the entire women's tournament in 2015 pulled only ~23.4% of the viewers that the entire men's tournament did in 2014. You can't use the viewership of the entire women's tournament compared to viewership of only the men's final as an argument on the pay discrepancy. LOLOL. But as you said, the 2014 Men's final alone produced 1B viewers, 25% more than the entire 2015 Women's tournament. This, I'd also bet that the majority of those up in arms over the USWNT's pay have never attended a USWNT match or bought any licensed memorabilia.
  2. They were, the ESPN deal is just making them decline further; that's why I said, "a large reason". The other part of that being the oversaturation and as kungfoodude said, lack of marketable stars.
  3. Diehard fans do despite Dana White trying to do everything in his power to kill his own organization. Well those people saying that in the last thread largely don't know what they're talking about. Adams was 1-1 in the UFC before last night and his only win was a 40 year old, who now is 1-3 in the UFC himself. He's just copying what he's seen BJ Penn do... A large reason for the drop in PPV buys is because they're solely sold through ESPN+ now. You have to subscribe to ESPN+ (like $60/year or something) AND you have to buy the PPV's on top of it. You can't buy the pay-per-views through your cable or satellite providers anymore. Part of the reason why I said some are still watching despite Dana trying to kill the organization. This. As someone that would watch every pay-per-view and the free cards they would show on Spike/Versus/Fuel TV/FX and FOX back when they had maybe 2 cards per month, the over saturation due to the sheer number of cards is too much. I still go watch the PPV's and the free cards on TV, but I am not buying ESPN+ to watch 7-8 fights I have no interest in on the other weekends. It used to be 1 PPV and 1 free event per month for the most part. Now there are fights every damn weekend and you're lucky if there's a free card once every two or three months, the rest are all on ESPN+. They can suck my left nut.
  4. Nothing about this dude was any different than his last few opponents. This guy and Hardy's last two opponents have fought in the UFC only twice each not including their fights with Hardy. You want to know what those 3 guys' combined UFC record is? 1-5. 1 win and 5 losses between the 3 of them fighting bottom-of-the-roster talent. And that 1 lone win came against a 40 year old who has a career record of 5-3 (1-3 in the UFC). Let me know when he beats a guy in the top-20. Or better yet, let us know when he actually fights a guy in the top-20. You can go to any local MMA event in your hometown and 2-3 of the fights on that card will be "professional fighters". They're fringe-level professional fighters at best and I can guarantee you none of them fight as a full-time job. They're essentially "camp bodies" that we see every year in training camp that are selling insurance in September instead of lacing up their cleats on Sundays.
  5. He’s fighting cans, dude. He hasn’t even fought anyone that’s even close to being ranked. LOLOL.
  6. It certainly can be a very tough replacement, one we're more than familiar with, fortunately. After Goodwin left following the 2010 season, we struggled to find a center of his caliber. First we tried Olin Kreutz (from the Bears) who quit on the team after the first 6 games. Then we rolled with vagabond Brian de la Puente for two and a half years (who performed admirably for his undrafted status). After moving on from de la Puente, a 35 year old Goodwin returned to his post in 2014 and honestly, we might have been better off playing with 4 offensive linemen and having Brees snap the ball to himself. That's the catalyst that led to trading Graham for Unger. However if any player from this year's draft is capable of arising to that challenge, it'd be Erik McCoy considering he's only allowed one sack in 39 career starts at A&M. I know the NFL is another world, but if someone can succeed to that level of giving up a sole sack in 1,528 snaps, it shows he has the tools available to do so in the league.
  7. LOLOL, touche. Oh it exists alright, just always called on our DB's while our WR's get mugged constantly. Last year against Baltimore in the 4th quarter, Lattimore was called for DPI covering Crabtree. Okay, fine, it was worth being called. Literally the very next play, Flacco tries Lattimore again, trying to drop one deep to Crabtree. Lattimore, who has Crabtree blanketed, sees it and is literally running the route for Crabtree and is about to have an easy interception. Crabtree then grabs Lattimore's arm with both hands preventing him from running under the ball. No flag for OPI. Like c'mon now, that's ridiculous.
  8. Haven't y'all figured out yet that bubble y'all are waiting for to pop won't do so until Brees hangs them up? Still better than never having back-to-back winning seasons and not winning anything.
  9. It was a fan indeed. A friend of mine. The media keeps trying to attribute it to the team (or someone from the team) though since Cam did say he was going to send Newton a bottle of Jordan. But yes, Cowherd is an imbecile. The only time I watch clips from his show is when Bill Burr is on and he makes Colin squirm like the awkward weasel he is.
  10. Judging by the teams that have done "All or Nothing" (the 2015 Cardinals, 2016 Rams, 2017 Cowboys, and now the 2018 Panthers), I'd wager that most of those weren't asked but forced to do it. The only one I think volunteered may've been the Cowboys only because Jerry Jones loves seeing him some Jerry Jones on the big screen (same reason they did "Hard Knocks" twice in 7 years, the second of which coming after a year they went 13-3 in 2007). Hell, Jerry Jones was featured more on their season than Michael Bidwell (Cardinals president) and Stan Kroenke (Rams owner) was in their two seasons combined. The Rams I believe were forced into doing both due to their move back to Los Angeles and the NFL needed as much exposure for the Rams as possible. Honestly, it'd be much less of a distraction to have the "Hard Knocks" cameras around for a month and a half as opposed to the "All or Nothing" cameras around for at minimum 8 months (from the Draft in late-April/early-May through December, possibly another month if you go deep in the playoffs). But as for the last bit of your post, there is a way to ensure you're never forced to do Hard Knocks... make the playoffs once every two years at minimum or hire a new head coach. One thing y'all have going for y'all though is if y'all don't make the playoffs this coming year, y'all more than likely not going to be forced to do it in 2020 because Rivera will likely be gone.
  11. Couldn't find a clip of just the play, but click this link right here and the video and will start at the play... This was about 8 months and change after Brees had surgery to repair his torn labrum. He's had a few more since then, but this one is the one that always stands out in my memory.
  12. Nope, the Rams did both "All or Nothing" and "Hard Knocks" in the same season (2016).
  13. Y'all can have Cameron Meredith if he doesn't pan out for us this year... Cam Jordan didn't send the broom, he only sent the wine. I do know the guy that did send the broom though. Pretty sure I've heard that before on here...
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