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  1. We had 22 players on IR last year, 10 of which were starters: Strief (RT), Peat (LG), Kuhn (FB), Fleener (TE), Okafor (RDE), Fairley (NT), Breaux (LCB), Klein (SAM), Anzalone (WILL), Vaccaro (SS)
  2. Barring a Super Bowl appearance and victory against one of those teams he’s yet to beat, he’ll have to wait until... 2020 for the Broncos (in Charlotte) and Chiefs (in Kansas City) And if y’all don’t beat them this year... 2022 for the Ravens (in Baltimore) and Steelers (in Charlotte) No telling how long until he can check the Panthers off that list.
  3. 3-0 Because it took the bum Giants to blow a lead to even have a shot at a career long game winner. Lets see Gano hit a 63 yarder again. Nah, Taysom Hill probably would've returned it to midfield then we complete two passes and kick a FG to win.
  4. And y’all should’ve lost to the Giants (who we blew out) and the Eagles today. Have fun with that pissed off defense next week.
  5. Yeah, it took 43 years to win our first. However, y'all better get moving. Y'all over halfway there already. Tick, tock...
  6. Iron Saint

    Prayers for Saint's Bushrod

    Yeah, when the news dropped earlier today, it certainly explained why he was DNP all week. If I were in his situation, I couldn't even fathom having my mind right to play in a game even though he isn't starting. Heartbreaking for sure.
  7. I visit all NFC South message boards and various others across the league, don't get your panties in a wad. And I mentioned our schedule last years as a comparison to the bickering over y'all schedule this year. It was y'all boy that brought up last year's performances, I only promptly shot that down. Can't take it? Don't dish it. Maybe you need to change your username because there's nothing "savage" about that crybaby post. It's literally less savage than Tom Savage, who we all know isn't very savage at all. And last I checked, 1 > 0, but I don't expect you to know maths. Better start hiding the key better, pal. I stay delivering facts.
  8. December 30th* Apologies, I had another pun lined up but decided to scrap it in favor of the one I used and didn’t change the date.
  9. Oh apologies, I forgot to count the mighty 1-4 Falcons that bent y’all over a barrel for their lone win. Y’all defense was giving up 6.7 YPC to Tevin Coleman, was that the NFL’s fault too? And that’s cute, you were able to drivel a Minneapolis Fluke reference at the bottom of your post. At least they were still able to do in 10 seconds something y’all couldn’t do in 180 minutes... beat us once. Here, I have something you can use to clean up your trash... I’m going to need that back before Thanksgiving though. It’s going to be working overtime this year considering we’re going to need it again on December 17th too.
  10. Iron Saint

    Saints place Ginn on IR

    Meet Tre’Quan Smith... We also have Cam Meredith.
  11. You mean those same Bills y’all barely beat 9-3 in Charlotte and we stomped 47-10 in Buffalo last year? Those Bills? And cool, y’all play the Bengals, Eagles, and Seahawks off 10-days rest. 2 of those 3 are still at home and the only road trip is a measley hour and a half flight. What about the Redskins game where they came off a Monday night drubbing on the road and still put it on y’all despite having a short week of preparation? Is it the NFL’s fault too for y’all poor preparation and execution against a team on a short week?
  12. Last year we played 2 teams coming off 10-days rest (both playoff teams, Patriots and Bills), started and ended the season on the road (against a 3rd playoff team and divisional rival, respectively), had a Week 5 bye, had a Thursday night divisional game on the road for the 5th time in 6 years (against a 4th playoff team), and had a London game. Cool story, bro.
  13. Iron Saint

    Saints place Ginn on IR

    Yeah, we didn’t have that problem because our WR coach is Sensei Curtis Johnson. That problem was fixed before the start of the regular season last year.
  14. Please point me to the part in my previous post where I said she wasn't? All I said was the people that were drooling over her possibly doing the half-time show could see far more than anything they'd see on CBS, short of her going full-Janet Jackson and whipping out a tiddy of course, by going to their local gentlemen's club... end of story. Was that more clear or do I have to draw you a picture?
  15. Except the part that it would be her that’s writing the check to the NFL, not the other way around. Yes, the League charges “artists” for the opportunity to play the half-time show. My man, I’m sure there are plenty gentlemen’s clubs throughout the Charlotte metro area where you can see far more than anything you would on a Super Bowl half-time show.