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  1. Add “defense” in that sentence and I won’t can’t argue against it. I’d rather not watch Taysom run through our whole defense next year. LOLOL. Yeah but he has 9 receiving/rushing TD’s! 11 when you add in the two playoff TD’s. And he plays like 17 different positions. Come on, guys. Give us that 7th overall pick, y’all don’t need it. We know what to do with it. He’s a fine QB, but I think the question marks y’all have at various spots on y’all roster might have him doubting his success if he’d sign with y’all. Brees played for $22.7M last year and $24M the year before. The same was also said for Bridgewater when entering free agency last year, then he turned down starting QB money from the Dolphins and re-signed here for $7.25M. Now it wouldn’t surprise me if Bridgewater does get an offer for ~$20M+ APY and I wouldn’t blame him for leaving. However, it has to be the right situation to get him to leave and he knows that. He knows he has a good situation here. I think it’s a VERY good possibility he does leave and it is Brees/Hill as you said, however in that situation I’d bet my last dollar that we’ll also sign another veteran QB to be #2 where Hill can continue being deployed how he has been for the last two seasons.
  2. I hope he means Los Angeles unless he wants to be paid in beignets and king cake. After a few weeks of that though, we might have to move him inside at 1-tech though.
  3. None of those numbers I posted include playoff games because playoff stats and regular season stats are, and always have been, separate entities that are never cumulative when discussed in this regard. Hell, more than quarter of those QB’s haven’t even played in a playoff game in the last two years. However since you brought up playoffs, here’s a few stats that may suit your fancy: in our last 8 playoff games, Brees led the offense down the field to tie or take the lead with less than 5 minutes in regulation SEVEN times (7). Four of those 7 drives were against either the #1 or #2 scoring defense that season and he did it twice against each of those teams (2011 vs. 49ers and 2017 vs. Vikings). 5 of those 7 tying/potential game winning drives tied or put us in the lead with less than 2 minutes remaining in regulation. Of those 5 potential tying/game winning drives with less than 2:00 to go, the defense went 0-4 with protecting a lead/tie game after Brees did his part. The only game the defense didn’t blow the lead in was the 2013 Wild Card in Philadelphia and it’s only because we kicked the game-winning FG as time expired and they didn’t have to go back on the field. So to say Brees is “the biggest choker come playoff time” is a laughable exaggeration any way it’s attempted to be sliced. Not only because he’s continuously led methodical drives to take the lead or tie the game in crunch time, but also because 16 playoff games, he’s only turned the ball over twice while trailing in the last 5 minutes of regulation or overtime. One of those became moot because our offense ended up driving and tying the game with 0:07 left and the other was after already driving and taking the lead with 1:45 left to play in regulation, a lead which the defense subsequently squandered away. Come on now, kungfoodude, I expect much better of you. I know you’re much smarter than what you’ve posted. I know we’re rivals and you have to “hate everything Saints”, but we’ve had brilliant conversations before so I’m going to have to keep holding you to that higher standard I know you’re capable of and call you on when you’re only trying to grab the low hanging fruit.
  4. You do realize Hill is a RFA and will more than likely have a 1st round tender placed on him if he isn’t re-signed before the legal tampering period begins and we still retain the right to match any offer sheet he signs, right? If a team wants to pay him an absurd amount of money despite only having 13 pass attempts in the NFL then by all means, we’ll take that 1st round pick, keep Bridgewater, and have Brees at least another year. If he’s not reliable in the clutch, then why over the last two seasons is he 2nd in the league in both game winning drives (9) and 4th quarter comebacks (7), trailing only Deshaun Watson in both? Watson - 10 GWD, 8 4QC Brees - 9 GWD, 7 4QC Wilson - 9 GWD, 6 4QC Rodgers - 6 GWD, 5 4QC Goff - 6 GWD, 5 4QC Carr - 6 GWD, 5 4QC Tannehill - 6 GWD, 5 4QC Wentz - 6 GWD, 4 4QC Rivers - 5 GWD, 4 4QC Trubisky - 5 GWD, 4 4QC Prescott - 5 GWD, 3 4QC Garoppolo - 4 GWD, 4 4QC Fitzpatrick - 4 GWD, 3 4QC Ryan - 3 GWD, 4 4QC Mahomes - 3 GWD, 3 4QC Brady - 3 GWD, 2 4QC Winston - 3 GWD, 2 4QC Stafford - 2 GWD, 2 4QC Cousins - 1 GWD, 2 4QC It’s universally agreed upon across the league that both Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson are both clutch, yet Brees is right there with both of them and he’s not clutch? Interesting. Care to take your rose tinted glasses off long enough to elaborate or you want to keep spewing nonsense and showing exactly how little you know about football?
  5. He had nearly a 7:1 TD-INT ratio, led the league in completion % (again), and was 2nd in the league in QB rating last year. Just go sit down, my dude. Don’t dig your hole any deeper. I’ll take that wager if you’d like to put a number on it... Who needs to throw deep when y’all run defense was 25th in attempts, 29th in yards, and dead last in YPC and TD’s surrendered? And if we do need to throw deep, we’ll just let the Mormon Missile chuck it downfield. Bridgewater isn’t a bad QB by any means, he just can’t be expected to shoulder the entire load and carry a team week in and week out. Our defense played absolutely out of their minds in the 5 games Brees was out and he started. If the defense didn’t overachieve those 5 games, we more than likely lose at least two, possibly three in that span instead of going 5-0. He needs to go to the perfect situation, and I think that’s what he’s looking for if he does decide to leave. He knows he has it here, so unless a team comes offering an insane amount of money, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him turn down another starting job that’s an ill-fit (like he turned down Miami last year) to stay in New Orleans again. What day is the 10 year reunion planned for the first time someone posted that? I want to make sure I schedule off and can be in attendance. If y’all want Hill, y’all can hand over that 7th overall pick and I’ll personally drop him off to y’all facility myself.
  6. It was a joke thread in a series of other joke threads about various former players and coaches going the coaching staff including Jonathan Vilma, Mike Singletary, Colby Bockwoldt (who was a mediocre player), Zach Line (who was our FB and just retired), Wade Phillips, Terry Tate, and Ray Lewis. Don’t take it personal. There are idiot posters there just as there are idiot posters here.
  7. Wait until you find out some of us can read too. Like me, I read good. And I got the stickers to prove it!
  8. Well thanks to Burrow’s admittance it was real cash, some of those other LSU players are going to be upset when they find out they lost their “illegibility”
  9. Guilty as charged as well. I write slow as hell because if not, it's entirely illegible.
  10. Yeah, I much rather play the Eagles than the Cowboys next year (while they’re an unknown commodity). Even though we squeaked by them this year, they have a really good core of players that can overachieve with the right coaching. At least both us and y’all will have a year’s worth of film on Dallas’ new offense by the time we play them in 2021. I feel we match up rather well with the Eagles though so I got that to look forward to. Guess we’ll see if the schedule makers send us to Philadelphia in December or not. Haha, it’s all good, friend. You had good intentions so I’ll still pie for trying to help.
  11. He very well may be, but only time will tell. Nah I wouldn’t have taken it as a troll question at all, you’re good my dude. It’s certainly a very valid question, but one that no one really knows the answer to except those that are at the negotiating table in the Saints facility. Loomis has proven time and time again that he can seemingly pull rabbits out of his hat at will. We’ll have to see what kind of magic he can conjure up this go around. King Cakes are PHENOMENAL. You all must try one in your lifetimes. Also if you can’t make it down to the source, there are plenty places that make them and ship them.
  12. After we put that 1st round tender on him, be our guest. We'll take that 7th overall pick off y'all hands. He's played well here so I like him. He gets a lot of uncalled for grief among our dumber fans because he isn't Kuechly, but those idiots can pound sand. Possibly, but only if/when Newton is out the door. If y'all make a big push and sign Bridgewater right as free agency opens and Newton hasn't been dealt yet, potential trade partners that are interested in Newton might sit on their hands until y'all come down on the asking price of what compensation it will take to trade him.
  13. Ehh, maybe if y'all pay him like $30M/year. Reason I say that is last year he turned down a starting job (and starting money) in Miami, who went 7-9 in 2018, to stay in New Orleans. So with that background, I'm skeptical he'd leave for a team that went 5-11 with huge question marks at the QB position if he's already turned a 7-9 team that he was guaranteed to be starting. ESPN: Will Bridgewater find a match? (Triplett) Going to definitely be an interesting off season...
  14. Hey now, NO BACKSIES! Y'all keep y'all hands out our cookie jar.
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