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  1. The majority of our defense didn’t play past the Panthers’ 3rd offensive series (out of 4 drives in the first half). On y’all first 3 drives, y’all ran 38 plays (11 on the 1st drive, 10 on the 2nd drive, and 17 on the 3rd drive). That’s 38 defensive plays for our defense in slightly over 1 3/4ths of a quarter. These are the snap counts of our starting defense from that game: Jordan - 32 snaps Davison - 45 snaps Rankins - 26 snaps Okafor - 20 snaps Klein - 38 snaps Anzalone - 37 snaps Davis - 45 snaps Lattimore - 36 snaps Williams - 45 snaps Bell - 39 snaps Apple - 66 snaps Only 5 of our defensive starters played past y’all 3rd offensive drive: Davis, Davison, and Williams (an additional 7 plays each, and didn’t play the 2nd half), Bell played one more snap after the 3rd drive, and Apple had to play the majority of the game considering we only dressed 4 CB’s total for that game (Lattimore, Apple, Crawley, and P.J. Williams) so to run nickel, someone had to play longer than everyone else. It happened to be Apple to give him more game experience in our defense since he had only been on our team for ~2 months at that point. With that being said, Kyle Allen played great that game, even when our starters were in. But as other posters elaborated, our vanilla gameplan wasn’t to win. Due to the limitations of the 53-man roster and the 47-man gameday active list, starters HAD to play at least a considerable amount of snaps.
  2. Brees will more than likely be back by our bye week and will only have missed one divisional game at that point (against the Buccaneers in New Orleans) and will be back under center for the remaining 5 divisional games. Honestly, knowing Brees and how he won't **** around dragging his feet with the rehab process, he might be back by the Cardinals game. If we can stay afloat until he returns (winning at least 2 or maybe even 3 of the 6 before the bye), we'll be in pretty good shape. Looking at the schedule, we have some very winnable games in that span including vs. Buccaneers, @ Jaguars, and vs. Cardinals, even if we were to lose @ Seahawks, vs. Cowboys, and @ Bears. The Seahawks game may even be a toss up considering they barely squeaked by the Steelers sans Roethlisberger.
  3. We still have all of our 2020 picks except for the 7th rounder, what are you talking about?
  4. Wrong, unlike the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame where their induction plaque includes one team’s insignia on their hat, the Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn’t induct its members “going in as a member one team or another”. Rather on the plaque under the bust in the Hall only states their name, position, and years played as a player. It doesn’t even mention years as a coach as evidenced by Mike Ditka’s plaque below his bust. So when Mills is rightfully indicted into the PFHOF, his plaque under his bust will read: Sam Mills Linebacker 1986-94 New Orleans Saints, 1995-97 Carolina Panthers
  5. Yessir. Unquestionably. We’re waiting on Mills to get in (which is long overdue) then we’ll have to start the push for Swilling. Unfortunately, Vaughan Johnson likely won’t get the nod, but if we can get 3 of the 4 of the Dome Patrol in, that’d be good enough.
  6. This was a good read. Appreciate it, fellas. Without Rankins or Onyemata it's soft, however we'll have both back by the time we play y'all at the end of November. PFT: Officials cost the Saints 15 seconds before halftime Nah, we were booing the officials that don't know the rule book. Judging by your tenuous grasp of the rule book yourself, you'd fit right in with those inept loons. That had to suck to carry that sign back to his hotel. You sure? We picked up on that bad call before halftime almost immediately and were right about it while the officials **** the bed again. Nah, McCaffrey probably realizes we had a 3rd string DT in at 3-tech and knows he'll be facing Rankins in that spot come November/December. Wrong, the play was over the instant Ginn went down. He didn't need to be "touched down" since he gave himself up. Here's the link to the rule book, you may want to brush up on a few other rules while you're at it. You mean a team that just won its division and made the playoffs last year? Finally someone that actually knows the rule.
  7. That makes more sense, but still seems like a bit of a stretch. I don't really remember it raining that day because for primetime games I park in one of the Superdome garages and my gate is literally within 100 feet so I wasn't outside long before going in the Dome that day. Then when we leave, we exit straight out into the garage.
  8. They are Clausen-like, but if you're the #1 overall pick, being "serviceable" QB isn't going to cut it. He'll be lucky to get a second contract even as a back-up, unless a truly desperate team comes calling. That he is, I like Arians but he can come off as a blowhard without much effort.
  9. Winston has a .382 winning % as a starter (21-34 in 55 games started). Locker has a .391 winning % (9-14 record in 23 games started). How can a player with a lower winning percentage than a player that is considered to be a bust, also not be a bust themself? Winston is a bust himself, but unlike the Chargers, Titans, and Raiders, the Buccaneers refuse to cut their losses and admit they whiffed on the #1 overall pick and will ride him out through his 5th year. What’s even more disheartening is they’re paying him $20,922,000 this year. Pay me $20.9M and I can throw two pick-6’s every game just like Winston did Sunday. I might even throw in a dance afterward to add a little razzle dazzle and let them get their money’s worth.
  10. I can tell you right now that those people aren’t from Louisiana. It’s only 72° in the Superdome, any local that is accustomed to the daily humidity here wouldn’t be *****ing and moaning about 72° when it was likely 100°+ outside with the humidity.
  11. And y'all will likely end up paying more than we do for Kamara because Kamara is already entering Year 3 of his 4-year deal this season. If he kills it again, I fully expect him to hold out next offseason until he's paid (like Michael Thomas did this offseason entering the final year of his 4-year deal). Y'all have more leverage with McCaffrey than we do with Kamara because of that 5th year option, but will more than likely end up paying more since Kamara will be paid first.
  12. Tunsil is 25 years old. Williams is 31. Tunsil has missed 4 games in the last 3 years. Williams has missed 13 games in the last 3 years. Not exactly apples to apples. The Redskins would be lucky to get one 1st rounder for Williams with his injury history and contract.
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