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  1. Snake

    True Misery

    JR loved him some stubborn defensive minds. Rivera is just a stone throw from Fox.
  2. Snake

    Byrd out again

    I think we still have a WR void to fill in the draft. We just need to keep drafting till they stick.
  3. 5 million isn't anything for a backup WR.
  4. Wasn't signed per say. Traded for a dude who didn't make the eagles roster. Honestly probably was a even deal.
  5. I really wish I could call this guy a idiot because he doesn't understand a reference but I won't. Let's just say I do understand kid and Smith made circus catches look easy.
  6. It's impressive but not DROY impressive. He will have to pick off some great QB's to get there.
  7. Yeah and his special catch should be higher. I mean he had highlight reel after highlight reel. Dude even shook off the entire saints defense one game.
  8. Probably get a second chance this year.
  9. I'm wondering if we are half as good as we think we are after watching the Eagles pound the Giants.
  10. Snake

    What do we do with Williams/Moton?

    After coming off a MCL and (possible) ACL tear I would feel his price would be realistic seeing how he want be read to go by preseason.
  11. We did pay him like it though. And didn't even look at anyone else. Guess that is water under the bridge now JR is gone.
  12. Snake

    Has Anyone Ever Noticed...

    It's all about the elbows so no.
  13. 20th isn't a bad ranking when you lose your all pro G in FA, all pro RT to injury, and have to bring in a patch unit.
  14. And no JR pressure with a new owner. Matt is a Quality backup as of now.
  15. Have to keep him. Hurney made sure of that.
  16. That's WCO if I'm not mistaken but it does show you why the EP has its place.
  17. Snake

    Hey Wayne, you are an idiot.

    Kinda sucks too that at least two of those ints were not his fault.
  18. Snake

    Ryan Kalil

    Well he played 3 games this year for 10 million.
  19. Snake

    Ryan Kalil

    Or five
  20. Yeah Thomas caused both and both were big plays.
  21. It could be he just doesn't trust Wright to catch the ball. I really can't blame him when people are 50/50
  22. Their defense over achieved last year but not this year. We can slow Brees and Co enough and that's all we need.
  23. I agree and when people start to key in on this their will be chances for deep plays. Samuel and Moore will catch fire at some point and CBS are going to have to pick their poison. Ian Thomas can get down field as well but he's still raw.