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  1. 46 minutes ago, Inimicus said:

    There used to be a core group of posters that kept the shitposting at bay by posting quality content, hell even Igo posted a gameday photos thread that was worth while. Any more its a few folks trying to contribute meaningful content ( @Mr. Scot, @Saca312, hell even @Broku) but they are quickly either shouted down or the content turns to politics and head right into the shithole.


    I honestly think the answer is MORE moderation and a firmer hand when conversations devolve into name calling and race-baiting.

    Race bates tend to get clicks so it's allowed. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Hotsauce said:

    Good point. Most recently during the 3 quarters we were getting dominated by the Eagles, people were freaking out (myself included). 

    I made a thread called “J.J. Jansen Sucks!!!” (Or something to that effect). I honestly made it for a few laughs (which I think some posters chimed in with funny comments and/or pie). Razor immediately locked it, and when I called him out, he banned me!  Lol. I think did call him a “pleeb” for locking my thread, which is also equally as funny.  

    Maybe me making a joke thread for a few laughs while we are getting dominated is completely out line, I don’t know...

    I think more actual huddlers get banned than the 10 or 20 saints fans that come here to talk poo. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Hotsauce said:

    I can’t speak to those guys, but this place has changed a lot in the 12(?) or so years I have been here. 

    People come and go. Could be they have moved on with their lives, new job, new family situation, etc...

    I know this won’t be a popular comment, but the Huddles content quality has taken a significant drop in the last 2-3 years. The Huddle used to be a great place to get inside scoops, hot takes, original articles, and good football (and non-football) conversation.  I feel like the Huddle, at times can be overly moderated, too political, and more catered to troll accounts/posts for heated debate and click$. 

    There also is a lot more competition for Panthers media these days as well.  Bleacher Report does a good job of bringing multiple articles together in a clean, easy to navigate way. Also the app is really great. I’m not saying BR writes good articles, because they can be horrible, I’m just commenting on the platform. 

    Also, there has been an emergence of the Roaring Riots media. They do weekly videos, emails, podcasts, etc. I can only see that platform continue to get bigger/better as the fan base continues to grow. 

    All in all, the Huddle is what you make it. It fills the void for many Panther fans between games and seasons. And kudos to Jeremy (who I hope doesn’t take offense to my post) for keeping this place alive and for his 1000 page game picture articles. 

    100% agree. I think the quality of poster has dropped to a critical extent. On top of that the humor side of the huddle has been moderated to death. I mean stupid reaction threads were a good laugh we all enjoyed after games. This has caused tolls and low quality posters to just squabble and come up with absolutely nothing of substance. 

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  4. Just now, rodeo said:

    i edited jackson in before your quote. luke has missed his fair share of tackles (or just been out of position altogether). reid has missed some and so has TD for the same reason, but overall they have both been consistent.

    Luke hasn't been out of position more that team's are killing our edge because Addison doesn't seal and Shaq/Capt is terrible. Your not wrong about the soft coverage either. It's honestly the medium routes to TEs and the slot WR we give up the most. Digging deeper the problem is that we don't have a nickel CB, Safety, or LB who can defend that. Still there should be some kind of adjustment to prevent it. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, rodeo said:

    soft zones only work if your team is a bunch of swarming aggressive ballhawks who will come up and hit a receiver or RB on a short catch and keep it short. if you miss tackles, then you're done. you lose. the entirety of our team except Peppers, Reid, and TD are whiffing tackles.

    Jackson? Luke? Also Reid has missed his share of tackles trying to blow people up. 

  6. 2 hours ago, thefuzz said:

    I 100% disagree with you.

    The Bears have won 2 games on the road this season...against the Cardinals by 2 points, and the lowly Bills.  Have lost to the Dolphins and the Packers on the road as well...and they have 4 of 7 on the road to close out the schedule.

    It's looking more and more likely that the NFC will have to play in LA or NO to get to the Super Bowl.

    Both LA and No don't have the defense to stop Chicago. That team is young but will be super dangerous in the playoffs. 

  7. 2 hours ago, hepcat said:

    Pass rush is the biggest problem with the Panthers defense. If they can get that straightened out the defense could improve quickly.

    I don't think it's a pass rush problem. Teams regularly spread us out and throw quick passes to negate our rush and blitzes. I would say it's more soft coverage and missed tackling. Something that stems from poor coaching. Dink and dunk has killed us this year. 

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