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  1. And Hall Jury is still out on Haynes
  2. mjligon


    Is that all you can say now? You keep posting this like he’s never done it.
  3. mjligon

    DE: Kony Ealy

    And this is why you know nothing about basic X’s and O’s
  4. mjligon

    2 VERY winnable games ahead

    Baltimore is no slouch, but yea we should be able to get it done against both these teams.
  5. mjligon

    Rivera presser . . .

    No way that INT should have been overturned. It look them like 4 minutes to actually make a decision...therefore, it isn't conclusive and by rule the call on the field should have stood.
  6. this.... the amount of time it took to review this play is indicative of there being no indisputable evidence to overturn; so, therefore, by rule the call stands was total BS. glad it didn't matter.
  7. mjligon

    "Luke Kuechly is done"

    I made a thread last week calling him out in an attempt to trigger these cam bashing cockroaches
  8. Therefore, as already discussed, your opinion on anything Panthers related is and will continue to be completely irrelevant, yet you can’t seem to stay away from the Huddle. quite weird.
  9. Also, Reid played well today. Not sure what makes you ignorant pricks think otherwise.
  10. And you’re so pathetic that you “don’t watch football games” but continue to log on a football message board to express your ignorant, baseless opinion.
  11. mjligon

    Cam Newton

    And your posts suck so bad you have to change names every few years to stay “relevant”
  12. mjligon


    Hi haters. Ban me idc
  13. And that’s going to be the problem
  14. Cam haters scurrying back to the crevaces
  15. That was Mayo. But same difference. unathletic white guy
  16. mjligon

    Norv Turner

    USE A TIME OUT????
  17. This defense sucked way before we ever brought Eric Reid in (assuming that’s what you’re referring to)
  18. Yeah they def missed that call
  19. mjligon

    I’ve seen enough. Dumpster fire.

    This team sucks so badly