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  1. He’s garbage...but accountability starts with the HC.
  2. mjligon

    Panthers vs Saints 12/30

    Seriously stop making threads
  3. As long as he’s got that loser Ron Rivera latching on to him, then yeah likely so
  4. mjligon

    The good news..

    There is no point in taking this team to the playoffs.
  5. you spam this board 24/7 spewing your worthless opinion. If anyone should be banned it’s you, forever. You are by far the worst poster I’ve seen here in like 10 years. Your lack of knowledge of the game and constant rambling is the absolute worst combination a poster can have.
  6. mjligon

    Eric Reid

    No? Luke has been just as lost as the rest of this defense. Missed as many tackles today as Cam did throws.
  7. mjligon

    Why doesn’t Norv involve Olsen

    Your lack of basic football knowledge is comical. Stick with cricket.
  8. mjligon

    ron rivera is a terrible leader

  9. It’s time to move on. He has no situational awareness whatsoever and is mediocre at best. without Cam he has no HC job in the NFL
  10. Dude @rayzor get this guy out of here
  11. He is an idiotic Indian troll
  12. hot garbage. junping for no reason smh
  13. mjligon

    donte nooooooooooo

  14. mjligon

    donte nooooooooooo

    Did you really need to come in here to say that !!!!!
  15. mjligon

    Devin Funcess

    He was on Instagram hyping himself up for this homecoming. And encouraging pro bow voting lol
  16. mjligon

    Devin Funcess

    Yessir when I saw Igo respond I was feeling bulletproof stay tuned for a few more reactions in the form of threads jk
  17. mjligon

    Defense is Dead

    Looks like we took a 5 hour energy shot hope we make it last
  18. mjligon

    Devin Funcess

    Meant to reply to Ganeday thread but was too pissed