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  1. mjligon

    Norv Turner

    Norv “3rd and long” Turner
  2. mjligon

    Norv Turner

    Dude is awful. Not sure what I got excited about. Basically Shula 2.0
  3. mjligon

    I’ve seen enough. Dumpster fire.

    Not really. Luke is a shell of himself.
  4. They’re equally awful. Only difference is one has been terrible all year, the other has carried this franchise on his back for 8.
  5. mjligon

    Game Day Menu

    Smoked wings and Edmunds Oast Lagerbier today
  6. It was unreasonable to expect him to produce at the level he did last year, the blame for that falls directly on our inept staff
  7. we suck so the Eagles are going to win
  8. mjligon

    Let's make a loose comparison

    Bring it on loser guy. It’s the internet stop taking it so seriously
  9. mjligon

    Let's make a loose comparison

    Stopped reading here yet logged in and took the time to post twice. Lol
  10. Scheme and situation dictates who’s on the field bro
  11. mjligon

    Falcons Freeman to IR

    Don’t matter cause we turned Tevin Coleman and Ito Smith into the second coming of Smash N Dash
  12. As long as the inclement weather doesn’t disrupt our practice schedule
  13. Woahhh what? You think TD would suit up for another team now because of his suspension? What gives you that impression?
  14. mjligon

    NFC South

    Are you that retarded
  15. mjligon

    How would you play our team?

    Wouldn’t need to worry about doing anything on defense because my offense is going to score enough points for that to not even matter. Quick slants and TE seam routes all the way down the field to destroy this soft zone defense. Or maybe just sign a banged up 35 year old running back on his last leg and let him ram it down our throats.
  16. Those were some good times
  17. It's on Ron for making this an excuse. In Ron's press conference today, he literally pointed to the elements as an excuse. My point is, Greg Olsen has more of a backbone than Ron Rivera. Ron won't man up and accept responsibility of the way this team is constantly under-prepared and under-performs.
  18. mjligon

    KK Short?

    he is pretty irrelevant now
  19. "we thought maybe Christian would be able to break one open for us"