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  1. 14 minutes ago, raleigh-panther said:

    If this comeback to the Red is addressed to me, the statements that poster made and you are incorrect

    im a fairly bold person  

    if I wanted to be a racist, I assure you I would have no need to be ‘thinly veiled’ about it   I would simply be it. 

    as I said to you in the game day thread, if all you have is name calling,you don’t have much then again, never let facts get in the way of a good story, right.



    Here we go

  2. 6 minutes ago, TheRed said:

    If you were called a racist, it's probably because you've been littering thinly veiled drivel about Newton on these forums for the last several years. This wasn't overnight, and you are a grown up. Everything from nitpicking about him celebrating, to questioning his game preparation/work ethic, and even his commitment to football because he did a Nickelodeon show.

    You stomping your feet about being bullied now is quite amusing.


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  3. 5 minutes ago, TheRed said:

    So here's the thing. If we can't throw deep anymore because supposedly Cam Newton's throwing arm has deteriorated so much after surgery that it's basically about to fall off, why were we still running him with little concern late in the game while the bruising RB we signed in free agency sat on the bench?

    Scheme and situation dictates who’s on the field bro 

  4. 1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

    Davis has given some indications that he doesn't want to retire. Specifically, he doesn't want his final season to be marred by a four-game suspension.

    In the past, he's indicated that he would never play for any team but the Panthers.

    I don't think that's true anymore.

    Woahhh what?

    You think TD would suit up for another team now because of his suspension?

    What gives you that impression?

  5. 7 minutes ago, *FreeFua* said:

    Well for starters I’d hit the bar pretty hard the night before knowing that all I had to do was out smart Ron Rivera. As long as I woke up in time for kickoff I’m in the clear. 

    On offense I’d attack the secondary. Wouldn’t even worry about establishing the run. Short, intermediate and deep routes, I’d run them all knowing my QB would have lots of time in the pocket.

    On defense like others have stated I’d make Ron and Norv pass. I’d make Carolina beat me by using their WR’s. I’d protect against the run and Cam’s legs and make the WR’s win their matchups. 

    I don’t have a special teams unit because I have a nutsack and my team goes for it on 4th down. After picking up a first on 4th down I drop my jorts so Rivera can see what a set of balls looks like. 

     bahahahaha nice

  6. 20 minutes ago, ncfan said:

    This one is actually not on Ron, about the only one out of the presser 


    Tepper already made note in one of his first interviews about the poor or lack of indoor practice facilities.  Theyre practice in a hotel/convention center etc.

    You can put that on Ol Jerry trying to save himself some $$$.  Less spending on the team and more $$$ in his pocket.


    Glad that old fug is no longer our owner

    It's on Ron for making this an excuse. In Ron's press conference today, he literally pointed to the elements as an excuse.

    My point is, Greg Olsen has more of a backbone than Ron Rivera. Ron won't man up and accept responsibility of the way this team is constantly under-prepared and under-performs.

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    Greg Olsen was asked if not being able to practice indoors last week contributed to flat start. He doesn’t buy it. Said it’s easy to say that. Panthers have dealt with the current set up for years. And the bottom line in this league? “Nobody cares.”


    Take notes Ron. 

    It's pretty pathetic when you've got players on this team with more of a backbone than our head coach. 

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