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  1. 7 minutes ago, Bartin said:

    Blaming Hurney for a guy that really has no significant injury missing time for a pulled hamstring is dumb. Irvin has missed a total of 6 games in 7 seasons in his career going into this year.

    Burns has been great replacing him so I’m not too worried. Saw that Burns is like 7th in the league in QB pressure rate.

    Sorry let me correct it then.

    rashan gaulden cashing them check$$$


  2. 5 hours ago, Cpt slay a ho said:

    Idk wtf y’all are watching dj Moore has been ballin, clutch catch after clutch catch last game, really impressed by his hands, it’s like glue for him. He’s one a very good pace so far this season.

    yeah hands of glue until he gets into the open field and coughs the ball up like he's getting paid for it. 

    at this point hes just a guy who can make a few catches, break a few tackles, and hold your breath he doesn't fumble again

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