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  1. Just now, Soul Rebel said:

    Have they released salary numbers for Hogan?  

    If it's low, than Torrey has to be released. Let's say it's $2M, a Torrey Smith release would equal a $3M cushion to sign someone like Tre Boston or Darian Stewart...or go towards signing Bailey. 

    Torrey Smith (30 yo) 6'0" 205#  |  2017 & 2018 combined: 53 catches - 620 yds - 4 TD

    Chris Hogan (30 yo) 6'1" 210#  |  2017 & 2018 combined: 69 catches - 971 yds - 8 TD  2 SB rings and not a social media diva


    The choice is obvious. Bye Torrey.


    Pretty sure it was just a hair about vet minimum. So likely 900k-1.1m range

  2. 3 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    You can shorten that list to Greenville and Charleston IMO . Hilton Head is just a resort, far from a "city". Columbia is a pure shithole. 

    My wife went to CofC and I like Charleston, but I couldn't live there. The touristy aspect would drive me nuts pretty quickly and the traffic downtown is brutal. The Greenville area is the only area of SC I'd personally even consider.

    i got no argument buddy. 

  3. there are like 5 nice cities in SC



    fort mill (might as well be NC)


    hilton head

    other than that yeah it sucks and rock hill definitely sucks, so it is dumb for us to want to move team HQ there (though I do hope it happens)

    PS: i can be swayed that columbia sucks too but it has made some drastic improvements over the 10 or so years i've been here. still a stupid college town though.


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