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  1. 2 hours ago, imminent rogaine said:

    Frontline was my poo. Oh man, now I’m itching to pull out the Enfield or the BAR and mow down some Nazis.

    I do remember that Ardennes board in AA. Sick.

    i never got into Frontline, i always stuck with online multiplayer on MOHAA....but yeah i feel you...that BAR >>>>

  2. 13 minutes ago, Burnout189 said:

    Thanks, I think I might actually have the original tied to my PSN account , if so I'll just download it to my Vita which has become my PS1 machine. But I LOVED MOHAA back in the day, it's up there with the first two Call Of Duty's on PC as my favorite WW2 shooters.

    Let me know if you get back into it. I still play pretty regularly.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Burnout189 said:

    Ahhh, the OG WW2 FPS. That game was the poo when it first came out.

    It still is man. I’ve got a zip file containing the install if you’re interested. There are still dedicated gamers on there playing every day. MLS Clan server is packed 24/7.

    MOHAA >>>

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  4. If anyone has 4 tickets they don't think they'll end up using let me know, I'd like to purchase. (I am aware Ticketmaster still has 500 level tickets available...not exactly interested in those).


















    PS I totally don't expect to hear from anyone.

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