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  1. Just now, Carl Spackler said:

    The defense was not good and hasn’t been. But  it’s 23-17 and there’s a wide-open receiver going for the winning touchdown, which defensive player is at fault for the pass being poor?

    You said “cam cost us a win” as if he let them march down the field and score 3 points


    we could have easily tied this game had that defense not been broken you dolt

  2. 49 minutes ago, arbnranger said:

    Nah you’re not missing something imo. 

    I agree, he is a dime a dozen as far as well spoken and decent insight. The broadcast booth is like any other job, many are clamoring and only a few get the nod. He’s proven in finding ways to make things happen on the field and strikes me as the same guy that will take advantage of any opportunity. 

    He’s  not the best I’ve heard but if you give him a crack he will take advantage, I believe ... and you can see he’s been given some opportunities. 


    Ah...yep now that explain it that way, That makes complete sense 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, arbnranger said:

    Agree. If he’s uses his head (against my fandom) he’s out this year and moves on to broadcast work. 

    It almost feels like his time on tv,  recently  (Cowerd in particular) and in the past, was a bit of a broadcast resume builder.  “On the job” trial run.  

    I’ll gladly watch him perform on the field or in the booth. 

    I keep reading this but is he really that great from a personality perspective,

    like what makes everyone so sure he’s going to be great in the booth?

    I must be missing something. He just seems like a knowledgeable well spoken dude. seems like a dime a dozen.