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  1. greghardy'sAK-47

    Its time to fire Rivera

    cam blows at play clock management. point, blank, period. how any of you can lay that on ron is beyond me. it's either the OC or cam on that one and cam is proving that shula wasn't the one holding him back on that front.
  2. greghardy'sAK-47

    Its time to fire Rivera

    you can rejoice in the fact that your comments make zero sense given the current circumstances? that's rich, but not surprising given the current state of discourse in this country at the time. so, in essence engaging in discussions based around rational thought are a no go with you. good to know as i am making my way back over to the panther huddle after some time off.
  3. greghardy'sAK-47

    Its time to fire Rivera

    dude, they just scored 33 pts and won. get the fug out of here.
  4. greghardy'sAK-47

    Its time to fire Rivera

    the defense blows. what the fug does that have to do with a certain loud percentile of this forum seeming to think rivera is calling offensive plays? really goes to show how many folks out there don't know jack poo.
  5. greghardy'sAK-47

    Its time to fire Rivera

    fug all who hired turner. that means poo about the fact that i'm speaking to the idiots on here who are acting like ron called that play himself, personally. there are a large percentage of dimwits on this forum who seem to think rivera is an offensive coordinator. just a bunch of straight up non-football knowledgeable dumbasses.
  6. greghardy'sAK-47

    Its time to fire Rivera

    a lot of you on here are dumber than dirt. ron is not calling the offensive plays. he was a defender by trade when he was playing. he did not call that McC run up the gut with no time outs. every offensive play ran was dialed in by turner. just saying.
  7. greghardy'sAK-47

    About those corners...

    recent history has shown that there is a better chance at least one of them turns into a full-time starter than any one of them not panning out. i expect the competition in camp will be strong this year for the corners.
  8. greghardy'sAK-47

    About those corners...

    fans conveniently forget the reason we are picking so late is because we are stacked. why are we stacked? because the panthers have done this fuging draft thing real good like. look at our last 4 or 5 drafts. we have drafted more bonafide superstars on D than we have had guys that didn't pan out. i like our odds of finding another superstar. do that and this draft is a huge success. and i could really give zero fugs where any of our guys were rated by the analysts. the analysts have consistently given the panthers average draft ratings. by now we should all be recognizing a trend. the panther FO and staff know how to assess talent. there are organizations in the nfl that really blow at it. we should all be thankful we are not them right now.
  9. lets play a game. you PDF me your diplomas i'll pdf you mine. i call bullshit on you.

  10. greghardy'sAK-47

    Hardy 911 call

    true. but what i'm saying is the police/magistrates will keep pushing her. they will be like he threw you down, didn't he? you were scared for your life, right? etc, etc. they have to fill the holes themselves cause they know it's BS.
  11. greghardy'sAK-47

    Hardy 911 call

    females lie. don't listen to her. the police are going to write the most over the top, dramatic police report possible. that's what they do. gotta justify the arrest.