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  1. Arch legnA

    OK, who is getting poo canned?

    washington is definally gone, his defense breaks down way to much and he doesnt put the players he has in the best positions to make plays, i think tepper will wait till the end of season to make changes unless we get eliminated from playoff contention early
  2. Arch legnA

    Fire Hurney

    its hurney's fault our D looked lost, our offense couldnt convert on third down, and funchess dropped 5 very catchable balls? this is one of the best rosters we've had in a few years, this thread is dumb
  3. panthers 35 cowboys 13 with the combination of CMC's new style of running and the new jolt of speed from the recieving corps. the offense put's up 300 yards in the air and 250 on the ground, all the while the defense somthers the combination of Dak and zeke holding them under 300 yards.