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  1. Wasn't his numbers the last 8 games with the 49ers better than the numbers that got Jimmy G paid? He looked bad before he got benched for Gabbert but he ended better than most want to give him credit for. Wouldn't work here but he should be on a NFL roster.
  2. Liked Grier, not enough to draft him for us, but once I saw how things were trending I was mentally prepared for the pick and was just happy it wasn't in the 2nd. With that said: the worst possible scenario, that was always on the table with the Grier pick, looks like its closer to happening than any of us would've imagined. - Taking him over other needs - Backup improves; Grier doesn't beat him out - "ALL IN" season goes to poo (trending that way) - New regime drafts their guy - Grier doesn't beat out the new gm/coaches qb choice - Those needs we had at Grier's pick still exist. Not harping on or being negative, just observing. Hopefully Grier is the guy and can naturally improve but if the worse of the worse happens he probably wont get a fair shake and that'll make the pick used look even worse.
  3. At the time he was better than what they had, things have changed and hes not in the playing shape to effectively contribute right now. He'll be benched until he's in playing shape
  4. Right now ima roll with the healthiest team out of the bunch.
  5. For these reason Young and the two top OTs are strong options if we pick that high. Who knows what Little becomes but if you can lock up a franchise LT and slide Little to LG if need be then you do it. Then you can do the 2021 qb search with a oline in place.
  6. Too many variables at this point. Who knows Tepper might be in lockstep with giving one of the young guys( mainly Grier) one year to prove it and he could hire a coach with that idea in place. Shortlist(in no order): Delpit Young Wirfs/Thomas Herbert/Fromm
  7. Could be. They get a mulligan year, then use the top pick on Wirks/Young/Delpit, then go into the season with a legit QB competition. Whoever wins the qb comp over the summer is your 2020 QB(if Cam doesn't win he's cuts) and you just roll with the chance of being right back in the top 5 and this time the new coach/gm get their QB of the future.
  8. Ding ding ding. You my friend have done your research.
  9. One of the things that lead to his sideline argument with Doug is that amount of zone he has the corners playing.......
  10. Doubt it, even with their backup DT being out for the year already.
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