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  1. Hopefully we're looking at Winfield jr. as well
  2. That's pretty much it, with the outside chance we trade back a few picks
  3. Always thought he was chargers young guy behind Tyrod
  4. You quoted a guy that said Odell was gonna have a press conference and come out about his sexual orientation??? Really that's where we're at now..
  5. Just wait on it, new unis were always going to happen with a new owner. Classic look but it's overdue for a refresher
  6. Right. Cam, Teddy, PJ Walker. The good ole boys gonna hate it. Lmao
  7. His contract and control of such was so team friendly he was always getting some type of extension. PJ walker was rumored to be signing with Seattle a few weeks ago never happened for reason Then after everything with cam and teddy happened last week we decided to ramp up talks/offers to Walker Familiarity is the theme here
  8. Comical. Pure comedy, everyone knew the back to back seasons of injuries would be a question but then we went ahead and put on a poo show about it. Man oh man. Smh
  9. Him growing up around a superbowl culture doesn't make it any better..
  10. Feelings aside it's the SMARTEST course of action for a rebuild.(only player that will net the capital rebuilding teams usually look for) I know we won't do it because he's the new face and I'm still not sure if they want full rebuild or baby full rebuild. People want to believe CMC is the first guy to break the don't pay rbs mold, but history suggests otherwise. If his contract number hits projections(19 mil) it'll be high for a rb and/or a slot wr regardless which one you pick. I love CMC, this is just what's real
  11. And he was at a high school in okc yesterday working out
  12. We all understand this is a Kyle Allen jab and not a panthers jab right? From the reactions I can tell we don't understand this...
  13. Not even a shot just being honest about what the pass rush had to deal with at qb.
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