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  1. Unbelievable man. RIP to a legend, he touched so many people.
  2. He's miles better than mariota if we wanna go average/below average young veteran route. But it's still a suspect choice.
  3. I mean, he fielded the only unit that actually did so.......yeah. Phil Snows Big 12 teams played it
  4. Isn't Paton the better candidate of the two? After realizing his contract was up, I thought his name would start bouncing around some.
  5. I've always thought and hoped for this. Well the Herbert to Chargers part, makes too much sense.
  6. Always thought they'd be perfect to reach for Herbert a little early. Horrible fan support since the move because it shouldn't have happened, but Oregon fans will instantly support him and the la chargers.
  7. Didn't Dexter Lawrence start playing exceptionally well for them down the stretch of the season?
  8. Any team looking to solely play Simmons at LB is going to waste his talents.
  9. Simmons was going to be an option if Luke retired or not. -Rhules love for athletes/track background -Analytics to support said athletic testing/film -Marty said we explored what it would take to move up for Derwin James Well Isaiah Simmons is going to massively exceed at the first two in our new scouting department eyes and he's compared his game to a bigger Derwin James. People won't like it but any player could be the pick and have a justifying argument to back it up. That's just the state of our team. IDC if we go DT, OT, LB, S, CB, QB we just need players that can get it done.
  10. Justin Jefferson and Odell go way back, so that money handshake was Jefferson way of declaring for the draft before actually doing it. Which happened earlier today.
  11. He'll definitely be the Bengals head coach in two years if he does well here.
  12. I was gonna get a thread together about how Simmons could've been the pick before this happened playing a bigger Derwin James role. Considering how much Rhule likes players with athleticism/track backgrounds and Simmons would be high on our board regardless
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