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  1. Of course but it looks worse for the qb when everyone knows he's a backup AND said wr is on every list that suggest his lack of production is on the qb. Curtis being on damn near every list also helps with the "look how many yards Kyle Allen has left on the field(which he has)" Like you said doesn't mean Curtis hasn't disappointed some just means that his disappointment along with poor deep balls and struggling Oline just compounds it.
  2. This is how I feel. If you lose to a team on the road your supposed to be better than, then oh well. But anyone could lose if it snows during January in Philly. But that's one of those competitive advantages in sports that you gotta deal with.
  3. It's happened plenty of times over the years and will never change. It helps the NFL from the parity perspective and it keeps those fanbases still engaged. Honestly, everyone knows the rules. IF the panthers would ever go 11-5 and miss the playoffs because of it, so be it. They should've won the division
  4. Yeah Dior and Air Jordan wouldn't be sponsors lmao.
  5. Vikings and seahawks redesigns were homeruns. Lions updated was refreshing aswell. Both the Browns and Jags current uniforms are better than the ones they did a few years back.
  6. It's gonna happen eventually. Too much money on the table for it not and they do need a refreshed look.
  7. Was it suppose to... Man that ship had sailed, the only thing that kept it afloat was a few wins against a softer part of the schedule. Is what it is.
  8. Other players do this all the time across the league. Ron held the players respect, now if some wild poo gets called by a guy you don't respect. Oh boy.
  9. Is he the one that pulled the trigger on that Minkah deal? Many here lambasted them for what they gave up(IMO was a touch much) but that move turned their season around and salvaged what was looking like a top 5 pick to Miami.
  10. Everywhere he goes it gets old. It's been old at Michigan for the past two years.
  11. As soon as I saw his name, his usc story came to mind lol. And to think before the poo in college he was pegged as high as a 2nd round cb.
  12. It's over. Winning was better than losing but this was over long ago
  13. Historically older WR prospects produce sooner when they hit the league. 2017 Cooper Kupp(23) vs Chris Godwin(20) Kupp is a stud that produced early and often(older prospect/better route runner), people had him above Godwin the last two years. Younger wr(Godwin) constantly improves route running over the past 3 years. Now that Kupp over Godwin argument looks foolish even tho both are good to great WR.
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