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  1. Bingo. He never gave two fugs
  2. The name has been an issue and problem for years. Snyder just can't hide behind fake facts this time
  3. We still on this comical poo. Good those types need to move on
  4. Drew's one of the good ole boys, colored me shocked. Haha smh I know some of his teammates if not most are looking at him a little funny
  5. If Apple doesn't bounce back. Jevon Holland 2021(if he drops to the 2nd. Until then ball out Eli!!!! Lol
  6. Haha my bad for the confusion man, you had it right the first time. One of my friends from college befriended him on Twitter after some girls said he looked like Chad. Kinda like the reverse when athletes see their name in twitter mentions and have a bad interaction with a fan.
  7. Yeah seemed weird at first till I saw Chad pull-up to random peoples houses all over the country to play fifa.
  8. He's been working with Ocho for a few years, Chad one of the realist guys out. He randomly invited one of my boys to his crib a few years back and last summer when he was in Greensboro kicked it at a local bar with us. Hopefully Robby brings some of Ocho's tips to the wr room
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