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  1. Only issue I have with it is the lack of foresight or backup plan. Paying Kemba that much and the team still sucks isn't ideal but now their going into a rebuild without enough pieces. Pieces they could've gotten last year. You hate to see it but I'm not surprised that's its happening to them.
  2. Knicks are one of the most profitable franchise in the league and they've been above average/good once maybe twice since 99. They sell and move product regardless, no need to force Zion to somewhere that's already profitable. But why not get him to a spot that doesn't sell as much, boost one of the leagues smaller markets, just got raked thru the mud in the media and was gonna lose their only star one way or another. I stopped believing in coincidences and the nba draft years ago. -LeBron comes out and the cavs happen to get the top pick -The Bensons help the league out by buying the pelicans(hornets at the time), which is followed up by them hosting a revenue enhancing Allstar game and top pick. - Mutombo tweets congrats to Philly on the number 1 pick hours before the draft is "supposed" to even have taken place. -Cleveland getting 3 number 1 picks in a short span after Dan Gilbert tirade about LeBron leaving. - Pelicans landing Zion after the year their fans had to deal with and the state of the franchise BEFORE the draft lottery IMO the NBA doesn't always rig the top pick but when they have a narrative or paying back favors they certainly can.
  3. Man some of us got killed a few months ago for saying that they hornets were painting themselves into a corner and would have to give kemba whatever he wants. Even tho the smart business approach would've been to move him last year for pieces. But now everything I thought would happen has and its ridiculous. Being a nuggets fan I've seen a team compete, trade their star, retool and it not work, tear it down, build thru the draft and now have one of the best young rosters in the NBA ontop of waiting for MPJ and whatever bol bol can give us. This poo all starts at the top and until that changes the only way the hornets will be good is by accident. Sad but true.
  4. Yeah you can find those people anywhere but Boston's the only place that every major sports teams plays a video with players from the pats, bruins, Celtics, and Sox saying to treat everyone equal and we're all one and nothing else will be tolerated. If you gotta say these things on the jumbotron before sporting events then it's somewhat of an issue.
  5. Both players have under performed and the former also has had some injuries. Packers signed Amos from the bears so their starting safeties are Savage and Amos. Jones is an afterthought in GB and has played like such.
  6. Julio, Sanu, MT, and Evans are all big bodied wr, that fits Bradberry style of play. AJ Green also was contained for the most part last season against the Bengals
  7. A lot of people still want Norwell over Turner which was never going to happen. Turner is a good bit younger iirc and showed flashes first, is what it is. Both are good/great players and they both got paid
  8. Lowery is playing his role but the former gm picking him and Derozan almost have nothing to do with their current finals run. This is Ujiri's team. He was a good gm the last few years of the Melo era in Denver and he's made solid picks since being in Toronto. First step to competing will always be drafting well and having a competent GM. Hornets been missing that just about most of my adult life
  9. He's only doing his job. You show me an agent that's NOT doing this and I'll show you an agent that won't have a large clientele base.
  10. Imagine if they both improve and get their peek. I wouldn't be surprised if either leads the team since their skillet varies.
  11. Damn what happened to Quin, I didn't even know he was on the team. Before the 2018 draft he was viewed as a 2nd/4th round prospect, was his combine numbers that bad??
  12. Looks like the hornets dodge a bullet with Gasol. He either fell off a cliff talent wise or he simply is a bad fit in Toronto
  13. Facts Ive lost count of how many times I've watched that episode of all or nothing. Basically the highpoint of our season before it all came crashing down
  14. ^ pretty much and this is what some of us were saying. I see and understand both sides but it's gonna be a tough summer for the hornets and their future.
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