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  1. And dropping Poe into coverage lmao
  2. Yep Reid play is refreshing on the backend. Anytime your safety leads the team in tackles that mean the poo in front of him went awry on every level
  3. Players age and play can dip a little. If it's happened to the legends and hall of famers it's going to happen to Luke. Seattle fans are having the same questions about Wagner. But defenses work in unison, the better the pieces are around elite players the better they look.
  4. What are you talking about??? Nobody views the Bucs in the same light because of a horrid defense and not knowing which fitz/Winston will show up. But that still doesn't take away from a Bucs offense that week in and week out are going toe to toe with the rams as far as production is concerned. The perception of the Bucs offense is like the people who detract from Cam's game because it isn't what they are use too. Just because it doesn't look a certain way doesn't mean that it isn't happening. If you put Desean Watson, Goff or Mahomes in Tampa and said they had the number one ranked offense you would buy it
  5. Either Corn, a draft pick or a shot at seeing if Verrett's body will hold up should replace Cap next season.
  6. Rams are better than the saints BUT the saints are more dangerous at home than the rams are.
  7. Playing better every week. See no reason to let him leave Charlotte if he wants a reasonable contract. Extend him for 3 years and still draft a young guy to grow and compete with Gaulden
  8. Legit article but it does help that Danny Kelly is a North Carolinian and a panthers fan
  9. It was Norv but Norv also loved Treadwell. But I was on the DJ Moore train before the combine when he was still unknown
  10. The words from Tom Moore about Peyton applies here: 'Fellas, if 18 goes down we're fuged, and we don't practice fuged.' So regardless if Cam goes down or any elite qb their team is fuged. Foles doesn't count he played like poo last season and this season outside of the 2 biggest games of his life. But over an entire season and away from Reid/Petersons system he's trash
  11. jumpman910

    So why are the Ravens favored?

    We've needed fourth quarter scoring to win games and they've given up like 19 fourth quarter points all season(12 against the saints). If we start slow we won't win this game
  12. jumpman910

    Patrick Peterson has asked for a trade

    You always get less when you want a player gone like the chiefs wanted with Peters. Teams know this and lowball or not offer because of issues(same issues that made him drop in the 1st wrong) Peters also gambles and has given up a number of big plays despite his talent.
  13. jumpman910

    Patrick Peterson has asked for a trade

    Yeah but any team that wants him will do what's necessary to make it work. Saints, Pats, and Eagles have contacted them and all know they would have to make it work and in the pats case they will do it for one and cut bait the next if necessary. Ingram and Watson seem expendable if they want any significant amount. It'll be hard for the saints but only as far as compensation is concerned. They're swinging for the fences in these last years with Brees. I don't see it happening and honestly the cardinals have no reason to move him this year. If they're still bad next year then it makes complete sense to move him when that time comes.