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  1. If we are truly in rebuild mode, this signing makes no sense. You do what the Raiders did and get a punch of draft picks
  2. You have looked at the teams left on our schedule right?
  3. A lot of these guys won’t be here next year anyways
  4. I believe the saints clinch the south with a win. It’s not even December yet. Sad
  5. Maybe he should start wearing his 9 percent tshirt to his next presser
  6. Yep. Saints, Vikings and Seahawks are not losing 5 games so we are done
  7. No. It was not. They brought in veteran d lineman like McCoy and Irvin and their Attempt to shore up the online With signing Paradis and Williams and trading up for Little. These were addressed in Teppers end of season presser. They felt all the other pieces were in play
  8. Best take on the game I have seen
  9. He liked the intensity? Good lord get this man out of here
  10. Williams is so bad. I can’t believe he was considered a top FA before this year.
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