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  1. With his arms crossed around his ample chest
  2. Camp Fodder

    Let's talk Saints...

    Can’t beat this team without a pass rush
  3. I don’t think he will be a HC next year. He will be back to a D coordinator
  4. Camp Fodder

    Couple observations

    We would if we played better teams. The thing about this 5 game skid is none of those teams are great teams
  5. Camp Fodder

    Seahawks vs Vikings Thread

    Damn shame we fell a part because Vikings, eagles and redskins don’t want the 6th seed either. If we would have just win 2 of these 5 games we’d be almost a lock to get in
  6. Camp Fodder

    Difference between ron and a great coach

    Between that and saying things like “The other team practices too so we can’t win them all and “If we have too many weapons in the field we don’t know who to throw too” I can’t take him anymore.
  7. And as long as Ron and Marty is in charge we never will
  8. Camp Fodder

    The rebuild is here. It's time.

    The Vikings offense got much worse with deflippo. No thanks
  9. Yep in front of the 5000 fans that will show up
  10. Camp Fodder

    A dose of sanity for those in need.

    Ron probably thinks we still control our own destiny. Dude is clueless
  11. Camp Fodder

    Ron Rivera's attitude

    Reason 204 why he should be fired
  12. Camp Fodder

    Cam sucks

    Yea I’m ready to move on