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  1. Camp Fodder

    Fozzy Whitaker on kinja

    Even the number 2 RB means nothing on this team
  2. Camp Fodder

    Panthers release LB Ben Jacobs

    Would not be surprised at all
  3. Why would we keep Funchess?dude lost his starting job last year
  4. If we cut Poe then maybe but there is no way Rivera is playing a rookie over Poe
  5. How DT went from our signature strength to a weakness is very sad. The reason I don’t want DT in the first is they will not start. We have too many holes for our first rounder to not be an immediate starter
  6. Camp Fodder

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    Plus a roof is needed for a potential Super Bowl. Charlotte is not quite warm enough in early Feb
  7. It’s not just coach talk. Dude used cams shoulder to cover the worst collapse in team history and it worked.
  8. Camp Fodder

    Carolinas pulling for the Pats?

    I just find it interesting. I understand why Louisiana is rooting for the Pats as well as the Boston area. The only other states in the whole US rooting for the Pats are both Carolinas, West Virginia, Tennessee and Montana
  9. Can someone explain this one? https://mobile.twitter.com/theScore/status/1090257620617912320/photo/1
  10. DE in the first for sure now unless we make a splash in FA
  11. This right here. It’s like when Ron said about having too many weapons on the field at the same when referencing DJ and Samuel. This coaching staff isn’t creative enough to use multiple weapons
  12. Camp Fodder

    "won't be there" realistically

    I still think it’s stupid a team that beat us twice and had the same record picks before us
  13. Camp Fodder

    Cam's Shoulder?

    Yea I’m thinking april 25-27ish
  14. Camp Fodder

    Panthers hire Hostler as WR coach

    I’m surprised we just didn’t promote Cotchery or give it to Richard Rogers. That is normally how we do things around here