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  1. Camp Fodder

    The rebuild is here. It's time.

    The Vikings offense got much worse with deflippo. No thanks
  2. Oh we will be 6-10 no matter if cam plays or not
  3. Yep in front of the 5000 fans that will show up
  4. Camp Fodder

    A dose of sanity for those in need.

    Ron probably thinks we still control our own destiny. Dude is clueless
  5. Camp Fodder

    Ron Rivera's attitude

    Reason 204 why he should be fired
  6. Camp Fodder

    Cam sucks

    Yea I’m ready to move on
  7. Camp Fodder

    Gano OUT with a left knee injury

    I can’t believe the way this season has beeen managed there are people that think Rivera should coach next year
  8. I don’t kniw if players ever think this because their jobs are on the line too
  9. 51,wins in 7 years? That’s not very good. That comes out to an average of 7-9 which is the definition of mediocrity and a losing record
  10. Well at least having a 2nd kicker makes more sense than having Amini on the roster