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  1. So we only have 3 WRs on the active roster? Ray Ray doesn’t count
  2. Actually we are not. We had a lot of close games in our 1-15 season too. This team has no killer instinct and that starts at the head coach. We have not one a meaningful game since like October of 2018
  3. I really wonder what his plan was at LT? Did he sign D Williams to play LT or did he think Little would be ready? Right now Williams appears to be a downgrade from Clark.
  4. Hate to say it but Shula was better for Cam than Norv
  5. I thought I saw you can stream it on the NFL app
  6. Agreed. It would not have been hard for Little to earn a starting spot. He couldn’t beat out a LG who wouldn’t even make most teams 53 or a guy who has never played LT before I understand he’s in the protocol but he wasn’t going to win the job nonetheless
  7. I guess I don’t understand dropping a 9 year vet who is helping the young guys and a RB with loads of potential for ST jags
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