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  1. Don’t forget that it took a miraculous comeback to beat what has been a very average Eagles teams, and a super long field goal to beat a terrible Giants team. Our record might be a bit deceptive.
  2. A defensive stop on 3rd and short. A defensive stop on 3rd and medium. A defensive stop on 3rd and long.
  3. I’m taking the day off football too. Kind of my tradition after Thursday night games, espically when they are like that one. Plan on catching up on Red Dead Redemption 2.
  4. Probably embarrassed. I imagine he was surrounded by family and friends.
  5. Forcing turnovers has covered for deficiencies before tonight, but that’s not going to work against Brees and Ryan. This defense has been bad all year. Terrible on 3rd downs, and the worst red zone defense in the league.
  6. MikeD83

    PSA from Ron Rivera

    Coach is actually a registered Republican, of course it doesn’t mean he votes that way consistently, so hopefully no one looks into this any deeper than a positive message for all to vote.
  7. MikeD83

    Late Games Thread

    Thielen and Diggs are incredible.
  8. Worth it. I love the fire Reid is bringing. Dude is angry as hell and all heart.
  9. Better than a trade for Peterson for sure, and the Saints get an added headache in the locker room.
  10. You can’t pick your nickname, and trying to fight one will only backfire.
  11. Is there ever a big name player the Saints aren't after? They seem to operate with unlimited cap space.
  12. MikeD83

    Curtis Samuel

    He could be our Tyreek Hill. Something good seems to happen every time he gets the ball. Im excited to see how he and Moore continue to develop.
  13. MikeD83

    Cam Newton

    Time to eat crow for the folks who said that Cam wasn’t capable of leading a team to comeback win after last weeks finish. That was incredible.
  14. Drew Brees may not throw an incompletion against this defense.