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  1. "We like a family of uncles!" Tre Boston is great.
  2. If you aren't going to play him or resign him, you have to trade him. Don't want to see the Panthers make the same mistake as the Hornets when they got nothing for Kemba.
  3. I love Cam, but Allen made multiple throws that I just don’t think Cam can anymore, and some that he has just flat out never done well. The touch on the ball Allen had was something we have been desperately missing for a bit.
  4. This team will struggle to even tank effectively. We win 17-13, somehow still finish the year 7-9, with mid round picks and no better off than we were before.
  5. Just prolonging the eventual death at this point. Would much rather see this team go full tank mode and begin the rebuilding than struggle along to 7 wins.
  6. Not NFL, but if you are in the greater Charlotte area, consider supporting the Charlotte 49ers football team. If you want to see a team that plays with passion, they are the best show in town. Cheap tickets, beer is now available, and a great way to invest in your community.
  7. He has leverage now in SC. If the city and state won't assist in getting a new stadium built uptown, you can bet on one in SC.
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