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  1. The Lobo

    Mel Kiper Mock 2.0

    Exactly. I just can’t see him there. We need all the QBs to go in the top ten haha. If he is there though, he’s the guy.
  2. Mane let him walk then and draft one?
  3. To me, Moton played a lot better than Williams ever did at RT. Williams has had a lot of help from chips and TEs on his side and moton didnt. If we re sign Williams why not him at LT?
  4. I apologize. I’m not pretending I know anything. I’m just telling what ppl who follow Kia on Instagram think. I was just saying, maybe his post was about his personal life, maybe it was just a random post on Instagram. I did not mean to start speculation.
  5. I’d also like to state: none of this is fact it’s just speculations on the twitters.
  6. Haha I feel you. I would honestly be a little upset if they split. They seem like such a great family.
  7. My wife follows his old lady on Instagram and she said the other day Kia said “heart for sale”. Cam and Kia no longer follow each other as well. This tweet could be about her? Sorry I told you guys this, she’s been talking to me about it non stop.
  8. Texans released Thomas, let Funch walk sign him? i know this is our FAs but I didn’t want to start a new thread sorry.
  9. The Lobo

    28 games left

    Fair point. Haha
  10. The Lobo

    28 games left

    Right, but they clearly didn’t try or care that game it was odd.
  11. The Lobo

    28 games left

    Losing to the pacers without Dipo is a tough one.
  12. The Lobo

    Punisher Season 2

    What I find interesting is the show runners mentioned Frank is the Punisher we know in the comics...YET. He’s slowly working up to it. Yes, hes the Punisher, but not full on Punisher yet. Does that make sense? Let me give you an example: In a recent event in the books where life in our universe was going to end bc it was colliding with an alternate universe, the whole world was sort of a mess. Ppl knew they only had hours to live so heroes and villains were partying, some, together. There was a bar in NY where tons of villains were living it up one last time. 10 minutes left before everyone dies, Franks kicks open the door and kills every person in that bar. Knowing they will die anyway, he still killed them all. That’s the Frank I know, and no spoilers, but at one point in the show, we finally see this Frank.