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  1. On the Missed Opportunities podcast they had Cody Alexander on there and he was the defensive GA for Baylor under Snow. He was talking about what they ran when he was there and what to expect with Snow, so he was thinking we’d have a sort of 3 down hybrid and run a lot of single high. It’s a great listen bc before Cody Alexander is Seth Galina who talks about Joe Brady and what to expect with his offense. Seth covers the Saints and LSU. S/O Billy Marshall with the Missed Opportunities podcast.
  2. This guy has nailed a bunch of panthers news before it’s “official”. Hopefully he gets this one right.
  3. Didn’t Joe Kenn win an award for strength and conditioning?
  4. Hopefully it’s for the Panthers or cincy. Please don’t be the skins
  5. Browns have a lot of good players, they are just a mess in their front office coaching staff. Obviously the jury is out for Stefanski
  6. Who would it be? Tua will be gone to Miami and Herbert could go to LA, only way we get them is to move up by dealing picks. To me, you want to have more picks when rebuilding not less.
  7. It’s legit. It seems on cams FB page and his Iconic brand.
  8. Agreed. If we do suck next year and Cam isn’t here, fields is who we should draft.
  9. Two weeks ago on ESPN, Foxworth was going through a list of players that have been with a team for a while but will be on a new one next year. He mentioned Andy Dalton and a few others but then he mentioned cam, when after he was done saying his name, Schefter said “I wouldn’t count Cam out of Carolina”. No one asked Schefter to give more details, that was the end of the discussion. I trust Schefter more than Rapsheet.
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