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  1. What was that guys name who dogged cam on here and always wore a ton brady Jersey? I wonder how he feels?
  2. Good for Cam. Il be paying attn to the pats scores a lot more now during Panthers games.
  3. Is that two years in a row without a Monday night game?
  4. I don’t poo often but this gets poopy poo.
  5. Cam to the Pats is picking up steam on the twitters. It’s not confirmed but it’s being discussed...a lot. Vegas odd were at +400 yesterday now they are -170 for cam to the pats.
  6. I’m part ND fan (for my wife) I’ve watched every game ND has played the last four years. Pride is really good...then he would give up big plays. All the tools are there and is so fluid on the field. He can be a solid starter year 1.
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