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  1. Didn’t he say “take a effing picture” when they won in 2015 ruin the perfect record? I’ve hated him ever since.
  2. Agreed. Teddy has been solid, but not 2015 solid. I always think what if cam was healthy and had this staff and roster...but that’s in the past we gta support teddy.
  3. Although true and funny, but wasn’t there a Colorado game in the 90s where they got 5 downs bc the guys working the sticks messed up marking what down it was? Brady should have known in his head what down in was, there is no excuse for that, he’s been in the league 20 years.
  4. He’s doing enough to win, that’s all I care about.
  5. I’ve noticed every time the tackle cooper, they get extra chippy.
  6. Elder was fortunate on that pass. Whitehead and other defenders are stepping up.
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