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  1. I thought they confirmed it during the first spidey movie press tour?
  2. If we get him or Burns, it’s a good pick either way. I’m partial to protecting cam, so I’m hoping Jonah is there, but what do we do if they are both there?
  3. Please do, I only watched his bowl games and games against Notre Dame. He looked solid in those showings, but he wasn’t the only one they had like KK. Michigan’s D was tough all around. Chase was an animal.
  4. Completely agree, but Raiders and Browns got a ton and they haven’t won consistently. I get the Browns bc all the hype, but Oakland?
  5. I always had heard from Michigan fans his effort was always questioned. I still like him and wouldn’t complain if he was a Panther.
  6. I live so close to Indy, Carolina only plays there every 8 years or so, I can’t pass this up.
  7. I feel like they are confident with Carter and Smith as backups, I could be wrong though.
  8. Maybe this guy will tell the team not to draft a qb in the 2nd
  9. If Burns, Sweat, Williams or Dillard are all gone, could we trade back? It doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea and then that would give us a good shot to get Savage in the second.
  10. I saw Vernon Butler in a hunting pic a few years ago.
  11. Didn’t Daks genitals pic get leaked last year? If that doesn’t get his sponsorship pulled this won’t.
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