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  1. My favorite part is how the curse words are censored on the subtitles but not when he speaks them.
  2. I wish I could give you more pie, well done. That’s bs we lead the league, why do we always get pooped on?
  3. Yes, it’s awful. Do you know if other teams have had the same or more than us?
  4. Skins for sure. Those two fumbles were brutal.
  5. The Lobo

    Torrey Smith is at practice today.

    Torrey is a great man and a great teammate (sticking up for cam was awesome) but surely he knows the O is better if Samuel and DJ play more. I’d love for him to be back, but in a smaller role.
  6. Cam cmc gano DJax and maybe Addison. The only two that will make it bc we get no respect, is Cam and Cmc unfortunately and cam may be a stretch. Not bc his play bc he has been awesome, but bc the national media hates him for some stupid reason therefore, the mouth breathing casual NFL fan hates him.
  7. Cam will never be treated the same as the other QBs. The Shaq effect is real. Watt’s hit at game speed didn’t look too bad. Slowing it down and watching him lower his head is clearly a rule infraction (a new rule now) and it should have been flagged. Reid should not have been ejected though. the bigger issue, well Cams health is the bigger issue but in terms of controversy was the TD in the back of the EZ. That wasn’t a catch and the refs need to get their poo tothether.
  8. I’m not sold on the Bears yet. Their D is top notch, but they haven’t played anyone yet, well won against anyone yet. When they play OK teams or good teams (Dolphins, Pats, Packers) they lose. The Miami game theybshould have won, but they put them selves in that situation. They were up 20 against the Pack in the 3rd and lost while only score three points the rest of the game. Now, I know that was earlier this season and things have change, but this Sunday will be a good test for them. If they win convincingly, then I will be a believer.
  9. The Lobo

    Greg Olsen is awesome

    Thank you for sharing, so sorry about your cousin. Despite the accident, this is a wonderful story and shows why sports are awesome. I will pray for you and your family and I hope she makes a speedy recovery.
  10. The Lobo

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Cavs are making every shot they take so far..out of their ass
  11. I think Zod is trying to say, Cam will go off because he usually does after a loss. I don’t think anyone thinks cam has played bad or played bad last week. Dude is a beast.
  12. I don’t think it’s a Luke problem, I think it’s a scheme problem. One question, why are we blitzing the best cover LB in the game so much?
  13. The Lobo

    Black helmetz for realz?

    I was just about to say the same. Inside the shoot they were selling chrome replica helmets and we havent worn them. I’m assuming that’s the same here.