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  1. I don’t know how to embed tweets but I took a screenshot. This was shortly after the news about LA pursuing Kemba:
  2. If it means anything, Kembas brother on twitter put laughing emojis after the LA pursuit Of Kemba tweet...
  3. Just read on Twitter that league sources are saying that that Lakers are going to pursue Kemba now after they got AD. I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he left for LA. It would suck, but this franchise has poop in their pants.
  4. Wait, you mean a cb who’s great at playing press is actually going to press and not be 7 yards off the wr every time?
  5. Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off as rude, I was just adding to your observation. I may have been wrong.
  6. I feel like he had that motion last year as well.
  7. Bucs Twitter is pissed right now. They got a hold of the video of McCoy saying I’m home inside BofA and saying he’s overrated and the culture change started with him leaving haha. I love it.
  8. But the media made such a big deal about Baker recruiting Gerald....
  9. Damn a double? I know it sucks but keep on grinding.
  10. Been there my friend. I work a lot of 6pm-6am shifts, sometimes this place keeps me sane
  11. I think I’m done searching twitter. No one knows, the only thing we can do is wait until a credible source spills the beans tomrw
  12. That’s the problem with most news now a days. Just have to be patient.
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