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  1. htown704

    What Saints Fans are Saying

    First time in awhile I have seen them like this! Even the regular callers on NFL Radio aren't smack talking. New era for Saints fans.....or is it the old era?
  2. htown704

    What Texans Fans Are Saying

    Sorry dude, that was me that put the Parenthesis in there so people knew who he was referencing. I should have made that more clear! My bad!
  3. htown704

    What Texans Fans Are Saying

    I found this on another major Texans board you can visit HERE. This one is definitely my favorite.
  4. htown704

    Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander

    After watching these match ups yesterday I was definitely concerned the Oher! He has some work to do this season.
  5. htown704

    Cam wont walk at graduation

    Eh, not everyone wants to walk. He did the important part which was going back to school and getting his degree.
  6. htown704

    Roaring Riot

    Not too bad of a drive! You have to come out for the Atlanta game at least!
  7. htown704

    Roaring Riot

    We would definitely love to have you! Where in Bama do you live?
  8. htown704

    Roaring Riot

    Thanks Igo for Providing us with our own forum. We are super excited down here in Atlanta to be apart of the Riot!
  9. Philly Brown is that speed receiver you keep talking about. Dude is entering only his second year. Ginn was a great threat for us as well. We will use him better than Zona did. And lets not forget about Olsen/Benji. Both were great last year and with Benji entering year 2, should improve a lot. Biggest need is OL depth. We can get that in the other 6 rounds.
  10. Who would you have drafted instead? I think we are a lot better on offense than you think...
  11. Bookmarked this thread. Excited to bump it in week 6! Great Pick BTW
  12. Raiders now saying they don't plan on signing him.
  13. htown704

    JAX Trip Details

    Great Job RR on getting all these deposits!! I cant believe we are going to have 2 Cabana's filled! Now we need the game to be in October/Early November! That would be ideal!
  14. Canty is better fit for a 3-4 system. He could be a good run-stuffer, but I can't imagine we pursue him.
  15. htown704

    JAX Trip Details

    Totally looking forward to the trip! No way this is a Thursday night game as it is usually a division game. Just hoping it's not week 3, 4, or 5! 2 wedding and a customer event will mess up my Saturday! !