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  1. The playoff calculator finding the Panther’s path....
  2. Exactly this. Scary. Also, I wish the refs would stop hawking him for defensive holding and calling it even when it’s not there.
  3. Same as others above. I’m content, but also believe Brown will improve and become more of a disruptor in the next couple of years.
  4. Yea, Hurney is the GM still Jeremy Chinn looks like everything the Cardinals thought they were drafting with Isaiah Simmons. He’s been in talks tor defensive rookie of the year. Robbie Anderson is looking like the best free agent deal of this past offseason. McCaffrey has been out with a high ankle sprain for many games. Mike Davis has played well in his absence and Curtis Samuel seems to be coming on. Secondary sucks. Rasul Douglas has looked the best there. Derrick Brown looks good. YGM also did but it was brief before he went out with injury. Some people think Bridgewater is our QB for the next 10 years and some want us to trade up in the draft this year for a QB. That mostly covers it
  5. Also because they’re similarly built and tough to bring down.
  6. What do y’all think of Phil Jurkovec at BC? He’s a redshirt sophomore so he’s draft eligible but I haven’t seen if he’s considering it. What round would you take a chance on a prospect they’re calling the next Big Ben?
  7. Chazz is not a natural ectomorph. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEAFtijnmbg/?igshid=12bicerh0nyrc Keep in mind he’s been training as a LB for a little over a year. He’s 6’3, 230 and will likely play in the NFL around 245. That’s not an ectomorph or a tweeter. Simmons has a longer, leaner build making him more of a tweeter. They’re not a good comp.
  8. I’d trade one of our team captains for a 5th
  9. No one can be considered a bust if they’re a starter on the team for over a decade. Now you could argue whether the team would have been better off trading away for assets, but I couldn’t call that specific player a bust.
  10. He’s saying there’s a difference in bust probability for guys like Lawrence vs Mitch Trubisky. Lawrence has been hyped as the best QB prospect since high school while other top drafted QBs ride the wave of a successful college year. The former are less likely to be busts.
  11. Only two other players appearing in both top tens right now: Brandon Graham and Khalil Mack.
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