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  1. I have a subscription. I just re-upped last week for like $40 for the year. It's definitely worth the handful of dollars that breaks down into each month. People need to stop focusing on how much they can get for free and use a few dollars to support something you are utilizing and get enjoyment from. The app is clean, easy to navigate and the content is superb.
  2. I bought a year subscription to the Athletic at some stupidly discounted price. Its refreshing to pull out my iPad and feel like I'm reading a newspaper. I don't have to be assaulted by the opinions of Stephen A Smith and don't have to worry that I am reading something written by someone in the basement pretending to be a beat writer. It is worth the handful of dollars a month I pay. The Athletic's Hurricanes reporter is a great read. Joe Person's stuff has increased in value as it seems he is not feeling the pressure from the Observer to start media room fires...
  3. Faceoff after Mrazek was pulled...Game was over when the ref called his puck drop dead (Staal won it clean) and then kicked Staal out of the circle. I knew right then that Aho would lose the faceoff and Bruins would pot an empty netter.
  4. Quick question, and please excuse my ignorance but what is the difference between "midday" and "afternoon" ?
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