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  1. Narrator: he is. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-draft-penn-state-micah-parsons-best-college-linebacker-luke-kuechly
  2. Can we have a nice and above average coach for at least a few years?
  3. #IGOWATCH. Jeremy is in shambles over the potential loss of yet another fullback.
  4. So you're saying your initial judgements should be questioned?
  5. When's the last time a 1st round DE produced amazing numbers?
  6. Benjamin was also a prospect who had only put up legit numbers for 1 season before being the Panthers 1st rounder.
  7. Has this EVER happened? Every year people are all like "Sign and Trade this star player for a 1st round pick!". Has it ever happened in the NFL? Not just the with Panthers, I'm talking any team...
  8. I would love to see that last photo in color. I have no idea why but something inside me feels like it would be iconic. File that one away. It should be the first photo you post in your Along the Sideline for Super Bowl 51.
  9. Thats what I needed to hear!!! Im willing to pay a fair price for a ticket this week what would you say is fair I have been lucky enough to get a psl owners tickets at face all year long but he is gonna go since this is first nfc championship so Im looking.

  10. It may be the hangover talking (it's not) but I think these are my favorite shots of Newton this season.
  11. I saw NASCAR and thought this was a SCP thread. Then I kept reading and realize it was @PhillyB. My mind has been blown.
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