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  1. He was a Norv Turner guy, writing was on the wall.
  2. Figuratively speaking... but seriously if we trade Cam let Grier take his lumps and draft Lawrence next year.
  3. Remember when we tried to suck for Luck and he stayed in college. We ended up with Cam but tanking for an underclassman is risky business and there may not be a prospect like Cam sitting there.
  4. Another possible hint to a uniform change is the fact that the team store has not restocked authentic jerseys. I know we recently changed the jersey template but the team could have those on order pretty fast. As soon as the Nike deal was announced back in 2012 the team allowed you to pre-order a Nike jersey so I was a little shocked when these new vapor untouchable jerseys were not accompanied by a sale promo. The only thing the team store has in stock right now are the "limited" and "game" model jerseys and they occupy bins that used to be dedicated to the authentic $300 jerseys. I'm guessing the team would stop ordering the most expensive jerseys at some point and try to sell off as many of the cheaper model jerseys as possible with the understand that it would be a much lower loss of revenue if they have to put the cheaper models on sale when new uniforms are announced vs. the most expensive model. On top of all this, I asked Caroline Cann on twitter a few weeks ago if she could check on when the new vapor untouchable jerseys would be made available for sale. She said she would look into it but never got back to me, I would think this was a pretty easy question to answer.
  5. Cash was a UDFA because he's an undersized in-the-box safety. The Panthers have labeled him a LB, but he can contribute right away on ST and make the 53. I see Garrett bound for the PS, he's a one trick pony right now at WR and needs to be developed. He's very good at that one trick, but we're not giving a roster spot to a WR who can't line up at the X, Y or Z position and run the whole route tree under coach Proehl.
  6. A-men @Zod we got great value with all these guys and the position group is set for years to come. Easy to forget we got Norman in the 5th out of a FCS school and developed him (kicking and screaming) into one of the best at what he does.
  7. I like the Hunter Henry pick @ 30, but if the "other" Henry (Derrick) is there I think we go with him. Don't see any way Shaq Lawson survives till the 2nd round, too much of a premium on pass rushers.
  8. That pass rush won't help when we're running the ball down their throat, can anyone name their ILB's? I know I can't and I'm an NFL junkie. They'll have to pull the safeties down into the box for run support and you know what happens next...
  9. Feel the same about Harper (Boston) except it wouldn't be his first opportunity.
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