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  1. Cam and our training staff don't know what's wrong with his shoulder so how would Tepper know? Per someone who actually knows Cam he had an MRI and it came back negative. It's sounding like rest is the only medicine.
  2. CatMan72

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    I think our salary cap plan had TD slotted to retire this year and Hurney is trying to take a more disciplined approach to roster building this time around. His level of play in 2018 was almost irrelevant. Shaq was extended and we drafted two linebackers last year.
  3. Yeah Wentz would make more sense but you are still creating a tricky situation.
  4. Yeah lots more undersized elite pass rushers coming out of college these days.
  5. Trading for Foles is essentially giving up on Cam, so no.
  6. This is pretty obviously his last chance. He's taking over defensive playcalling to save his job. I doubt Tepper will tolerate another collapse under this regime.
  7. It's much easier to find a 3-4 OLB in the draft these days. KK is a perfect 5 technique. We already have some pieces in place to make this work.
  8. CatMan72

    You want to contend again, right?

    Hate to see TD go, but it was time. Remember we started the season 3-1 without him.
  9. CatMan72

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    TD played poorly this year? LOL
  10. Love Olsen but it seems like his body is breaking down and Ian Thomas has looked very promising so I agree. Adams needs to go no question. Pep and TD still have some football left in them and can help mold younger players so I would try to bring them back one more year on the cheap.
  11. Best moment is when a Saints fan had to ask someone what year they won the superbowl so he could tell "2009 Cayum". That's all you really need to know about Saints fans, bunch of trolling douchebags don't know poo about their own team.
  12. Not sure there's a better option for 2019. I could see Hurney being fired (again) and a new GM being given a year to evaluate Rivera (again).
  13. Wouldn't want him taking reps from Moore or Samuel
  14. Smart... no reason to risk a late season injury to these guys