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  1. I liked Eugene, lots of energy and a very distinctive voice... oh well.
  2. CatMan72

    A perfect replacement for Thomas Davis

    Replacement is already on the roster wearing # 54 and counting 9 mil against our cap.
  3. CatMan72

    Browns the new super team

    Gotta say... as a singular talent OBJ is great but there's only so much a WR can do to impact the outcome of a game. I know they have hung out a little but I can also easily see a personality clash developing between OBJ and Baker. OBJ/Eli worked because they are opposite personality types, OBJ/Baker could get ugly.
  4. York county is effectively a suburb of CLT, would be no reason for any of the players to move. Not enough space in uptown to build a state of the art practice facility/complex like most teams have nowadays and SC is very aggressive about providing incentives.
  5. Hurney 2.0 is killing it so far... let Williams test the market and then reeled him back in at a very reasonable price. The big guy showed a lot of promise before his knee injury. Marty is using FA to setup the draft... we no longer have to find a center or tackle. I'm betting Moton plays LT and Kalil/Williams compete for the starting RT gig.
  6. Kuechly will absolutely get in someone's face... there have been several examples over the years. He won't talk to the media about it, but he will absolutely call guys out who are not performing.
  7. I think we're in pretty good shape overall, but we definitely need a pass rusher... our pass rush was non-existent last year. Good news is that with the 16th pick a good edge rusher should still be on the board.
  8. So you forced your way out of Pittsburgh to play for the Jets... got it.
  9. CatMan72

    Thomas Davis signed with the Chargers

    No beef with the Chargers so if he had to go anywhere else this is the best case scenario IMO.
  10. I'm glad we don't throw around big money these first few days, most of these deals are mistakes. You see the Patriots getting in on this?
  11. Maybe it's reverse psychology?
  12. Agree, you can get vet WR leadership at a much lower cap hit.
  13. Poor center play means you don't even need an elite pass rush to pressure the QB.
  14. I think Bradbury will be the BPA at 16 and he certainly fits a need.
  15. You almost have to wonder if Bezos wealth scares the league a little. If it comes down to it how do you control a guy like that? He can single-handidly afford to litigate the other 31 owners into bankruptcy over any dispute.