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  1. You would think the chance to play the Bucs twice would be pretty attractive to him.
  2. It's a window into how we think and they don't want to provide any Intel other teams could use to predict how we might approach future drafts.
  3. I get people with early admission are annoyed by the brewers not being ready to serve and having to shelter in the concourse for an hour because of lighting, but the level of outrage is ridiculous... actually saw an article suggesting it was the Fyre of beer festivals. I was there, yes it sucked that the early admission people couldn't get a beer right away and yes it sucked to stand in the concourse for an hour and change with nothing to drink, but they extended the event by an hour and I ultimately had a great time (and a hangover).
  4. True, but Von is the current standard for an undersized guy being an elite pass rusher in the NFL and Burns has similar measurables. I would never take a few similar numbers in a graphic like this to assume anyone is saying Burns will play like Von, that's just silly. The only point was a guy with very similar measurables has had success for the folks that believe Burns is undersized.
  5. So when they shut it down for lightening people can bitch about that LOL
  6. You don't pass on a guy with elite pass rush traits because you're worried about how he holds up vs the run.
  7. Nobody is saying he's Von, premise of this was comparing size since some people are concerned that Burns can't be an effective NFL pass rusher based on his build which is absurd.
  8. Too much talent to fall out of the first round but I can easily see him being there at 16 based on the medical issue and some character concerns related to his lengthy suspension and eventual dismissal from Michigan State.
  9. Meh, winning the superbowl is the goal.
  10. Yeah you don't make that trade for anything other than a premier position.
  11. First thought I had after completing the survey is if the remove seats in the 500 level, how will they handle PSL owners assigned to those seats? Simple answer may be relocating them to other 500 level seats not currently assigned to a PSL owner but that could get tricky.
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