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  1. Pirlo THIS close to signing with NYCFC, which would give them Pirlo, Frank Lampard, and David Villa. They also just signed Andoni Iraola. Sure, they're all "old" but in MLS terms, they're stars. I feel lucky to be here, just like LA fans. With exception to Kaka in Orlando, most European guys who'll come here will only want to go to LA, NYC, and maybe Toronto. The rest of the league can suck it.
  2. So I'm over on SportsLogos.net to try and determine the "best logo of all time". It'll only take me a month or so, since they have every baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and other team EVER ... pro and amateur. Yeah. It's a lot. But, I ran across this now defunct minor league hockey team, lol ...
  3. It's on ESPN's front page, and yes, other teams do this in their own state. That's why we did this awesome thing. It happened here.
  4. Pretty sure they're not comparing the level of Jewish death to slave mistreatment. More the symbol each flag represents.
  5. I understand it doesn't mean "slavery". I also understand society has unfairly made it stand for hate in today's world. What I don't get is people that proudly support the flag as a way to show their Southern past. You live in the United States. Why are you proud of a time when you were separate? It's like Texans wanting to secede. What's SO special about being part of the South? I lived my first 36 years in the South and couldn't care less. It's all the United States, hell ... it's just land. I've never heard Northerns "proud to support the Union past". In a weird way, I almost see it as Panthers fans' inferiority complex. People talk so much crap about the South, unjustly mind you, that Southerners get some sort of inferiority complex where they defend the South for some reason. The past is the past, let it go. All of our great great grandpappies did something interesting. No reason to fly a flag for him though.
  6. Time to get rid of the NASCAR description. There is one ... ONE ... NASCAR thread on the entire first page.
  7. ​It's in the TB, I had to make it justified to be here, lol.
  8. Man I'd hate to be the cop that finds him. Shoot him, lose. Take him in without shooting him, lose.
  9. So doesn't need to be in Tinderbox, even if it is racially motivated. I'd bet the bomb threat was made by a teenaged troll being a dick.
  10. LeBron had an amazing Finals, but LOL at anyone sayinf the Cavs lost because Kyrie and Love were out. Had they played the Cavs might have swept. That's how much better they would've been with the trio. GS is not the Spurs. Curry is the star and the rest are just part of the machine. Some of you act like it was LeBron all by himself against the best team in the history of the NBA, haha. GS and the Cavs without Kyrie and Love were pretty evenly matched. GS played better ... thus they won.
  11. Greg should be old enough to ignore that stuff. OR just hop on Yahoo, lol. Cam's knockerball video is headline news!
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