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  1. it's a promising development in such a difficult area to address via free agency because of number one the cost for athletic big men for the lack of.
  2. yeah according to the vast majority of posters on this particular thread. yes I am in FACT wiser than.you when it comes to Rhules evaluation of players obviously you have blatantly ignored the other posters whom are ecohing the same sentiment as I in regards to Rhules player evaluation? & oh.may I ask why is that wise ass?
  3. unfortunately Earl Thomas is probably suffering from a mental condition that will egress with time & needs to seriously consider retirement.
  4. "any fool can make a rule and any fool will mind it."
  5. coach Rhule "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshit." .
  6. who CARES what this coach says? sense in fact he is liable to say ANYTHING!
  7. why is anyone projecting Rhule to be the coach for the next decade this early in his career makes no logical sense whatsoever...just saying this the NFL show me
  8. that's gotta to be an NFL record for the most punts kicked into a parking lot? & then on top of that coach Rhule is bragging.on this guy in a press conference what like a couple days before this happens?
  9. i'm not sure whom i'm more concerned about Rhule or the punter?
  10. sound to me like this thread title came straight out of David Gettlemens scouting glossary
  11. bandu

    Corona Virus

    i would but it's Saturday
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