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  1. you're wasting you're time because Hurney isn't the problem...just saying
  2. its clear to see that are problem is still the loss of Sean McDermont not Hurney 2.0
  3. "wether you think you can, or think you can't, you're probably right." Henry Ford
  4. really & truly sorry to hear about your losses.may they rest in peace.
  5. sounds like these fans need to go ahead & give the good grief suicide hotline a call
  6. holy shat! acceptance does NOT require my approval?
  7. nah you need spice the plot up some by adding some hot chicks into the mix. kinda like Mindy & Mork. but instead the Dork & the Stork
  8. Sanders would be a nice addition for Carolina taken into consideration how young and inexperienced we are at WR. now as far as trade compensation in terms of draft picks? I'm thinking somewhere between round 3 or 4
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