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  1. dislocated patella generally takes about 6 weeks to heal
  2. more of Moore is not the same as mora mora...or is it?
  3. Byron Bell Edmund Kugbila aka Kugzilla Everette Brown Pickles aka Jimmy Claussen ok i must admit that's pretty lame but hey no fools no fun
  4. Jerry Rice said it best when he said this a many of moons ago that reminds me so much of Cam Newton right now "today i will do what others want, so tommorrow i can accomplish what others can't." Jerry Rice
  5. let's be serious here & I'm really wondering if some are? but why on this Gods green earth would anybody. entertain the notion to trade away an inexpensive,healthy,young,and most importantly someone who can produce wins for an unknown?
  6. uhhhhmmmmm no well come to think of it how about hell no
  7. im not just going through the rah rah motions here by saying this is GOOD.
  8. Receving TDs 2019 Carolina Panthers 1)D.J. Moore (1) WR1 2) C. McCaffery (2) RB 3) Greg Olsen (2) TE 4) Curtis Samuel (2) WR2 so nah i wouldn't consider this a one dimensional offensive attack...just saying
  9. get over it because Kyle Allen is a gift from the football Gods
  10. thanks I now have this image in my head of JohnTravolta wearing a cowboy hat while all at the same time Deborah Winger is riding a mechanical bull.
  11. apple & oranges...MVP Cams 2015 season compared to Kyle Allen's current success while avoiding the elephant in the room. simply put we have a failure to communicate around here. the last thing Rivera needs in the QB stable is a Mexican stand off
  12. when reality sinks in my major concern is that Cam will never be 100% again & is just going to make a bad situation more than likely worse for himself & the team in more ways than 1
  13. the big question as unfortunate as it is for everyone involved & especially for Cam is the fact that he is more than likely one big hit away from making a bad situation worse
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