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  1. hey hey no way just wait a minute Sammy this is...
  2. Richir Brockel...I have him penciled in as our #3 TE at this point,.and being a solid contributor on ST.also,this young man is our most versatile player on the team...which in turn tells me he has a very high football IQ Lee Ward....love this kids attitude and what he has to offer a Shula smash mouth offense..now while the Punisher is a very cool nickname...his style of running reminds me more of a bone crusher.also here is another smart (Stanford) kid and the debate of late seems to be which one of these two should we keep?personally,I am on the fence and would like to keep them both (wishful thinking))on the 53.so a little less Ward and more Brockel at this point in time
  3. Oher struggles to bend his knees once he becomes engaged with the DE.then you watch his backpedal, and walk away thinking how could this possibly be the answer at LT?
  4. it's a bird... .it's a plane.... it's a Devin F-17
  5. addressing the.debacle at LT with A.Collins reminds me of oher,bell,and martin for some strange reason...
  6. you young man are sad beyond the Panther and will act like a cat without its tail
  7. this oL is specifically designed to not only complement Cams mobility but our OCs gameplan as well which is smash mouth (run heavy)and the T.O.P. battle.so yes i think this oL has improved in the past 365 days and probably moreso than even most analysts realize since it's not your conventional oL.. imho this line is built to maul not dance with the opponent
  8. hey man i believe you are totally on to something
  9. i'd swap Nate Chandler for just about anyone...
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