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  1. nah keep him on the outside because all jokes aside this kid could very well possibly become the best corner in the game here in the very near future
  2. well all y'all YALE hip hip hooray elay the Superbowl M.V.P... what a way to end a 15-1 season
  3. well here is a FACT...Jeremy Igo doesn't like offensive lineman that played their college ball at LITTLe schools... just saying
  4. you know what ?'m going to be perfectly honest here & say that i'm not a big fan of Will Grier but bupp bup...i hope I'm wrong & the kid makes me say whoooa pass me some of that crowe
  5. well Tepper don't temper your expectations.however, instead make sure that you understand that perfectionism or mastering your craft is simply the child of time...
  6. yo you are lost in more ways than one think about upstairs you keep bugging repeating yourself literally like a scratched vinyl ok.i know these guys personally & I know for a fact that you ain't Pete Log nor Repaeat Log ok.but while all at the same time as i say that i wouldn't be surprised whatsoever if one of them might be your cuz hell I mean your so much like them seriously I wouldn't be surprised if both of them said they were both your double first cousins...& NO To just saying but seriously.you are annoying seriously or trolling the fug out this board & I'm sure you got me upset. listen to me you can't touch this if I wanted to I could spin your ziz wheel son when it comes to trolling if you make me passionate about something ..just saying you want talk real football I'm even better...& No not just saying this time but you've blew that opportunity & that takes alot myself I ha e ALWAYS & will FOREVER & EVER have a place in my HEART or let's even go as far to say yes 1-LOVE the Carolina Panthers and LITERALLY NO MATTER WHAT as the say THROUGH & THROUGH am a Panthers....ok ok this my home I want to shut my door & hopefully you turnaround and leave & you really think about it need a break ok everyone..I'm trying to say no ONE but YOU wants to play knock knock whos there anymore.& it's sad or fugged up I got to be such a dick to you right now because you are an intelligent person! you your not using the right way ok.do yourself a favor and use it for betterment don't waste it,really once again while you ain't banned take a chill pill ...I sincerely mean please
  7. lolz...at the look on ole Stevie boyz face??¿????? YO OH NO,,,
  8. Sean Payton in reference to bountygate...."hey it isn't the idea that this thing DIDN'T HAPPEN it's the idea that it continued for three years.".. then you have the nerve to come on this forum & say someone is hurling insults at you? when in FACT you are the one adding insult to injury...SMDH
  9. yeah semi -retire in Cleveland or come to Carolina & be a day 1 starter?
  10. so Hurney more or less says to Torrey Smith one way or the other young man the buc stops here...
  11. i personally believe that the buc stops here & McCoy signs a contract with Carolina
  12. you know you make an ass out of u & me when you assume ok.
  13. look back on page one at the post i quoted.
  14. "yeah, I'm not putting anyone in Lawrence Taylor's class." "So... you can put EVERYONE down below that.""With alot of of respect to alot of of good players now, but we're talking Lawrence Taylor."...Bill Belichick October 17th 2018
  15. Lawernce Taylor is the GOAT no if ands or buts about it.
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