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  1. And 10x more expensive. This franchise is retarded.
  2. All 4 officers charged dipshit. What’s your next excuse? Anybody who supports or excuses the looting, rioting, and violence is a piece of poo. Period. Anybody who takes part is a pondscum leech on society who doesn’t give a poo about the message you idiots are trying to credit to them.
  3. You clearly think you’re clever and it’s sad. The EITC was a well known tool of British imperialism and the tea was known to be British property. You trying to parse semantics over this absurd comparison is the height of idiocy. Anybody who defends or agrees with these riots is an imbecile and a clown. This is nothing more than an excuse for violent groups to take advantage of mob mentality and pieces of trash who see an opportunity to steal a free iPhone or flat screen. There’s no cause, just idiots on the internet trying to manufacture one. Btw, the officer has been charged with murder. WHAT A BROKEN AND RACIST SYSTEM!!!! fuging idiots.
  4. Is that you in the picture? I’ll assume you’re a child just in case. Yes, government property and private property are different. Is there a law that states it is ok to kill unarmed black people who aren’t doing anything wrong? I asked for a policy or law that could be changed. Which one are they protesting?
  5. Not sure if this is entirely serious, but at least this would be an honest response.
  6. This can’t be serious. First of all, the Boston Tea Party didn’t destroy their own neighbors’ property, it was British property. Second, they had a specific Act they were opposing, the Tea Act. I think if there’s a specific racist law that we’re trying to get changed, people would be more on board with that.
  7. Let’s ignore the ridiculousness of this for one second. What is your solution? Is there an end goal you have in mind?
  8. The officers were fired, the mayor is calling for charges. It’s under investigation and my guess is we’ll see charges before long. Not sure what else people are looking for at this point. Terrible, disgraceful actions by the officers to kneel on a man’s neck on the pavement so they can talk on their radios for 10 minutes. Stupid and negligent and abuse of authority/power, they should be fired and charged, happy they’ve been fired and sounds like they’ll be getting charged. Not sure why the university would endanger their students by discontinuing use of bomb sniffing dogs at sporting events when it sounds like the proper steps are being taken at this point. One wrongful death is too many, but we’re dealing with humans policing other humans in stressful situations, so we have to recognize that we’ll never eliminate them completely and focus on the things we can control. Were they trained improperly? Did the training/protocol lead to this? If so, that needs to change. Sounds like in this case the officers made poor and negligent choices that were not sanctioned by the department. Was the response proper? Were they fired or suspended or whatever the situation would call for? Is the incident under investigation? Sounds like it. Just wish every single wrongful death of a black person, because there are wrongful deaths of other races too, didn’t instantly become part of a race war. If/when charges are brought, I expect we’ll see another bout of hysterics when they aren’t charged with murder. It won’t be murder. More likely manslaughter. The prosecutor has to charge with what they can win, and we’re dealing with legal definitions of words. But I’m sure it will somehow be racist when they don’t get a murder charge.
  9. Can somebody tell me if the link is worth clicking? If there’s not more to the response, I don’t see the point.
  10. If it ain’t broke, fug with it nonstop until it is.
  11. He should want to start and he should want starter money, as long as the medical is good. That alone greatly limits the number of teams that are a good fit for him.
  12. He has always been grossly underrated. I’ll see myself out.
  13. Michael Jordan punched a teammate in practice too. We had that kind of competitor in SS. Miss that fire.
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