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  1. The greatest uniform troll was a high point for this site.
  2. I don’t know about Rhule, but after watching his whole career the fact that Cam is #2 on that list tells me all I need to know about it.
  3. So your position is that because they have no reason to schedule flyovers in Charlotte in the off-season that they have no reason for training exercises? Honestly confused, and I’m not sure what you are not understanding about it being both a training exercise that needs to happen anyways, and marketing. Do you think that they should just decide to do training exercises over your house when the marketing piece is removed?
  4. Clearly you don’t live near a base. Guess that would be too easy an explanation though. I see fighter jets all the damn time where I live. This might be one of the dumbest posts of all time.
  5. These kinds of arguments are so bad. It’s just like saying we don’t want the #1 pick because QBs picked at #1 have only won X Super Bowls. If you want to make a point, you need to give a data set for comparison. For example, compare QBs picked in top 6 to QBs picked 15-21 or something, assuming that it is a similar sample size. Like if we don’t want to pick a QB #1 overall, is there a specific pick that we should be shooting for? Just saying hey look at this tiny sample size vs the field of 300 other picks plus UDFAs and every other conceivable avenue a player could take to reach the NFL is just asinine.
  6. Yeah...u can’t ride the receiver’s back like a horsey. Edit: meant for the game day thread.
  7. Looked like Davis lost that ball before he even got hit. And as I type an INT. Crazy.
  8. Except he initiated contact with his shoulder and actually moved his helmet away from contact. Not that it would be an easy call to make at game speed.
  9. Ok saw the replay. Can’t think what the defender is supposed to do there. He went low and looked like he tried to lead with the shoulder instead of the helmet and the receiver went low too.
  10. Maybe I didn’t quite see correctly, looked to me like the receiver kind of ducked into that. Would like to see a replay but it seems like the NFL is intentionally not showing replays of helmet to helmet hits anymore.
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