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  1. Are you saying freedom of speech protects your job if you publicly represent your company in a way they don’t wish to be represented? Provide some substance if you have any.
  2. Didn’t take much effort at all actually. Free speech doesn’t protect your job if you act like an ass on private property while representing your company. Pretty simple. The fact that Kaepernick screwed it up even more than that is just icing on the proverbial cake. I admit I shouldn’t have hijacked the thread though. There are plenty of threads on this subject already and it’s really just not worth the debate at this point, everybody is set in their stance by now.
  3. Sam Bradford can’t possibly be right, or am I losing it? OP also didn’t include Andrew Luck, who is a more comparable level of prospect to the guys coming out in the next couple years than the rest of that list. That being said, I’m firmly on the let’s see what Cam’s got and if he can get healthy train.
  4. Wear the Panthers gear, do everything he doesn’t want you to do, act like an ass and embarrass him. After all, free speech right? Perform your job poorly, quit, then sue him if he doesn’t re-hire you.
  5. What do you mean he had no choice? He could release the starter. Then HC has to choose a different starter.
  6. Gano over Butker is the only one of the 3 you mentioned that I see as a huge misstep. I’m fine with our QB room. We have a HC that wants to hang his hat on our defense, and we’ve spent a ton of resources on defense. Our defense should be good and Kyle Allen shouldn’t be asked to do too much. Yet, our defense sucks. I think his biggest mistake has been keeping Ron Rivera. I don’t have a lot of confidence in our strength and conditioning or medical teams either.
  7. Saying the team should sign Colin Kaepernick isn’t talking football, it’s talking politics.
  8. Color me shocked that the league doesn’t want to have any liability working out a guy who just sued them. Dude finds a way to make himself a victim over every single fugging thing. Oh and he leaks every single fugging thing to the media. The league didn’t have to set up this workout for him, but they did, and all he’s done the whole time is complain and make demands.
  9. If Hurney is here, he IS the GM Tepper chooses.
  10. That can’t be it. I’ve been assured by disnespn that he is a top 5 QB who is only not playing because the man is keeping him down.
  11. Colon Kaepernick is nothing more than a professional victim at this point.
  12. Cam yes. If Cam is fully healthy he is a top QB in the league. I’d even be ok with keeping Hurney 2.0. It’s time to move on from Ron Rivera.
  13. Boards are more interesting with warts and all, tbh. Unban Alice lol.
  14. We finally commit to our young guys and you want to go back to some garbage 8th seed lowest slot in the lottery limbo poo.
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