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  1. I weep for the QB trying to figure out how to feed 3 Smiths lol. ”They can’t cover me!” ”No, they can’t cover me!” ”They can’t cover ME!”
  2. Did their prime have to be with the Panthers? If not, Reggie White is about as easy of a choice as you can get. Evan Mathis in his prime could also really help this team. Also interesting to imagine what Thomas Davis in his prime with no knee injury would have been like. We got a glimpse before the first injury. He would have been an absolute monster. Depending on the answer to the first question: 1. Reggie White or Julius Peppers 2. Steve Smith 3. Cam 4. Evan Mathis or Ryan Kalil or ... John Kasay Honestly we’d win the Super Bowl with just prime Cam and Steve provided this oline keeps playing competently.
  3. I hope our FO is very careful with what they offer to players who only look good in contract years.
  4. I think it’s a voice over and also there was another thread about it already.
  5. Insult to injury right there. Not only do you send this douchebag, but you send this douchebag in place of an actual respected legendary Panther great.
  6. Or they could just use cbd instead of weed if they feel a cannabinoid is the best way to go. You know, that federally legal one derived from hemp that doesn’t get you high yet has all the pain relief benefits. Anybody who thinks this is all about pain management is just kidding themselves.
  7. I don’t get it. I mean, Williams was really good at RT before he got hurt. I’m not sure post injury who’s better there between him and Moton, but I sure as poo know who’s better at LT between him and Moton. The way the coaching staff has handled it, they seem to think Williams can’t even compete with Moton at RT, which given what we’ve seen of him there I don’t think is true. What if Williams is the best RT we have?
  8. Against 2 of the worst o lines in the league.
  9. Ok, now imagine for a moment that Ron Rivera was his head coach instead of Belichick.
  10. It had been proven multiple times that the DC position here was a good platform to getting HC gigs. If anybody argues that good DCs wouldn’t want to be here they are just plain wrong.
  11. Hope not. The only reason to sign him at this point would be a publicity stunt. He lost his job for performance reasons to begin with and has now been out of football for several years.
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