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  1. Should be obvious to anyone at this point he’s not the guy. Obvious! He has a great supporting cast and no worse than an average offensive line. He doesn’t need anymore help. We shouldn’t have to give him the perfect team for him to put up better numbers. I’m getting more confident by the week that our front office will look to upgrade the position after the season.
  2. I would take Justin Fields every day and twice in Sunday if offered.
  3. Give him credit, he’s getting pounded and keeps coming back for more.
  4. Breakpoint is legit getting broken all over this thread. Poor guy. Teddy > Tom though, right? What a clown.
  5. If you’re fine with accepting mediocrity, which it sounds like you are, then Teddy is your guy. Zero playoff wins even with arguably the best roster in football. 4 teams in 3 years. Zero game winning drives this year. Since we are giving tips, the Browns would be perfect for you. Fans who don’t know football and accept mediocrity. This franchise has no place for fans like you.
  6. Again, fans like you are such a big part of the problem. You probably said similar things about Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore. Take a hike. Learn football. When you want to discuss facts instead of feelings, we will be here. Have you noticed you’re the only one here with this opinion and everyone else is laughing at you??
  7. I just realized some poor soul compared Teddy Bridgewater to Tom Brady. Double yikes.
  8. I have a boatload of facts to back my case up. I’m sorry my post hurt your feelings. Latching on to players because of a personal liking to them has gotten this franchise nowhere. Fans like you that support mediocrity are definitely part of the problem.
  9. “We can win with Teddy” makes me cringe. Sure, if he has the perfect team around him, our window could be a year or two. We shouldn’t be limited to that, though. If we had a better QB, we could have a much bigger SB window while our roster fluctuates season to season
  10. I’m not sure we could out awful the Jets but without Teddy I don’t think we have one win. Such a bad signing..
  11. Very overwhelming poll. Looks like the one holdout is this sizzle guy who might be locked up in the psych ward. Teddy over Watson.. yikes.
  12. I would feel a lot better about today if the Bucs weren’t humiliated last week. I think they’re out for blood today. And we can’t seem to put a complete game together. Bucs 31 Panthers 20
  13. Reasonable explanation. I guess my line of reasoning is what it is because I’m very high on those two guys and don’t see us in a spot to get someone like them after this year. I don’t expect Rhule to have a top ten draft position very often going forward.
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