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  1. How's he supposed to earn his spot with good play if they won't play him?
  2. Thanatos

    So, who gets fired today?

    I don't disagree just thought I had missed something like the Lions game where he failed to challenge an obvious out of bounds catch that then led to six.
  3. Thanatos

    Cam Newton lost this game

    Game winning? The Browns would have had 2:30 and all three timeouts to get a GW FG. You have any confidence in Rivera's defense to stop that?
  4. Thanatos

    So, who gets fired today?

    How's that?
  5. Thanatos

    Put Heinicke in

    Really? With our defense? We need 30 points most weeks to win games.
  6. Wasn't phantom at all, take off the blue-colored glasses. Munnerlyn grabbed his jersey and pulled.
  7. Butker just missed a GW FG in the Chiefs/Ravens game- 44 yarder.
  8. Why did we abandon the run in the 2nd half, I just dont get it. Just gave this game- and the season- away. Panthers curse continues, won't get two back to back winning seasons. Great job, coaching staff, players, everyone. Just great fuging job. Can't believe this team is about to be 6-7.
  9. Are we allowed to say that was a bad throw? I don't like either of those playcalls. What about an RPO or something?
  10. He couldn't get the ball to him, that was a TD.
  11. Cam is hurting you can see it on his face.
  12. No I think they were saying their player jumped because ours moved.
  13. Clearly he knew something we didn't lolol.