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  1. I know it's underwear Olympics, but I went from 6 to midnight watching this one.
  2. Worked on two videos yesterday. Hope you enjoy and get you through to kickoff. Super Bowl 50 #CAMVP
  3. Ok, here goes: This team, this city is something special. It's a place where anything is possible but nothing is given. Over the course of this franchise's story we've seen so much. This game, this moment, feels like a culmination of what has been sacrificed by the organization, the players and the fans. These players have sold out for this season, never giving up. Always believing in their ability to overcome all obstacles. To be present in that stadium during that moment would be incredible. To be able to look at my kids 20 years from now and say, "See that big guy on the sideline that Hall of Famer there with the childish-smile? I saw him play. I saw him raise his team, his city to another level it wasn't even certain it could attain." That would be awesome. I don't know that I'm more deserving than anyone else. I love this team for all of it's character, personality, success and failure. I'd be honored to be there representing every single fan of this team, and represent I would.
  4. VerticalThreat

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    You're leaving out the fact that we owe them for our last playoff matchup. It's just as much revenge for us as for them.
  5. VerticalThreat

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Not so much made of this, but I think it turned out to be huge. MIN's kicker/punter/snapper got to test out some things in the cold this week. Get familiar with it a bit (even just 10 kicks more could be huge). SEA didn't seem confident it their kicking game at all while MIN is out there kicking from 45+.
  6. VerticalThreat

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    I'll take RW taking 10-12 shots in below zero temps.
  7. VerticalThreat

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    IMO, Pete coaches like HOW he wins is as important as THAT he wins. That's why you seem them still trying to chuck those floaters downfield.
  8. VerticalThreat

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Agreed. They need to just grind on SEA. Even if they have a few 0 yard plays or negative. Just keep running between the tackles. AP will find a crease.
  9. VerticalThreat

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    I think they have to stick with it though. SEA is keying on AP. They've kind of got the plan to stop AP and make Teddy and the rest of the crew beat them. Vikings need to have a Panthers mentality in this game and just keep running whether you gain 0 yards or 4. It'll average out. Minimize RW's time on the field. Try to win a 13-10 game.
  10. VerticalThreat

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    The game will sit on the OL for the Vikes being able to do just enough to get a hat on a hat. AP can do the rest. Get him 30+ touches today and grind.
  11. VerticalThreat

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Interesting comment by Rodney Harrison on the pregame. He was talking about Michael Bennett and the concept of pressure...Bennett says there's no pressure for the Seahawks and that pressure resides in Carolina. Hmmm, Mike. We're not playing today. Pressure sits squarely on you, my friend.
  12. VerticalThreat

    Official 2015 Panthers Season Prediction

    Let us all have a laugh...
  13. VerticalThreat

    The Answer is on the Roster

    Is it possible that McClain can be better than Peanut on a partially torn ACL? I think so. I love Peanut and what he brings and if he were healthy then obviously this would be a non-question, but I have to believe that a guy who (although not really experienced) is better suited to run, jump and cut. If nothing else maybe teams try to go at McClain and he rises to the occasion or our staff can use that to our advantage.
  14. VerticalThreat

    What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Hardy might have insights but he was late to roughly 98% of team meetings while he was in Charlotte.
  15. VerticalThreat

    What Packers Fans Are Saying

    Don't worry about it. We just print them off each week and send them to the our Panthers insider and he puts the comments on the bulletin board in the locker room.