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  1. Cornerback for 1st round next year,... Dracarys on the $12-13 million,..
  2. Not that,.. those 2 turds got offered to do several Star Wars movies, so they rushed to get it done. HBO and the actors would have stayed on to make it right. hopefully Disney takes the offer back now.
  3. Someone beat me to it,.. but the directors of Game of Thrones deserve,.. Dracarys that is all.
  4. Can anyone send him a number to a truck driving school?
  5. Wonder if there’s an opening for in-house financial advisor or RIA ha.
  6. Well gee, we have a quarterback controversy until we don’t, a defense transition that usually takes time to get in sync, and we lost most of our games to close out the season so 7-8 games is a safe bet. its all on Cam and the defense coming together— oh and the big gapping questions about our secondary,..
  7. Personally I still like the idea of Torrey or what he could be, but at the end of the day, we have Hogan now with the best type of vet experience for receivers and the team really brought in,... so Godwin should be given an honest chance to make the team. Torrey isn’t old and he came on strong before he was seated— so I’m not hateful towards him like many are. He contributed to our wins early on. actually did anyone notice that once we benched Torrey our season went to poo? There’s still that mystical lucky rabbits foot thing about him— was with the Ravens, Super Bowl, was with Phili, Super Bowl. was with the panthers, we were stomping our way to a playoff run,.. gets taken out, we loose the rest of our games,.. thats just too weird to be coincidence. still, I want to see what Godwin has— if he’s like a Welker or an Edelman.
  8. Cool explanation,.. probably true or something to the effect. Still seems strange.
  9. So how does that work? Funchess for example, 2nd round, plays 4 seasons, has good enough stats to go get himself a $10m deal. He’s a WR Paradis is a center, don’t know what round he was taken in, or if it matters a Center cancels out a WR?
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