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  1. I’m thinking 2nd and a couple of 4th rounders for the 2 squirts. Luke would get a 1st and then some for a 4-3 team. CMac is a generational talent. Like trading Marshall Faulk. 2 first rounders and maybe some players. The only player I wouldn’t trade unless it’s a last resort is Cam. It’s just so hard to get another quarterback and his foot is a freako injury. however, in the spirit of blowing this bitch up,.. if Chicago wanted to pony up the farm for him like they did Mack... then I guess Cam will love adding some more funky coats and gloves to his collection.
  2. Well they are both fast but worthless. i would trade them both. hell, right now with a new coach and GM I would trade CMac for like a Khalil Mack trade, get another for Luke, and have like 3 first rounders and some extra 2nd and 3rds for Samuel and Jackson. can we trade Short too? just blow this bitch up scorched earth. sign Cam to a 3 year team friendly comeback deal where if he come back strong it can be renegotiated but if not he can be traded. like Arnold “I will clean house”
  3. Kyle has outdone himself. He’s proved a lot of people wrong that he should have been drafted over quite a few 5th and later round picks as a quality backup. a backup quarterback,.. not an NFL starter... Cam hurt his shoulder. In the preseason and practices his shoulder was shown to be 95%. Then he gets a freak foot injury. the guy will be back. He just needs to be healthy enough to get a real offseason in getting into football shape. At the end of the day, we only have limited draft picks next year and a decent cap space to rebuild behind a new GM and coach. our first round pick is not going to get a new star quarterback. It’s not. Give it up. And that’s if we pick right and the next guy is a star. Its Cam, and then it’s a legit LT,.. no messing around with bullshit. we probably need to use all the picks on Oline and DB. Free agents can be defensive line and other holes
  4. It’s also Hurney. i have tried to love many of Hurney 2.0 personnel decisions and drafting. but revisiting— I had to get on board with DJ versus Calvin Ridley,..... and look at Donte Jackson— fast but dumb— did anyone get his wonderlic? wow,.. I really really wanted to be wrong there. I like DJ, I think he’s really good... but Calvin just outshines him by miles. this year is a WTF year for draft. We really needed to nail the draft. i said it’s not about positions, it’s about getting great players. We went for positions. Burns,.. he may be something but wow Little is going to be talking back to Rice Krispies soon if he isn’t already,... just one more concussion. Plus we traded a good player away that someone else drafted to get him. 2 players for Little. then there’s Will Grier,.. wow we really didn’t need those picks either. probably I’m the most happy about Christian Miller who has a ways to go but he’s a 4th rounder and Scarlett,.. but hey... so I’m saying Good Bye Hurney also—
  5. Well the problem is we have like maybe 11 NFL starters and the rest are all practice squad or high school JV players. its like the Bad News Bears or something they all suck but some just embrace more suck
  6. So,... the first time... Luke is a fast linebacker, he was in the right spot... Julio just made a play on a great throw. 2nd time... Luke is a fast linebacker, he was in the right spot,.. Julio just made a play on a great throw. Ron the 3rd time,.. missed opportunities.
  7. Of Course... because he caused us to have the worst defense I think I’ve ever seen the Panthers have! I mean worst than 2011!!
  8. NBC, in Lieu of the night game just had Tony Dungy and others talk a lot about Kaepernick and his “workout” Tony Dungy stated that 3/4 of the league were slated to show up, but also wanted to interview Colin. Their questions would have included “are you prepared to do everything and anything to help our team win” etc. Colin changed the venue at the last minute 60 miles away to a high school. who the hell does that? If you were actually wanting to play, you would be honored that so many were willing to attend and show off your gracious behavior, willingness to be apart of a team. he doesn’t want to actually play football, obviously. It’s just lip-service to draw attention. thats why no one wants to sign him. with the league highlighting Lamar Jackson as a possible MVP, having Patrick Mahomes last year and highlighting him this year, Kyler Murray, Desean Watson, and of course Russell Wilson— Colin doesn’t have one leg to stand on. each of those are committed to their teams and football. That’s what teams want to see— and of course results.
  9. Denial? hi I’m Jarrod and I am an alcoholic. And it’s Ron Rivera’s fault and he needs to pay for his actions. bawahahahahaha.
  10. I’m just being silly man. the panthers get blown out and the only topics are fire Ron and sign Kaepernick. we are living in the Land of the Ridiculous. i mean,.. the Panthers suck with nothing to lose. we should sign one of those Lady Glow girls that were playing football to be our quarterback. lets make a real social justice statement, sign the first NFL female! no balls
  11. Don’t know about the collards but I used to fug up some black eyed peas as a kid. fried chicken and barbecue, mashed potatoes, black eyed peas, sweet potatoes and pecan pies, and of course water melon were the great grand parents house every Sunday growing up with all the greats, the aunts uncles, the cousins,... It used to be war when a couple of the great uncles would always come get the best part out of the water melon first,..
  12. Kaep ain’t signing with anyone. he wants the impossible. Starter money and a long term contract. he hasn’t signed because people offer him one year deals and he’s not humble enough to take them. he just wants a pay day, not to play.
  13. Yeh why are people pooing on a truck? i don’t drive trucks— I drive a Mini Cooper. white people eat fried chicken and watermelon too,... never really understood that stupidity either.
  14. We would need him much like the Rams needed Gurley. Maybe Luke?
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