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  1. Everyone says they hate RB the most. anyone read the Secret or Laws of Attraction? that means we will draft a running back first. So stop hating, ha.
  2. You rank your positions of need and then rank your BPA and then draft away. If you have a need and want your BPA then you need to jump up or drop back when possible to draft your need AS the BPA. simple but not simple.

    Hybrid defensive fronts.

    I know right. Poe gets beat up but you have to put players in their best chance to succeed scheme be damned ala BillB and Wade,.. Poe was not put where he plays best and it showed.
  4. grabbing a Parris Campbell or Riley Ridley would be awesome.
  5. Smoke Screen,.. we moving up for Drew Lock,.. totally kidding— don’t know anything about any of the quarterbacks in the draft, not even Murray except he’s a smurf.

    Panthers re-sign another DE

    We drafting a TE or WR in the first now ha. im ducking the boomerangs haters. I’m just sick of the “have to draft this or this guy” or everyone else is stupid crowd. Anyway, good we have another DE for depth.
  7. Pumped me up reading that. You had better duck, all the hate boomerangs are about to fly. personally I would love it if we added another kickass receiver and a kickass running back to pair with CMac.
  8. What gets lost when talking about scheme integrity or changing schemes is the masterminds really change within their scheme-- as its pointed out in numerous articles is "putting players in positions to make plays" You may run a base 3-4 or 4-3 in theory, but changing your looks or aggression versus not, coverage changes etc are all about looking at your players strengths and putting that above a strict scheme. Not changing a "scheme" was lip service by Bill. Running more blitzes or no blitzes, cover 2 or 3 blends with man hydrids, having different personnel float to different positions and showing different looks and responsibilities is the opposite of say John Fox in our game versus the Cardinals when he kept the same base coverage and formation the whole game. There are too much us versus them talk, this versus that, etc. A player not fitting a scheme just means stupidity and lack of tactical awareness. It was the same in the Marines and its the same in sports. Live and die being a square at anyone's own peril. https://www.denverpost.com/2019/01/31/wade-phillips-masterful-super-bowl-tom-brady/ https://nypost.com/2019/01/25/the-secret-behind-wade-phillips-defensive-success/
  9. Whoever is confirming the draft picks I want,... everyone else are fools ha. isnt that the world?
  10. JARROD

    Panthers’ Top 30 Visit

    I think you are making an argument when there is none or maybe you want one. we do need a left tackle,.. and we need more tackles,.. and 16 doesn’t have to be anything. That’s just a local fixation to say we have to take this or have to take that. Maybe we take a receiver there,... so what
  11. JARROD

    Panthers’ Top 30 Visit

    Tackle depth is fine. The observation is that we are in fact scouting offensive lineman with these visits so far,... unless I’m missing something. Daryl Williams is a one year deal,.. Moton is a big question mark at left tackle until he isn’t. Both sides need depth and potentially starters. so scouting both sides seems like the right thing to do. whats everyone going to do when the first 2 picks end up being 2 OT for left and right? whats everyone going to do if the first 4 picks are all combos of OT and DL? we just don’t know.
  12. Hurney is the cap man,.. we have Kalil money after June and I’m sure he can structure deals to get around. how do you think teams like the Saints continuously sign people when they should be in negative cap but somehow have more than us? its not as reported to us— these sites like overthecap don’t have the full story.
  13. Omg could you imagine we take a Running back at 16? He had better be Barry Sanders,...