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  1. Too “pretty” float like a butterfly and sting like a bee rumble young man rumble really stupid ridiculous and unoriginal
  2. The names not Boy,... it Roy,.. ha. Everyone here just hates on Cam Jordan because he’s not a Panther,... but if he jumped fence like Roman Harper...
  3. Here comes Keanu Reeves and the replacements,.... im sure people grumbled forever when baseball added 10 games a year,.. football went from 14 to 16 games,.. change causes grumbling,.. some people get excited and some people go all traditionalist. none of us can do anything about it, just watch or don’t watch when it happens.
  4. People hate cheese being moved. It’s just going to be that way. It doesn’t matter what changes,.. better teams will still win and those stuck in the past will lose. It’s just the way it is. if they do it, the backup positions will become much more important. Again, the Belichecks will adjust and win and the Lions will still be the worst sports franchise ever. Actually I think it will make it easier to have perfect seasons for better depth teams. It also means more backups will play in games that aren’t meaningless so you see more from them. i don’t support it and don’t think it will happen,... but there’s nothing I can do to stop it and I will still watch if it does.
  5. Damn is Cam 40 or is he 30? Stupid click bait from stupid haters that love polarizing for clicks,.. hey lets throw hand grenades today,... let’s see how many Nazis, liberals, neophytes, xenophobes, homers, and GD Republicans we can stir into running cars into each other while we sit back and enjoy the paycheck,...
  6. Rudy,.......Rudy,........ Rudy great movie,..
  7. I’d set a record in the 40,.... at the Special Olympics,.. ha
  8. Deangelos only crime there is the same as political candidates and everyone else who is dumb enough to engage internet trolls where anything said will just be posted and taken out of context. with that being said,... he should have said something like “ I loved my time there and I am very grateful. God bless. ha
  9. It’s possible, but winning means spreading the ball around and getting it done. Having 1200 rushing and 500-600 receiving is probably more in line with winning assuming 3700 yards passing with all the receiving options we have now. Personally I would like to see the bulk of 2500 of those yards between Moore, Samuel, Wright, 500-700 to the tight ends and 500-700 to running backs,.. unless Cam starts throwing 5000 yards a season,.. which up until now has NOT equated to winning Super Bowls then that’s the numbers to split. Winning is what matters so if it’s 2500 yards between tight ends and running backs and we get to the Super Bowl then so be it,.. but that’s not what I expect it takes to get there.
  10. Carolina Mud Dogs,.. ha,.. we can sign Bobby,..
  11. It’s just click bait. The only roster that matters is the one that wins the Super Bowl. you can have a team of nobody and smurfs, has beens never was etc that win the Super Bowl and they should be PFF number 1. the most “talented” that wins the fewest games is the PFF loser. plain and simple.
  12. I believe that companies and organizations do really start with the top down and the personnel mirror the owners, CEOs etc. often when you experience employees of an airline for example— they don’t care, rude, who cares, it’s your problem etc—- versus another airline where the employees seem to make everything involving your experience their priority— that all started with the top. (My 2 examples are the old US Air and British Airways in that order— Suck versus customer oriented experience) football teams are the same. Get an owner that puts winning as his or her priority,.. or filling seats with stars as the priority,... being affable,.. or results oriented,..obviously being able to make good decisions, whether they are solutions minded or problem minded. the teams that are perpetual winners have all of those best attributes towards winning and winning culture from the top— and the opposite is true.
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