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  1. Don’t know don’t care... can’t believe I answered. just bored. in other news,... the Panthers are only 1 game back ha.
  2. Cam goes Air Raid and starts doing the Superman and the Dab again...
  3. Well if we really move on from Cam after Ron I’m probably hanging it up for years. If we find another exciting Cam Newton type to draft maybe I’ll watch again,.. but otherwise no. I enjoyed watching 1996, 2003, 2005, 2008, and 2011-2016,.. i can live without football from here on out.
  4. I have before. When I was stationed abroad it was 3 1/2 years I didn’t watch a football game, and missed all kinds of new shows. When I came back in 2000 it wasn’t until the 2003 season I started watching football again. So from 1997-2002 I didn’t watch one football game. i found a way in Greece to watch the 1996 season... some games and the playoffs. in Greece/ London I saw 1997 preseason and it was obvious the Panthers would blow,.. so if it sucks Alpha Mike Foxtrot.
  5. I think this would be all of the Cam haters wet dream... personally if it gets Rivera fired them so be it. we have all seen teams that looked average to terrible suddenly fix their funk and peak at the best times. this team did it in reverse last year. Looked great, playoff contender and then fell apart. the opposite is what you want.
  6. People said this after his first year, second year,.. many years... even after the Super Bowl and MVP. i don’t think I’ll ever understand the amount of hate this guy has gotten from Carolina. this is a coaching staff thing and their super conservative stance in games not Cam Newton— maybe his inability to morph into what these idiots are trying to make him be.
  7. Cam just spent an offseason changing his throwing motion... and doing his best to evolve into being whatever he’s told to. i doubt he’s unfocused on football. i think a better question is what are these coaches doing to destroy one of the most exciting players ever to be a football player? i mean,.. if you were forced to change what and who you are on the football field from being a win big, prolific guy into Mark Brunell’s gentle checkdown cousin,.. what would you do? watching him trying to play and be what these idiots are trying to make him into is painful. I think if you had a Kyle Shannahan or a Pat Shurmer type of smart offensive coach instead of old school Norv he could thrive. i have a hard time believing he’s done... hell even bring in another Chud and watch him go off. he has to have fun... like Brett Favre and right now he looks like he’s the class king being locked up in detention.
  8. I can bet Tepper isn’t allowing the trade of future draft picks. The new coaching staff I’ll need them all!
  9. Rivera is gone soon. If we start 0-4 for example then I expect each game to be his last. Maybe he does too. Cam looks like he’s not having fun,.. looks like he’s trying his best not to get hurt. new coaching staff, new energy,... Cam from 2015 returns here or somewhere else.
  10. The offensive line has been really horrible. Timing on offense, routes not on the same page, guys running free etc so maybe it’s just an attempt to get everyone on the same page.
  11. I think this next game after having 10 days to make adjustments and prepare will say a lot. For me it does look like Cam isn’t having fun out there at all(losing will do that, having your timing off will do do that, and having fans that make New York fans look happy will do that) personally if I were him and the city were treating me like that I’d ask to be traded, get a fresh start like Frisco or something. Go get another MVP somewhere else and tell everyone to go get a life ha
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