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  1. Washington Ducks.
  2. Teddy takes the team 7-9 or 8-8... no Lawrence... throws 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.... again. Cam dabs on Carolina
  3. Go LYFAO,.. I want to see you still laughing when they do go 8-8 or 9-7 and there is no Lawrence talk...
  4. So the whities see Teddy as a “good ol boy”? Knows his place? For that very reason, and that alone(because I’m really mad about Cam,.. and just out of spite will enjoy watching Tom, Gronk and Bruce air raid the Panthers), I’ll pull for Teddy... I’ll at least pull for him to take the team 9-7 and miss the playoffs... that should end the Lawrence talk right there. Revenge is a dish best served cold
  5. Racists that support Cam Newton while they are licking on Teddy Bridgewater.... I must have eaten some acid(or everyone else did) because Teddy looks somewhat black to me,....
  6. There should be no flags or anthems at sporting events, period. There also should not be sponsorships by the armed forces or any other government owned or sponsored entities. this would effectively remove politics from sports— and people like me would watch and turn off the shitworld for 3 hours as was intended. I know it’s a tradition, but there it is, a tradition. Sporting events are held by corporations in front of paying fans and broadcasts,... not in public for national events or any type of official business. They are not the moral authority for conduct for playing the anthem or displaying a flag. The fans often eat hotdogs or drink beer or whatever during that time anyway. i also know those who want to keep using the venues as political advertisements would be upset in some way. Everyone should be able to watch a football game, go to Disney, or whatever they choose for fun while putting a parenthesis on the elseworlds outside. They will be there when you come back from Neverland ha. No flags or anthems at sporting events or other venues where all peoples come to get away from Elseworlds,..
  7. I wonder how many of the “real Panthers fans”(mind you, people that aren’t from Carolina, has other teams before the moved, and only became fans recently) would still say the GTFO stuff the new coach goes 1-16 for the next 3 seasons, gets fired for another 1-16 coach, trades away the best players he has in the process etc? its ridiculous to say someone isn’t a fan because they are pissed off at their team. as far as wanting a star to do better elsewhere including a Super Bowl— that’s a referendum on said anger. at the same time... we go 16-0 and then win the Super Bowl I’m sure all is forgiven.... then all the band wagoners can cry they are “real fans”.
  8. They always make the playoffs,..
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