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  1. TB but I’ll just say this “denounce the police 4 their history of murder” is like denouncing all of the Muslims in the world for the few that downed the World Trade Center— they all did it right? I’ve known a lot of cops... from a lot of backgrounds and sure you have some power trippers and others. Most are just trying to serve the peace and help justice. you cannot persecute ALL of them any more than you can persecute ALL black people for the few that have committed murders, or all white people for the few that have committed murders or Asians for the few that have committed murders persecute the guilty but issuing a blanket statement against a whole group in itself is irrational bigotry just the same as all the rest.
  2. The cap space is what I believe is their big hold up with Cam. I don’t think he would sign for $1 million.
  3. i would prefer to bring back the onside kick as it was before the updated concussion preventing rules as well as the older for blocking extra point and field goals.
  4. He’s a starter and won’t let that go for a year. If he wanted to be signed to a backup he would have been signed. i just don’t see him being the humble guy that walks into New England and begs Belicheck or the Steelers Mike Tomlin to be a humble backup for someone. maybe he should have but that’s not him
  5. You have to stay true to yourself regardless of naysayers. He’s betting on himself and waiting for his shot. if I were Dallas I would dump their current money sponging diva for Cam.
  6. Panthers don’t really have fans. They have drama transplants that are fans when convenient. it’s probably worst than Jacksonville. yeh I said it
  7. Man they didn’t take notes from OJ?
  8. It will be something like the Boise Rams next...
  9. Please do. I would love to see the tinder box removed too.
  10. A wee bit further back. All you have to do is look up what Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and others put out in papers back in the day. keep in mind Burr went too far and got himself killed over it ha.
  11. From my experience anyone who says they can engage in a moderate debate and the other side is nasty are usually themselves very much so too. there is no debate. Each side only believes or portraits to believe just to establish a role and is usually rooted in emotion. Actually very few debates are totally logical. It doesn’t exist. People believe what they do, get emotionally attached to it and then find “logical” and “rational” points or support to back up their belief. again... it’s pointless.
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