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    Daniel Jeremiah Mock 1.0

    I’m not going to trash picking CB as our first pick if he’s a stud,... Greedy Williams would work just fine.
  2. That’s what I mean, trade picks for duds but not jump in for Keenan Allen?. The dude was a top 10 pick without the injury question and a 3rd round pick for him was a no brainer. It’s all water under the bridge now— Benjamin I didn’t think was a bad choice for a pick at 28th, I liked the guy and I own that— he was a stud the first season. Some players like Gaulden I understand even less— in late rounds John Madden and others used to say it was tough to figure who would work or not— so you choose athletic ability over football skills. can teach an athlete football but not teach a football player to be an athlete. So why pick some low athletic ability? They peaked already, can’t get better.
  3. Yep I don’t know why he does that— everyone GM seems to want to get cute and go make a star out of someone everyone else saw as nothing— the problem is they usually are nothing ha. Dave and Hurney both really,.. Dave Skipped on Smith Schuster for that scrub we have playing for us now,... Hurney skipped on Keenan Allen even after he dropped 2 rounds,..

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    If he’s the pick, then he is. I like that you have a choice that you put out there— nothing bad I can say about the pick— i think from watching the videos and draft reports that Ed Oliver would be better,.. but who knows. Some have compared Ed to Aaron Donald— if we traded short and drafted one of these and used the draft picks from Short to draft another DE, a Center, DB or even another tightend I would be happy.
  5. In all fairness, Cam was having a great season efficiency wise— touchdowns to interceptions, 3rd down conversions etc. i was barbing Aaron Rodgers just because I’ve never liked him,.. never thought he was nearly as good as people hype him to be. He folds late in crucial games when it’s close,.. had a team that was really good at getting early leads on people, but when the games were close or behind he did terrible. He’s a great passer— I just think he’s much more of a Matt Ryan than people like to admit— definitely not in the GOAT conversations that hack writers like to say. in other news— no I don’t think there’s any universe where Cam intentionally tanks a season to get a coach fired. He’s got too many followers, too many kids that look up to him,.. been challenged as a leader since the beginning so I don’t think that’s in his character. Aaron on the other hand,.. ha

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    Yeh that’s the true true— we aren’t going to the Super Bowl next year. I would be down for trading back for additional picks, having 5-6 picks in the first 3 rounds instead of 4. getting 3-4 starters out of that and 1-2 solid role players would be awesome,.. 2 good free agents. then we can fix the rest in 2020 when we have $100 million to use.

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    That’s true. I guess if you really had everything you need, a complete team and you were really one piece away then ok. we suck— and one draft and FA with Cam on the mend isn’t going to win us a Super Bowl so I think I would throw up if Hurney pulled a 2008. We all want to forget what happened the next 2 seasons thereafter. yuck

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    Yeh, you go trade future first rounders you had better at least get to the Super Bowl... that almost never works out. Actually when has it? the Falcons traded the farm for Julio and he’s got great stats and he’s a monster at times but they haven’t won a Super Bowl,.. they suck again now

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    I like Jawann Taylor and Risner— Taylor would have to start on the right but I like his motor and ability— doesn’t seem like he would be lazy. he looks like he has all the talent to move to the left at some point too. it would be awesome if he fell to our 2nd pick, dont think so— half the mock drafts have him in the top 20.
  10. JARROD

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    This year is a win or die for Hurney and Rivera,.. all bets are off. i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a 2008 all over again—- 2 first round picks. I just hope he doesn’t trade next years first to do it. Trade Short if he had to.
  11. JARROD

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    That’s what is bugging me about his scout reports,.. “questionable effort at times”. I would rather have a guy with less athletic talent but with an unstoppable motor
  12. JARROD

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    I watched a few of his highlights,.. looks much better than Brown for sure. I think of the draft was really going this way we either jump up for someone or drop back honestly.
  13. JARROD

    Top 25 Free Agents

    I like those too. Frank Clark or Brandon Graham or both ha.
  14. JARROD

    Top 25 Free Agents

    Brandon Graham—- 31 but that’s not old, Super Bowl experience. Experience in Philys aggressive defense. just old enough not to be overly expensive— I like him. Joyner is my choice for Safety. Then get 4 starters in our first 4 picks and we might be back in business, Cams shoulder not withstanding.
  15. JARROD

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    Like a Clay Matthews type of motor— I like it.