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  1. Well after everyone figured out his one move he pretty much got shut down.
  2. And we will be just like the Lions, Megatron and the decepticon losers
  3. Well you bring Cam back, he’s a top 10 when he’s healthy and an MVP when he’s 100%. if we can get busy with the right draft picks and free agents who knows what happens this year. if the team believes we are 3-4 year from a solid run then you definitely trade him now. and you would have to use what you get from trading him for us to trade up.
  4. The funny thing is the draft was deep at really good wife receivers this past year. somehow we drafted another turd. our whole draft this past year was turds actually. Burns is Everette Brown 2.0, Miller hasn’t arrived, Little is on the field little. Daley was probably our only hopeful draft pick. so what makes anyone think that we can draft a wide receiver outside the first round?
  5. The Falcons are a great example. 28-3 was because they ran out of gas and had no lines to control the game. the Julio trade pick screwed them for years. They could not make up all the draft picks lost and their depth was terrible. i like the 49ers model better. They have a great team and will pummel Kansas City.
  6. KC is like Green Bay, the same sort of team. the 49ers eviscerated Green Bay. The 49ers will eviscerate Kansas City. its that simple. Only the refs can keep it close. The NFL doesn’t want a repeat of Seattle and Denver.
  7. Everyone might as well give it up now. just being objective here but if I were the new coach and GM of the Bengals and I traded out of the first pick for Cam Newton— Cam had better look like MVP Cam for the foreseeable future and Burrows had better be Johnny Football part 2. For the panthers to make that trade, they would have to. A— convince Cam Newton not to retire if we trade him to a worst team than ours. B— we would have to convince Cinci that Cam looks like MVP Cam even if he doesn’t. C— we have to convince Cinci that we think it’s ok to trade MVP Cam to them, jee like why wouldn’t we want him? D— they probably would want Cam, and more picks if all the above is true. E—buy the ownership of Cinci a whole lot of Ruffies so they can be convinced and wake up afterwards not believing they actually did it. F— we are crazy— why wouldn’t they want Burrows? its not happening folks. Drop it
  8. Hey, Matt Moore is a big reason they were able to have home field advantage and a bye round(of course Houston almost caught them still asleep) Matt helped them finish and win some games. its a team sport and he contributed and earned it.
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