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  1. Yeh football is a lot of moving parts. They have no one that can beat man coverage except Julian, but he’s no downfield threat so they just double him and rush everyone else. If they had Antonio Brown or the Flash, Gronk and also half the team on opt outs and covids it would be different narrative. but yeh, in NE it’s the teams fault and in Carolina it was always his fault.
  2. Jets and Falcons fighting for Lawrence. They should go ahead and offer Matt Ryan up for picks
  3. It’s like the team won a few games and everyone forgot this team was supposed to win like 3 games for the whole year. its a rebuild folks.
  4. The Patriots are paying for having zero play makers On offense except one good slot back on offense. It’s a job making Harris and Byrd look like anything except what they are, turds. Izzo is a 3rd tightend on any other team. its easy when all Denver had to do it crowd the line for runs and short passes.
  5. Well I wonder how everyone here will handle the Falcons drafting Lawrence when so many here were wanting him so bad?
  6. Hence hanging a hondo on us. Making silly reference to hundo as in 100.
  7. Tepper just couldn’t have Cam lingering around since he was. Jerry pick. I’m sure if he could he would trade away McCaffrey and draft someone else that was his. anyway,.. maybe Lawrence is the plan. I notice we do well and then do just enough to ensure failure at the end of the 2 games. humm
  8. Since when did a lot of yards equate to lots of wins? Cam had 400 yard games his first year and they were both losses. How many quarterbacks have won the passing yard title and the Super bowl the same year? Russell Wilson had the best game and has the best type of stats I want from a quarterback. 9 touchdowns in 2 games, including against a defense that was number 1 last season(sure with a ton of opt out players this year but still). Hes all but perfect except for a tipped pass turned pick 6. He has the best deep ball in the game bar none and that’s star proven too, not just hyperbole.
  9. Well at least we know Snow or Brady aren’t getting poached by another team this year....
  10. The Saints defense played pretty damn good. anyone think we stand a chance should watch the saints bucs game on rewind. I watched. it would take a serious improvement is all I have to say.
  11. And what do we say to the God of Death? not today!
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