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  1. Op is posting misleading numbers. In the Atlanta game Norv and Ron were slow playing and Cam carried them when they went to the no huddle, also that Cam int came off a drop by Anderson. Same with Washington where DJ fumbles the game away and we went no huddle to late
  2. Cam’s rookie season, and last year when the defense kept blowing games and were ranked 32nd for about a month The offense hasn't been great but it has been better the defense the majority of the Cam era
  3. I just turned fox sports yesterday and they mentioned NE having the number 1 defense and not once did they bring up yards. They did bring up point per game though.
  4. This just implying the defense didn’t catch up with the offense. Per fact again avoiding the Rivers topic
  5. People keep avoiding this topic but Grier could of easily won 3/4 of the games I don’t think a team in the history if the nfl has lost a game when a defenses forced 7 turnovers the panthers are undefeated when rushing for over 250 yards And we have over .900 winning percentage when he hold a team to 10 points or fewer Thats 3-0 for Grier or any backup really
  6. I didn’t even mention Allen once this thread, but nice try again. But you are down playing Cam’s tenured here and making seem like the defense has carried him even reality it’s the opposite way. The offense has ranked higher than D the majority of Cam tenure. Meanwhile you keep avoiding the fact that a defensive minded HC who has used the majority of his recourses on D has under performed.
  7. Oh I guess the panthers had a horrible game last week since the D gave up over 500 yards. LMAO Nobody with any knowledge of football prioritizes yards over scoring when it comes to rankings defense. The only reason CRA is using yards it cause it suits his agenda even though it’s wrong,
  8. Yeah that’s how they ranked team by points. That’s why when people mention great defenses they mention points given up
  9. The league uses scoring defense nobody gives 3 fuks about yards Again panthers were the 21st ranked D https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2014/opp.htm nice try though
  10. Again you are making stuff up. We had the 21st ranked defense in 2014, 10th in 2017. Cam’s rookie year, last year
  11. It matters cause you are leaving out context. The fact is it was defenses fault we didn’t make the playoffs those seasons, when you are a defensive HC using the majority of the resources on that side of the football 2014???? We had the 21st ranked D in 2017 it was balanced with the 10th ranked D and 11th ranked offense like I stated.
  12. Anything Young Turk related is garbage. Cam is unfairly critiqued by people who don’t understand or truly watch football but most other black QB aren’t. If there was a double standard Kyler Murray would have never been drafted. The double standard for black QBs died a long time ago. The fact that Jameis Winston with all those weapons he had and still has, has underperformed for 5 years straight and somehow still has a starting position is mind boggling
  13. Funny how you specially point out playoff seasons when only 2 out of the 8 season in the Cam era was the defense ranked significantly higher than offense (2012 and 2013) outside of those two years the offense has been either identical or leaps better than the defense. And that’s with the majority of our recourses used on defense and our offense being tailored to help the defense
  14. Is there any receiver out there? maybe we start using Thomas
  15. Is there any receiver out there? maybe we start using Thomas
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