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  1. He’s a solid CB that we should try and keep. I don’t think he will ever be elite but as long as he doesn’t trend downward we will be ok.
  2. Poe was getting manhandled by one on one blockers. He was bad
  3. Yep that’s why it happens so often. Oh wait it doesn’t.... QBs just don’t change throwing motion after throwing on certain way for 23 years. At best he tweaks it a bit but completely change it, that’s laughable. If that’s the case The Golden Calf of Bristol would still be in the league.
  4. Cam doesn’t need to change his motion to be great. This whole thing reminds me of the whole Cam needs to change his footwork thing, it’s not gonna happen
  5. Cam is 30, no way he changes is throwing motion this late in his football career.
  6. A good pass rush still can’t cover up a bad secondary, see the Chiefs last season
  7. If Cam returns to form he’s getting 35 mill a year if not more.
  8. Lol no, both Short and McCoy haven’t played up to their billing this past season.
  9. Who knows? But Norv seems to favor DJ
  10. Yeah in 2017 Mccaffrey led us, and so Olsen and KB we’re tied, so I’m still right and your still wrong come again
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