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  1. Brees inability to throw deep was the main reason they lost to the Vikings. They had to use Taysom Hill to stretch the field which is never a good sign.
  2. Peppers will be the only one in that group to be first ballot. I think Smith was better at his position then the other 3 were at theirs, problem is Smith played a position that’s more depended on others. If Smith played on a pass first team with a good QB theirs no doubt in my mind he’s second to Jerry Rice in yards.
  3. The amount of revenue Cam produced for the mediocre franchise, they should pay his next contract while he plays on a different team
  4. If our line holds up and Teddy doesn’t get injured I think he have a top 10 offense. I predict Teddy will have a career year. In terms of skill position this by far our most talented team this decade, also take into account this is the first time ever we have a offensive minded coach I'm just waiting for the imbecile his going to belittle Cam cause our offense is better now than in previous seasons, knowing damn well he never had a fraction of this help
  5. Just wait and see, it’s like a cruel joke being played on Cam https://twitter.com/SharpFootball/status/1242540955548430338?s=20
  6. I wonder if Teddy has improved his deep ball since his Minnesota days. Mike Wallace really regressed playing with him ,even took a shot at him when he left. Either way this is the best WR core we’ve had in a long time
  7. Try 20+ mill backups gets 10 mill, and Cam isn’t backing up anyone. Teams know the optics of having your starting QB being the highest paid player in the locker room
  8. LMAO Theirs a thing in the nfl called optics, and NFL team in today’s league would never pay a starting QB that little. Why you think washed up Brady and Rivers both got 30 and 25 mill.
  9. Arthritis doesn’t get better with age....
  10. Receiving yards for a RB are extremely overrated. The games in which Mccaffrey had his most receiving yards all resulted in loses. If you watch the film you would notice most of his receiving yards came against off coverage when we were trailing.
  11. 5 years? LMAO If we don’t get this turned around in 3 Tepper’s impulsive ass will tear it all down again.
  12. All I know is I’m not giving Mccaffrey a giant contract on a rebuilding team. We just the saw the Chiefs Niners make the SB with castoffs at RB
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