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  1. This is most shocking nfl news I’ve seen in a while. If it is true I’m gonna miss seeing Luck play
  2. Meh....I see that hit happen every Sunday. Based on the new rule they imposed last year it does deserve a flag.
  3. If he’s healthy he plays, it’s that simple. You don’t give away regular season games especially against the defending nfc champs. This is a measuring stick game
  4. Kaepernick already turned down offers from Denver and Baltimore, he’s never going to Carolina
  5. Excellent play???? I’m a living in bizarro world. Reid is not a good safety, he can’t drop back in coverage to save his life.
  6. Check my post history I’ve always said pff is sh*t. I don’t think people even know the history of pff, it’s just a bunch of internet sports bloggers who came up with their own grading system. Guys like Cian Fahey are just as credible
  7. Skip to 28:45 in the second video They said our 6-2 record was a fluke, and they continue their hate boner for Cam
  8. For those who keep using pff as a credible source. Keep in mind Mariota and Winston both are graded higher than Cam
  9. Screenshots? Lol what Do you even watch games? So your telling all those games our offense didn’t get better when we went no huddle? I can post article after article of our offense being better in the no huddle
  10. You keep bringing up this false argument for the past two seasons and it’s flat out wrong. 2 minute warnings doesn’t mean no huddle, Rivera is actually the king of kneeling the ball with two minutes. I can actually point you to games last season when we used the no huddle (eagles, falcons, lions, redskins) when we went to a fast pace no huddle Cam and the offense numbers exploded
  11. We should be running a fast pace offense no huddle offense at least 50% of the game. But Ron hates fast pace offense
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