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  1. – Panthers: 46% of last season’s snaps returning in 2020, fewest in the NFL; 34% of defensive snaps returning, fewest in NFL by 15% (Raiders – 49%) So we faced the only defense that has less experience than ours. Also the raiders season high last year was 33 points, they scored 34 against us
  2. I find it weird how this forum obsesses over other teams forums, every week they make thread about another forum lol.
  3. Nothing would be better then if we win and the pats upset Seattle. The media hysteria on Monday would be hilarious.
  4. We better not let this fossil look good, also Brees’s arm is dead, he makes Teddy look like Favre. I think we can take advantage of that secondary
  5. I hope we don’t make this 43 year statue look all world. The only thing that gives me hope is that Brady doesn't fit Arians offense at all
  6. He played decent but his accuracy was a bit off, I think he should call more deep passes
  7. I can't believe I actually betted on the panthers today, I broke my one rule. lost $200
  8. Our defense is terrible in all phases. Couldn't stop one stupid bootleg or crossing pattern
  9. we should of been attacking this secondary deep from the beginning
  10. This raiders offense isn't that good, we are making them look like world beaters
  11. this raiders secondary is trash we need to attack them vertically
  12. This has nothing to do with drops or tackle play, this is Derek Carr being tentative and is the reason nobody outside of Oakland seems him as a legit franchise QB https://www.raidersbeat.com/coaches-film-shows-three-plays-where-derek-carr-missed-amari-cooper-downfield/
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