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  1. LMAO everytime Brady reconstructs his contract they just give him more guaranteed money, which is a loop hole NE uses. Also Brady’s wife is a rich as hell and Kraft has hooked up Brady through branding. And NE main reason for success isn’t Brady, it’s Belichick ability to make any average Joe look good
  2. Meh should be suitable if Wright or Smith get hurt
  3. Kelvin, he got the number 1 corner every game
  4. Watch the tape, his arm strength is pretty average. He puts a lot torque on his body just to get it down field.
  5. I see people a lot posting these stats, but the question is why is he on his third team in 12 months and no other team made a bigger bid
  6. Did they or did they not sign Revis? That’s a yes or know answer. You just moving the goal post cause it doesn’t fit your narrative. And trading players is a part of free agency, why do you think it happens in the same timespan. Many teams trade for the a player just for they won’t be a free agent. Now you are making excuses for SB winning teams LOL. I can literally breakdown the last 8 or so SB winners and how they have all been active free agency, at least way more than us. Inactivity in free agency gets you know where and that’s why we continue the cycle of mediocrity. Dumpster diving doesn’t count as big free agency moves.
  7. It’s a good deal. Williams is an average tackle, still a tier above Kalil, who should get cut.
  8. Funny thing is we have Cam on a rather team friendly deal right now and we’re still cap strapped.
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