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  1. Terrible thread It’s Cam or a first round rookie QB
  2. The chiefs aren’t as good as your making them look. Mahomes is making that line look good along with Reid schemes
  3. Not sold on Burrow at all, he had one great year outside if that’s he’s been mediocre
  4. We finally get the offensive minds we have been praying for since Cam got drafted, and now they want to get rid of Cam.
  5. So your proving my point, Wilson was never a one year wonder. Burrow in the other hand, hasn’t been successful outside one season.
  6. Hell no People are getting caught up in the hype off one season, he got beat out by Haskins and was mediocre last year with the same weapons
  7. None of them made it to age of 30 in a panthers uniform, pretty crazy
  8. This team will be unwatchable. Thank god for the Sunday ticket and redzone
  9. I think owners don’t like that stunt McDaniels pulled with Indy
  10. If it’s not a first round QB I don’t want him.
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