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  1. GoobyPls

    Todd McShay: Greg Little to Carolina at #14

    Van Roten is terrible, so is Kalil who needs to retire. Cam has no pocket to step into and it’s mainly due to those two
  2. GoobyPls

    Todd McShay: Greg Little to Carolina at #14

    We need a guard or center more than a tackle
  3. GoobyPls

    Newton's longevity

    Cam is only 29, I’ll entertain this when he’s 35
  4. Cam will never fix his footwork, just accept that fact. He won mvp with sloppy footwork, he can still be productive with bad footwork.
  5. That panthersfilm kid is the biggest mouth breathing idiot on Twitter, his hatred for Moore is hilarious. He’s literally blaming Moore cause a DB held him on a route
  6. GoobyPls

    Is Cams shoulder as bad as we thought?

    There was a play where he threw a dirt ball to Moore and after that throw he started pressing and over throwing everything
  7. GoobyPls

    MNF: Vikings at Seahawks

    It crazy, the Vikings are literally handing us the 6th seed on a silver platter and we are keep shooting ourselves in the foot
  8. In the the 23 year history we have had a pro bowl player at every single position except safety, pretty crazy how we have never adressed that position. Some recent studies have said safety is the most important position in defense, even though I’m not sure I agree with that, still a good safety covers up a lot flaws https://www.si.com/2014/03/19/nfl-free-agency-safety-position-evolution
  9. GoobyPls

    The rebuild is here. It's time.

    We have a ton of needs The D-line is horrible, we get no pressure unless we blitz. I think we need a big name free agent, Demarcus Lawrence or Clowney The o-line is a mess, watch the 22 film, our interior o-line is getting bullied weekly, Cam has no pocket to step into. Clark is awful and we are stuck with Kalil. So we need a new Center and RG and maybe LT. Adams and Reid are disasters, I’m tired of horrible safeties that can’t cover squat.
  10. He’s better in coverage than both our safeties
  11. Cam probably needs a shoulder scope, you act like he’s gonna get a whole new limb.
  12. Cam will be alright, you can see him forcing the ball right now cause his shoulder is messed up