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  1. I think we should draft a tall WR in the late rounds. It’s always good to have a nice mixture of receivers
  2. Move him to OLB, he’s terrible in coverage
  3. Mccaffrey was asked about Cam all last week in every single interview he did LOL.
  4. GoobyPls

    Tom Brady has won 6 superbowls

    The pats won 6, Brady is part of Belichick system
  5. Sucks we couldn't win a SB with Pep
  6. GoobyPls

    Go Rams, obviously.

    What kind of masochist roots for NE?
  7. Lol saints fans blaming the refs when they got the ball first in OT
  8. GoobyPls

    Ryan Kalil vs Scott Fowler

    Our running game success had a lot more to do with the constant motion and deception than great run blocking.
  9. GoobyPls

    Defense wins championships...

    The saints actually have the 3rd best offense Judging an offense by yards instead of points is dumb
  10. GoobyPls

    Defense wins championships...

    It’s actually the opposite, a good offense makes the opposing team abandon their offensive game plan and become one dimensional.
  11. GoobyPls

    Defense wins championships...

    People who say defense wins championships are fossils with a delusional mindset. Last season the eagles and pats had the second and third ranked offense, the year before that the falcons and pats had the first and third ranked offense, our best season we had the number 1 ranked offense. Offense>>>>>>defense in today’s nfl
  12. GoobyPls

    Sunday Divisional Games Thread

    Brady hasn’t completed one difficult pass all game, this is what getting completely out coached out schemed looks like.
  13. Norv is a dinosaur, theirs no way he’s in our future plans
  14. Mccaffrey was averaging less than 2 ypc in the redzone, you think Anderson wouldn’t have helped in those RZ runs???