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  1. Cam was second in the league in yards per completion. Lamar isn’t even top 10. In passes over 30 yards Cam had a top 5 passer rating, Lamar isn’t even top 15. You are blind if you think the offense were similar, he were a vertical downfield offense, the ravens are not
  2. That offense isn’t really that similar, passing wise they are completely polar opposite. All Lamar does is dunk and dunk it to TE’s, meanwhile Cam was throwing lasers and bombs downfield.
  3. OP hates Cam so much he replaced his avatar with a backup QB after one game lol. And now he makes random threads to bait others and get a reaction.
  4. Seahawks usually play down to their opponents, but we are playing like the worst team in the league right now.
  5. Lol op is clueless If the panthers are willing to trade Newton that means he’s broken. Teams know that are not gonna trade a high pick for him.
  6. People are really drinking the Joe Burrow kool aid lol I rather wait for Trevor Lawrence
  7. Why would any team trade for Cam if the panthers have given up in him??? It obviously means he’s done, cause no team is dumb enough to give up on a healthy franchise QB
  8. If you know anything about college football and recruiting you would know Michigan has ceiling and they are currently at that ceiling. They can’t compete with Ohio State, the gap in resources between the two schools is enormous.
  9. Harbaugh made it to the nfc championship the previous year with Alex Smith, and before Smith got hurt I think they were like 6-2
  10. I don’t think he’s a serious option since Michigan is his dream job, but just for argument sakes. It seems a lot of people are split on him. I think he’s a really good coach and probably the best candidate that has been thrown out there as a possible coach. He completely turned around Stanford, then goes to SF and revived them now Michigan is having is best 3 year stretch in 40 years in terms of wins. I think his biggest problem is that he’s a hot head and wears out his players and the front office
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