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  1. I quit coaching because of illness and fatigue; the fans were sick and tired of me. Bob Plager Canadian hockey player I think a lot of fans can relate to this.
  2. Went to Ireland in April and had fish and chips every damn day, lol.
  3. Ron just wanted a longer field so he could run some more clock so we can kick a field goal and force our defense to make a stop at the 1 yard line with no time remaining in the game to keep it close, so enjoy this run on sentence.
  4. Now Ron will set Allen up for failure like he did Cam. Everyone knows when we will throw.
  5. I liked the fact that the receivers were being hit in stride, led to some big yards after catch. I liked that the deep balls limited the 8 man in the box schemes we saw for the first 2 weeks as well.
  6. Please keep the offense going Ron, no letting off the gas now.
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