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  1. I know I will be playing with the grandkids again this weekend. This team is not worth watching at this point.
  2. I wonder if he will only be picking the 1st round though. He seems decent there.
  3. I really don't believe it will be Hurney making that choice.
  4. Not cutting bait in 2016 after our 6-10 season. The mediocrity was obvious.
  5. Played with the grandkids in the sun this afternoon. Looking forward to that for the rest of the year.
  6. He will be paid the rest of his contract. Players get cut all the time during the season, and I rarely see any complaints about that. I appreciate Ron's efforts here, but it was time to send a message to the fan base.
  7. Anyone else bothered by the fact that our kicker has more dead cap than our MVP QB?
  8. Their needs to be a new team on the field next week, starting with the coaching staff. Let Grier stink it up for the final 4 games.
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