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  1. I just wish the coaches would get on with the youth movement. Tired of watching MKG, Baffoon, et al running around producing squat. Play Monk, Bacon and Miles serious minutes and let them develop, or flop as it may be.
  2. Kemba just needs to go ahead and exit stage right.
  3. At which point Kemba will probably be a shell of himself after having to carry this dumpster fire. I love Kemba, I wish he would go somewhere that cares about winning.
  4. They fit on the 1st bus out of town. Take the front office and owner with you as you go.
  5. Or they could resign KD then let the team take the year off, score a high draft pick and rule the west for 2-3 more years afterwards.
  6. Players yes, draft picks no. Of course based on our drafting history it might not matter.
  7. He would be crazy at this point not to take it. I just wonder if there are going to be some hard feelings regarding the injury.
  8. You know that the NBA is praying this goes 7 games.
  9. I hope so, but based on recent years the youth get very little run.
  10. We should have traded him and tanked. 7-8 seed is only good for 1st round sweeps.
  11. Ugh, no, just no. Love Kemba, but he is not a cornerstone piece. He would be a great 2nd or 3rd guy on a championship team.
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