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  1. At least lose that to the outside. I am hoping that Burns is that good though. Little looks slow and stiff as well.
  2. The NFL would love if every team just started the scrubs for their Monday night appearance.
  3. Jordan should extend him now while it would be cheaper.
  4. I see 20-25 wins. There are going to be a lot guys chucking it up each game.
  5. I disagree. We are now hardcapped. We will not be able to sign anyone else without going over the cap which Jordan will not do. This was a desperation signing from an incompetent front office. This signing makes no sense on any level. They should have just filled out the roster with cheap talent. Rozier is not going to fill the seats.
  6. Sigh, this front office is worse than Cleveland's. I really believe there is absolutely no plan on building this team.
  7. Agreed, but if that was the plan then they should have traded him last year. I get the feeling that our front office doesn't plan further ahead than lunch.
  8. I am happier every day for Kemba to be getting out of this dumpster fire of an organization .
  9. 15-20 wins incoming. Hopefully we play the young guys a lot more.
  10. Lose the best player on your team and still over the cap. Even the Browns are laughing at our front office.
  11. Kemba just needs to go ahead and exit stage right.
  12. At which point Kemba will probably be a shell of himself after having to carry this dumpster fire. I love Kemba, I wish he would go somewhere that cares about winning.
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