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  1. Voth did an article on it a couple years ago. Cam watching replays of the previous play on the video boards was named as the biggest issue. Cam has also said in a press conference he sometimes stumbles on playcalls in the huddle.
  2. Yeah, 3-4 nickel and 4-3 are basically the exact same thing. With the amount of time NFL defenses spend in nickel these days, I really don't think the defense is going to really look much different at all. In a 3-4 nickel, you sub out the NT or a DE to bring in the extra DB so the two remaining DL effectively become the DTs and the OLBs effectively become 4-3 DEs. The ILBs in a 3-4 function pretty much identically to how the MLB and WLB function in a 3-4. So the 3-4 essentially becomes a 4-2-5 in nickel which is exactly how a 4-3 nickel defense looks. The minor differences in the defense will obviously be in the base formation but even then it really isn't that much different. Usually one of the OLBs will drop into coverage or when both rush the passer then one of the DL drops into coverage. There is more flexibility to a degree in a 3-4 as to who is rushing the passer but it is still essentially rushing 4 and dropping 7 with blitzes mixed in.
  3. I don't really see how a potential lockout would affect anything regarding players under contract. Players don't get paid unless there are games so having more players under contract doesn't cost anything and having less doesn't save money. If anything it would be a negative since the lockout means we wouldn't be able to sign anyone during a lockout and once it ended we would be forced to scramble to fill out the roster.
  4. To change your number, there is an NFL rule that you have buy all the jerseys with your old number on them that have already been made and are for sale. Obviously that really isn't an issue for Corn but there could be a decent number of Reid jerseys out there for sale so it might not be worth it to him financially. Adrian Peterson wanted to change his number while he was in Minnesota then when he found out how much he would have to pay to do so he changed his mind. Also, this doesn't apply when a player gets cut or traded and I think rookies can change their number without penalty up until the first regular season game but I'm not 100% on that.
  5. Generally that is most Safety INTs. Either a miscommunication between the WR and QB or it’s because of something the pass rush did. Rarely is it because the safety is a ball hawk and made a play. Kurt Coleman in 2015 got most of his from just being in the right place at the right time.
  6. Watching that. Wow is all I can say. He is a fantastic addition to the locker room.
  7. They definitely will. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and the draft is going on. Taking an extra day to confirm things doesn’t make much difference.
  8. Jermaine Carter and Andre Smith. Two guys we drafted in 4th/5th last year.
  9. This is likely how we lineup in a 3-4 base DE - Short NT - Poe DE - Love/Butler OLB - Addison ILB - Luke ILB - Shaq OLB - Irvin/Burns In nickel which we will be in the majority of the time, the NT comes off the field and it basically turns into a 4-2-5 which is essentially the exact same thing as the 4-3 when we went to nickel. Cox will be a backup DE. Butler will help out at NT. Haynes and Obada will be backup OLB. Norris, Carter and Smith are the backup ILB who probably only see the field on ST and in case of injury. We definitely need another interior lineman who can play DE either in the draft or from whatever is left in FA. Possibly the Jones kid from Ohio State if he is there in the 3rd.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/TonyPauline/status/1121629481095974918 That really doesn’t sound good for Taylor. I’d stay away.
  11. Taylor apparently has a major red flag on his knee Off of many boards
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