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  1. They can’t because it’s private medical information. That’s why this is coming out via sources and wasn’t in their statement.
  2. Well there are actual rules about taking drug tests whereas there are no rules about being required to stand. He would get suspended for a “failed” test if he refused to take a drug test and would have no chance at winning an appeal.
  3. The NFL is basically daring him to provide proof. They can’t because of HIPAA which is why they leaked that he has been tested less than he claimed via “sources.”
  4. Personally I think the candidates suck this year. I’d rather deal with Ron for 1 more year and get someone I like next year than be stuck with some turd for 3 years.
  5. Bartin

    Cryptic Eric Reid Post

    Possibly related to his grievance against the Bengals
  6. Herbert said he was staying in school next year
  7. In the past we have given the patch to AJ Klein when Luke has missed games.
  8. Bartin

    Cam: "That's not on me."

    It’s clickbait because the title is just a quote that could be taken any number of negative ways without the context and requires one to click to get the context and discover it is not some negative thing he said. Most commonly utilized by websites to generate clicks and therefore page views. This is actually pretty much the definition of clickbait. That being said, I don’t care and think the other guy going after you for this was dumb. Just answering the question.
  9. It’s been bad all year. You’ll notice he has basically thrown zero deep balls all year. Tried a couple the first couple games then took them out of them playbook. People have been talking about how his arm strength has been bad since week 3 only to get called haters and racists.
  10. It was already hurt prior to the Steelers game. Remember the end of the 1st half against the Ravens when Cam got pulled for Heinecke to throw the hail mary?
  11. Cam especially doesn't make a comment like that unless it is really bad. He's basically the black knight from Monty Python when it comes to his injuries.
  12. There is literally no point in discussing trading Cam. Either his shoulder is permanently broken which means no one would or should want to trade for him or his shoulder can be fixed and be back to 100% next season which would make it idiotic to trade him since he is a franchise QB.
  13. Bartin

    Cam just has nothing on his throws

    Did he not have surgery before last year? The problem was he tried treatment first so he didn’t have surgery until March or April and the rehab bled into the season
  14. I’m fairly certain he did connect with the kick. He just didn’t kick her very hard.
  15. Bartin

    Hunt is a free agent

    He was suspended actually. 4 games I think.