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  1. He just signed a 3 year, $15M deal this offseason which makes it extra weird. That’s market value for a guy like him so he’s not overpaid or anything. If we traded for him it would be like $3M for the rest of the year and $5M each of the next two. He’s not cheap but that is very reasonable.
  2. Never been a huge fan of Darnold so I’d probably be out on this. He has talent but his decision making and sloppiness have been poor at best even when factoring in Gase. As for the Tannehill comparisons, Tannehill was statistically a solid QB under Gase. He left and is borderline great statistically. Darnold has been statically awful under Gase so expecting a similar jump as Tannehill is probably a bad idea.
  3. If you give the Punter double duty then you need to make sure you’ve got someone who can hold. It might be easier to bring in a different kicker than to use a guy that has never been a holder in a game.
  4. Could be something as simple as Beane keeping a promise that he would let him go if he wasn’t a starter, but I would definitely call Beane before I’d called the agent on this one. If things checked out I probably would also offer Beane a 7th at the same time because lack of talent and COVID are killing our IOL right now.
  5. He would be a great pickup for us, but the Chiefs, Ravens, Bears, Pats and Cowboys all pretty desperately need G help right now so I’m not going to get my hopes up on this one. Also I find it very strange that an experienced and recently very solid G wasn’t even able to fetch a 7th in a trade when so many teams need IOL help. He had just signed a 3 year extension as well. He did lose his starting job, but you would have to be crazy to give up high quality OL depth for nothing when your team is a playoff and potential SB candidate without an extremely good reason especially given COVID and the need to potentially replace a starter on basically no notice just for contact tracing. I’d be trying to find out what that reason is. Something doesn’t smell right to me.
  6. I was just looking at that. Kind of crazy that he is 15/19 on XPs and 10/11 on FGs.
  7. More likely it was Schofield with the positive who went on the list yesterday then these two had close contact with him and got put on the list as a result of tracing.
  8. Good news that it is only because of contact tracing and not a positive. Bad news that it is the 3rd OL on the list(though none starters) which kills depth and a kicker at a time when it is very, very difficult to bring someone in on short notice due to testing protocols. I did read that Hurney has had a backup plan in place for kicker for exactly this scenario.
  9. It makes sense that Gettleman would want a guy he drafted. He has a tendency to go get “his guys” I can also see us wanting a new TE and Engram is more of a hybrid than a pure TE and I think Brady would be able to use him in the slot. Engram also doesn’t really fit Gettleman’s style for TE.
  10. That’s what he was coming out of college and when he was drafted they converted him to an off ball OLB/MLB. I guess they decided to revert to what he was good at in college recently or maybe he was the best option after Chandler Jones went down.
  11. Interesting, would have thought it would be Brady leading the charge from their time together with the Saints and familiarity with the offense.
  12. I definitely want a guard in the 3rd or 4th. I think we need to go defense to fill some massive holes in the 1st or 2nd. Okung has a few more years I think(hope).
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