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  1. TD got suspended for PEDs. How is that relevant to anything?
  2. Well Reid’s getting ejected and maybe suspended
  3. Even if it’s overturned the Vernon penalty gives them first and goal. It doesn’t matter.
  4. Reid has been run over twice now by Conner
  5. It usually doesn’t work that way. Salary converted to bonus typically pays out week to week like regular salary so there wouldn’t be any difference to Mario. The only thing that changes is how it’s accounted for on the salary cap.
  6. Bartin

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    The hell happened to him? He looked awesome his 2nd year.
  7. Bartin

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    It doesn’t even matter. He took less to go home and play in Atlanta. We never had a chance.
  8. Bartin

    Daryl Williams

    He probably didn’t want more than 2 knowing that this is Ryan’s last year which sets him up to start next year, play well then hit FA.
  9. Not really sure I understand this. Unless they got some new injuries I missed I don’t really see him seeing the field much.
  10. Is he big enough to play 4-3 DE? Really hard to fit him in our defense as a LB. In passing situations we need 3 CBs on the field so we will have 2 LBs and those 2 LBs will always be Luke and TD.
  11. Irvin is also from Atlanta. Assuming he clears waivers I expect him to end up there. The Falcons are back in the WC race at 4-4 now as well. I might even call them favorites to get the 6th seed.
  12. Bartin

    Daryl Williams

    I remember that as well. It was more than just the MCL I think.