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  1. oh please god sign kony ealy falcons, pretty please
  2. More than I probably would have wanted to pay. Would have liked to see it be more incentive laden where the base was lower and the max was higher if he would have gone for it but this really isn't too bad of a deal for us. Hopefully Torrey is on his way out as a corresponding move to give us more breathing room since this puts us pretty close to the cap line.
  3. Waiting to see what we paid but hard to complain about this signing when we desperately need pass rushers and it is only a 1 year deal.
  4. Shaq's is fully guaranteed now right? I think he had to be cut before free agency to get out of his salary.
  5. Kind of fits a theory I have and I'm sure I'm not the only one with it. A less talented replacement can come in for a few games and perform really well because there is no tape on him with that team. Then after a few games the tape gets out, weaknesses get identified and they get exposed. Ryan Delaire would have been another example of this. Once everyone realized that literally the only thing he could do was speed rush, he got shut down after a promising first 2-3 games.
  6. For anyone wondering, the bonuses are not actually linked to his actual performance on the field. It's just for the snaps played over what someone at his salary would normally play. The money is also not paid by the Panthers and doesn't count against the cap.
  7. I'd rather have the space now but being able to open it up with the stroke of a pen should we need it for anything really isn't that bad. I still don't expect him on the 53 week 1 because it can become guaranteed at that point assuming Torrey has yet to use his 1 time early termination pay option.
  8. We can always just cut Torrey whenever we want right? None of his money is guaranteed even after we picked up the option, right?
  9. Bartin


    Since it's a post June 1st designation, it should be noted that we don't actually get the cap space until June 1st(It's actually early May now or something but it's still called a June 1st cut) so it doesn't actually provide much for free agency right now when we would most need it. There might be a possibility that we can all the way up to the cap without needing to worry about rookies then sign them once the cap space actually hits in May but I'm relatively certain that rookies go onto the cap immediately once drafted even if they haven't been signed yet. I could be wrong about that part though. However, assuming Hurney plans to have cap buffer then we can use everything we have on FA and rookies then use the Kalil space as the buffer to go into camp and the season with. I'll admit to not being as up to date on all the intricacies of the cap as I used to.
  10. Bartin


    So what's the deal with his injury guarantee then? Do we have to eat the whole $7M? Is he healthy enough to pass a physical? Is it actually $1M?
  11. I'm really not sure about bringing an aging player with mental stability issues even if it's just the minimum because then we rely on him. I'd prefer to stay away despite how much we need DEs.
  12. Bartin

    Clelin Ferrell

    Toe injury apparently
  13. Bartin

    Bortles cut. Backup?

    Not for the amount he would cost
  14. Bartin

    Best Left Tackle ever?

    Walter Jones is my personal choice but hard to wrong with anyone listed here
  15. Delhomme would be fun. A lot of fun but I imagine I might tire of him pretty quickly.