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  1. Want the Broncos to win so they don’t trade CHJ and Emmanuel Sanders to NFC teams
  2. Eh, I don’t really think it’s a matter of shadowing. It’s the zone running game. The DL will really have to maintain gap discipline and it’s going to be on Luke and Shaq to not over pursue and give up big cut back lanes which Luke has been known to do occasionally. The DL loses their gaps and the LBs overpursue on an outside zone and we’ve got Coleman or Breida with a cut back going into a 1v1 on Eric Reid or Tre Boston and I really don’t like their chances. That’s a house call 90% of the time. Thats what scares me and it only needs to happen once to completely change the game.
  3. I feel pretty confident that we won’t get blown off the field like we did at Pittsburgh but if I had to put any amount of money down it would be on the 49ers. I just really don’t like the matchup for us against them. Don’t care if it’s Allen or 100% Cam.
  4. The 49ers running game is what scares me. We have obviously sacrificed defending the run in favor of focusing on stopping the pass which I do believe is the correct strategy in this NFL, but the Shanahan running game is no joke, they’ve got 2 or 3 RBs who can fly and they’ve have been great so far this year. Hopefully Ron has a good plan for slowing it down but I don’t think we ever did a great job stopping it while Shanahan was in Atlanta.
  5. Now that’s a name I have not heard in a long time
  6. So he would take $100-200M to take the upper deck of BoA to make it a soccer only stadium then build a new stadium for the Panthers with another $500M+ from the city/state elsewhere. I did wonder why the hell he needed $100-200M to make BoA soccer compatible. This would make sense.
  7. Cap is projected to go up by the same $10M/year it has since the current CBA was signed in 2011. It was around $110-120M back then and is projected to be $199M next year. The biggest reason is just the effect of having 9 years of being able to roll cap over to the next year. The Colts for example with their rollover have a salary cap of $237M this year. The actual salary cap is around $190M and they will be able to rollover around $42M into next year.
  8. IncarceratedBob is not a trustworthy source for anything, ever.
  9. Anytime you can take a $400k pay cut and go live in a frozen wasteland for the winter you pretty much have to do it. Vet move by Ray Ray.
  10. Reasonable. He was definitely trash in that game.
  11. I mean are you suggesting he should have completely abandoned his assignment and run halfway across the line to help Paradis and CMC while letting #30 get a free shot on Cam? Daryl was perfect on that play. That a 200 lbs DB backed off because he didn’t want to get his ass buried into the turf isn’t DW’s fault. He still had to be there to stop him.
  12. Blaming Daryl Williams for the original foot injury against the Pats might literally be the dumbest thing I’ve seen on these boards. Please go watch that play again. It was a 6 man blitz that was actually blocked well and all of the pressure came up the middle.
  13. Sure if we can get him for like $4-5M/year then bring him back but there is an enormous need in the NFL for interior DL who can get to the passer. If he finishes with 8+ sacks which he is on pace for then I have hard time not seeing someone gamble and offer him a big money deal in the hope that he can continue that. The amount of available cap space projected for next year across the NFL is pretty staggering.
  14. Even if he continues to ball out I really hope we don’t re-sign him unless it is a really cheap deal. I absolutely don’t trust him to continue a high level of play once he gets paid. Let someone else pay him $10M/year. I don’t trust Hurney to let him go so it’s a big concern.
  15. Both those are possibilities as well. Likely it’s a combination of the 3.
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