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  1. Sounds like posturing to both other teams and fans. Tells other teams he isn’t just going to give him up for nothing to boost his trade value. Tells fans that the the only reason he would move on is if Cam isn’t healthy enough to be trusted so that he doesn’t seem like the bad guy if he ships Cam out. He can just say that he didn’t think Cam could stay healthy. The second tweet that says he will do due diligence and listen to offers gives it away. He is in no way married to the idea that Cam is the starter next season.
  2. Same. I do not put anything on a good steak. Some exceptions for a bordelaise or au poivre on occasion at a restaurant, but I’ve long since stopped caring about how other people choose to eat their food. If you like it that way and enjoy it then by all means do whatever makes you happy. Don’t expect me to like it but I’m not going to think less of someone for eating food the way they want.
  3. Didn’t he grow up fairly poor? Probably something that was needed for the poor quality steaks he had growing up then stuck with him. Then again Trump and Pat Mahomes both do the same and both of them grew up with money.
  4. He’s not really wrong. If you send 8 you have to get the QB before he can make that throw. That said he doesn’t need to be talking.
  5. Seems like it’s sourced from the Panthers. A tactical leak that lets other teams know he’s available but that it is not going to be cheap and we aren’t going to cut him. Let’s other teams prepare for that eventuality.
  6. It doesn’t matter who the interim is. The only reason Ron was fired is so Tepper could get a head start on a coaching search without doing it behind Ron’s back out of respect. Name the last interim NFL coach who didn’t suck. We don’t want an interim becoming the full time coach.
  7. They’ve always recruited well since they basically own the state of Louisiana which is a talent hot bed only outpaced by Florida, Texas, California and Georgia and can dip into Texas to supplement but Coach O has turned it up a notch and now they recruit at the Bama/Clemson level.
  8. There have been rumors that the switch to the 3-4 was at Tepper’s behest. I think we are staying with it regardless.
  9. Well we would probably lose all our Auburn fans
  10. Where exactly do you expect Cam to go that has a good OL? Bengals, Dolphins, Chargers, Titans, Bears, Bucs and Broncos all have bad OLs. All but the Bears and maybe the Chargers could be considered rebuilds. The rest of the teams in the NFL aren’t looking for a new QB. This magical football dreamland where everything is perfectly set up for Cam does not exist.
  11. You don’t think Tepper told anyone in the organization about his reasoning? Like the GM or President or even Ron himself when he fired him? Then maybe that person told someone else lower down in the organization who told a reporter?
  12. It’s been confirmed that the Asst GM and VP of football ops is the same job and in all likelihood will be below the GM in the hierarchy. Unless Hurney gets a demotion he stays at the top of the food chain for football decisions which I wouldn’t put past Tepper.
  13. It won’t be because we won’t actually ever hear how he truly feels. He’ll thank Ron and give a lot of praise for being a great man, coach and mentor. You won’t get much more than that.
  14. He will definitely get a job assuming he wants a job. He might just want to take a year off.
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