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  1. It’s sad and iron. For years we were all saying how we would love to have an elite safety to go along with Luke, and now we are saying we would love to have an elite linebacker to go with our Safety Chinn
  2. LOL he threw it off the defenders helmet. Twice they had it in prime position and twice it’s wasted. But yeah I saw where their center was injured. Hate to see it especially if it is a career ending
  3. The bad thing is he just made a HELLUVA throw to Godwin and had some momentum only to do that
  4. Right?? I would LOVE to be in that locker room post game just to hear.
  5. Especially after he just threw that interception
  6. Tyreek Hill is sittin at over 260 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. The Bucs are getting absolutely torched.
  7. Put me in coach. I only can use one arm fresh out of surgery but I can throw pick-6’s as good as any Bronco QB ever has.
  8. As I’ve said in another thread, I’ve suffered a grade 4 Ac joint separation and it’s freaking horrible. I’ve had one surgery and gonna need more by the looks of it. Hopefully his is just a grade 1 or 2. They need to just sit him for the rest of the year.
  9. Why isn’t the Chiefs on here? They’ve been consistently good the last few years and just won the super bowl last year, and were in the AFC championship the year before. I get Reid and Mahomes are a big part of it, but what they’ve done to help out a team around him and the coaching staff is remarkable. If I were to pick a set of owners right now, I’d pick the Hunt family.
  10. I suffered a bad fall a few years ago and jacked up my shoulder, including a grade 4 ac joint separation. For anyone who hasn’t experienced that, be glad because it’s super painful. Had surgery on it a couple years ago and probably looking at another one here soon. I hope he doesn’t have to have surgery, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did, If it does indeed turn out to be a AC joint injury.
  11. That’s a no from me. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to suffer through the draft lottery as a Hornets fan. This is the first time we’ve had a top 3 pick and of course it’s in a year of unknowns .We could have the worst record in the league not by choice and still not get the first pick. Not a fan of it personally.
  12. Hey guys. Didn’t see it posted yet, but just saw the Panthers share on Facebook that CMC has been designated to return from IR today. Just wanted to share!
  13. The football traveled 192 feet on a 195 foot attempt worth three points. Strange point in time to discuss this.
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