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  1. uncfan888

    I don’t believe in the 3-4 transition

    Please stop cluttering the board with your pointless and ill informed opinions
  2. Chuck doing Chuck things, I see
  3. uncfan888

    Are we done making moves in FA?

    Every team has needs
  4. West Charlotte was my home school, but I went to Harding instead
  5. uncfan888

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    It's gonna be funny when Gettleman brings KB and kalil in for tryouts
  6. uncfan888

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    That's me haha
  7. uncfan888


    Hey now.. I was first on something finally
  8. uncfan888

    Bears stole Haha. Wtf

    Sanjay and Chuck have been quiet.. Hmmm. His grammar is bad, so probably sanjay
  9. uncfan888

    Bears stole Haha. Wtf

    Whose alt is that?
  10. Cuz they're as dumb as most of the fans over here
  11. uncfan888

    Bortles cut. Backup?

    Hard pass
  12. This guy hates DJ Moore. His takes are irrelevant
  13. It's not like we gave the dude 5 years and 80 million. I just can't get upset about a prove it deal. The pros far outweigh the cons