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  1. This team seems a lot like our even numbered year teams
  2. He asked to shave my legs
  3. This is the type of game we win. But we could also lose.. My prediction is one of those two will happen
  4. The Panthers (mainly the administration) have made me this way
  5. We have to establish the run guys! That's how you win games 7-3
  6. A rebuild is necessary if your coach has shown he can't win the big one.. Rivera is probably one of the longest tenured coaches in the league right now and he's been good, but the league is evolving and he is getting left behind
  7. Mike Smith and Sean Payton.. fug those guys
  8. uncfan888

    How would you play our team?

    Pass the ball.. Run the ball.. Defense can't really stop either right now
  9. uncfan888

    6 Ways from Sunday

    The coach blamed the weather for that performance
  10. uncfan888

    Rivera Monday presser

    I think having a new owner will help that. He has no ties to Ron and he wasn't here for that run
  11. uncfan888

    Rivera Monday presser

    If the weather is affecting them that much, he should be fired today. But I think he should be fired today regardless
  12. uncfan888

    Rivera Monday presser

    It's actually embarrassing for him
  13. uncfan888

    Rivera Monday presser

    Damn our coaches are really fugin clueless
  14. Thank God we have a new owner. Tepper won't suffer fools