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  1. Bradberry, burns, cmc, dj.. I'd like to say moton, Daley, or little. Seems like we should be able to count on one of them
  2. I am waiting to see how the cam situation plays out before I pass judgment on Tepper. I have a feeling we're going to see him meddle way more than we'd like to see. I hope I'm wrong but I think that's what we're in for
  3. Blow it up. Please dear God blow it up
  4. I call em like I see em. The previous page you're clearly complaining about cam not being on the sideline.
  5. Gotta enjoy it before he bounces in a year or two
  6. @MHS831 and @SBiii with their cam Newton injury complaints
  7. You're the same person that doesn't want to blame Marty for any of this
  8. I think by now we've all accepted our fate and most of us have no fight left
  9. Wanted to see who could possibly poo this obvious statement. And of course, it's snake
  10. Fro bro? Really? This is the type of poo that got you banned last time. Please keep it up
  11. You don't have to make a thread for every thought you have. We've told you this for years
  12. We have to nail the next two drafts if we want a quick rebuild. We have so many free agents and so many holes
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