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  1. uncfan888

    What Detroit Lions fans are saying

    They do that this week after that embarrassing performance last week and I hope Tepper leaves Ron in Detroit
  2. uncfan888

    Cam Newton

    Yeah, it may be sanjay. Dude's English is terrible
  3. uncfan888

    Cam Newton

    This leoslayer guy has got to be another retired college racist alt. What you think @mjligon?
  4. uncfan888

    Cam Newton

    ... Says sanjay's white knight
  5. He should get you zero points this week. Solid trade haha
  6. uncfan888

    Is there any way?

    We don't need to limit the amount of threads people can make. But there are a few people here that need their thread making privileges revoked.
  7. uncfan888

    Devin Funchess: JAG

    I'd take Robinson right now over funchess ten out of ten times
  8. uncfan888

    I always wondered ..........

    I heard Aaron brooks is a great quarterback
  9. uncfan888

    I always wondered ..........

    Sanjay has really gone off the deep end since Pittsburgh
  10. uncfan888

    Matty Meltdown has a...meltdown

    It's nice that all the Falcons fans left after that loss. Also, Nails is trying to turn this into a Greg Hardy thread somehow
  11. Sanjay has snapped. Bashing the quarterback.. He's turned into everything he hated. And I'm pretty sure he's racist now
  12. Rivera is in a tough spot... He loves his vets so much but he also apparently thinks CAP is a joke. Maybe CMC will be our only running back