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  1. Get rid of sanjay
  2. uncfan888

    Go Rams, obviously.

    Everyone except for our resident Patriots fan, big cat
  3. uncfan888

    What you just witnessed was G.O.A.T

    And then we're not allowed to make of big cat anymore for this lunacy
  4. We kept the wrong kicker.. Ours is more concerned about blocking people on Twitter than making crucial kicks
  5. uncfan888

    LMAO... Suck it Saints

    And they smartly took our cast off RB and actually used him
  6. @saints4lifeagain you still good people, though
  7. Yes, we all know that you hate cam. Just like most of us hate rivera
  8. Foles isn't outplaying a healthy cam
  9. PED58? Get out of here with that.. Davis was one of the best players we've had
  10. uncfan888

    Do we need a CB?

    Jeremy took out ol red dead... Wasn't that Chuck?
  11. You seriously need help. And I'm not saying that to be funny. There's something wrong in your brain
  12. I miss those days.. Now I get woken up by a 5 year old jumping on me and the woman. Actually, I don't miss those days
  13. This guy is the worst.. Can't tell who is dumber: Cameron or sanjay
  14. uncfan888

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    I think you've finally snapped. Where's that jordan "get some help" gif when you need it?
  15. uncfan888

    Panthers Social Media vs Rest of NFL

    Do you know whose alt that is? I can't figure it out