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  1. What does the Jones signing do for your cap? And what potential cuts are you talking about?
  2. Didn't a fan send the broom? On topic, cowherd is an idiot. He constantly bashes cam and then every time a coach or player tells him he's wrong he just looks at them like
  3. Nobody here is afraid of the Falcons. Find a new place to post
  4. I'm convinced that Georgia Boyz guy is a closet Panthers fan As far as the topic... Who cares. Give him all the cap
  5. Hornets will win 13-15 games this year. But the kemba thing has completely sucked the life out of a team that didn't have much to begin with
  6. They say that coke zero sugar tastes more like coke than regular coke zero but I don't think they actually changed anything. I've sold both and they taste identical
  7. He said if cam hadn't gotten hurt, we could have won 7 or 8 games.. We had 6 before cam fell apart. What's he talking about?
  8. So, the GM of coke consolidated had a suite on the 50 yard line that Tepper really liked. He convinced him to give up the suite in exchange for kicking Pepsi to curb. I'm good with it.. PepsiCo used to be cool but when bottling ventures took over, they have screwed everything up.
  9. I too think it's funny that his name is cox
  10. Please stop making threads. It's really getting pathetic
  11. I didn't realize this was your alt Saying what you did didn't warrant a ban though. That's a little much
  12. Disappointing to see that post coming from hoenheim
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