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  1. Funny thing is that dude said his piece in here and got called out for it being dumb and he hasn't shown his face since. Cowardly
  2. We already had our shine on all or nothing when we did to the cardinals what daenerys did to kings landing
  3. The riot has a good ticket exchange. You should check it out
  4. So you're bothered because a bar changes themes to match the teams that come visit its town? Sounds profitable to me
  5. Dude.. I have cash too. I just don't need to flaunt it cuz I don't give a poo about looking cool to people on the net. You need to buy some confidence
  6. Big cat used to be a decent poster. Now he just trolls the board with dumb threads and throws pictures of his wealth around. Go join the Patriots board
  7. I thought little finger returned Ned's bones to cat?
  8. I bet she is wild in the sack.. Damn Jonas brother
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