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  1. I thought that enough is enough guy got banned for racist remarks?
  2. The league will see this video and drug test him
  3. He isn't playing Sunday. He doesn't need to play again until that foot is totally healthy
  4. It's pretty funny that he probably has more money than anyone on here and none of us would want to be him haha
  5. I wish you would. He's really gone off the deep end lately with the poo talking of cam and now this Camilla thing is idiotic
  6. Same reason fat cat doesn't like him. And we all know what that is
  7. Glad you're thinking about me. All the money in the world and I'm on your mind. Go eat a snack
  8. You and these fugin injury reports. Cam showed plenty of signs in the game.
  9. Stay out of my business. I was just wondering how anyone could disagree with what I said. Go eat something
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