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  1. Our best qb is being pushed out the door and people are on here celebrating that fact and making alts so they can ham it up. Morons
  2. It's becoming more and more obvious that Rivera and company valued relationships over winning. I'm glad we can start over with a new owner and hopefully a new GM soon
  3. I'd prefer not to go 8-8.. Stuck picking in the middle of the first again
  4. Greg better go to Seattle. Only team listed that has a legit shot at a ring
  5. Haha buffalo and the skins? Just retire, Greg. You obviously don't care about a ring
  6. They said on the radio earlier that he'd become a free agent today
  7. Yes. If we had kept him, we definitely would have won the super bowl this year
  8. Only organization in the league stupid enough to give him a job twice *
  9. Yep. He's not worth arguing with. He's hated cmc since we drafted him.
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