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  1. This is a weird time to bring this up. Ball went 64 yards of a 65 yard field goal
  2. We have a lot of holes on defense. Need a tight end and some o line help too. I'm giving up on the franchise qb next year. Maybe the year after
  3. Nope, he is not. He makes too many game killing mistakes
  4. I could live with him if he didn't make the game losing mistakes. We could build around him to succeed. But those mistakes are a part of him sooo...
  5. Doing good. Not posting as much on here since the place went downhill. We almost had yall today
  6. Teddy plays well enough to be a franchise qb. But the mistakes he makes he makes them at the worst possible time and costs us games. That's the most frustrating thing about him
  7. Too bad our qb took a sack at an extremely bad time
  8. Man the refs are blowing the saints hard today. They don't need help to beat us
  9. I'm tired of the red zone ineptitude. Even on our first drive. We get down close to it and look like buffoons
  10. We need these high draft picks. So many holes. And the coaching staff is getting embarrassed today
  11. Going as expected. Refs help out on two third downs and we cant stop anyone
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