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  1. Whats up? Just reaching out to another VB Huddler... Check it out, our local Riot chapter, just getting started... 


    1. beachpub4


      SWEET! Just joined your group through my wifes facebook . Suzy Whelan - My business page cant join for some reason. We own The Beach Pub in Va. Beach

      Were you at the game last week? We drove down - it was awesome!

    2. j2sgam


      Nah, I work for a living, only make about 1 game a year... I just try to meet local Huddlers when I can, been on here for over 10years.... Ill have to bring my wife out for dinner, check out your establishment. I have SB plans already, but are yous hosting anything at the Pub?


      Dont know why this is a status not a message..?

    3. beachpub4


      Small place but we are slow on Sunday nights this time of year so taking half the restaurant for a party. Nervous but excited as hell  !!!

      Let me know when you are coming. I work days but can stop by to buy you guys a few drinks!!!

  2. Wow! Just looking at our season ticket list and noticed it's only a month away. Only a pre-season game but can't wait to see how all the new faces fare if only for a half. Who are you guys looking forward to seeing the most?
  3. One of the top five Panthers games I have been to in 200g against the Jags, Jake replaces an ineffective Peete and brings us from 17 down and hits Proehl in the left corner of the zone for winning TD with 15 seconds left. been a huge fan since then. Lets keep him as long as we can. OC ?
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