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  1. Do not agree with that whole deal. Letting a fruit basket like Suh near Cam is stupid.
  2. We might not be the most talented offense, but between Norwell, Turner, Ward, Stewart, Tolbert, Newton, Benjamin, Funchess, & Olsen we are the biggest offense and are gonna punch people right in the mouth.
  3. Oher struggled? Oh, yeah? Well that's just, like, your opinion, man.
  4. Mandatory Krispy Kreme on all streets.
  5. Yeah Haha funny! Does the Army give out a ribbon for jokes like they do for everything else? :)
  6. Double edged sword... Marines are also extremely disciplined and fearless. They know how to follow rules and aren't gonna kill someone out of fear.
  7. As long as Oher can stay upright and keep his man in front of him I'll be happy. He doesn't have to be Orlando Pace for our offense to thrive. I can't take anther year of watching our LT get knocked down, pushed on top of Cam, or spinning like a ballerina as the end zooms by.
  8. Security! Security! They are being obnoxiously loud and blocking my view!
  9. Spray paint carolinahuddle.com across your shirtless chest and run towards officers screaming Allah Akbar. Be sure to have someone there with you to stream it live using liveleak. Your contributions to the continued success of this forum will never be forgotten.
  10. People are upset because our society is a mob mentality and they have the attention span of a hamster. If a famous actor or big time athlete died during one of these incidents being highly publicized 95% of the public would do a 180 on their subject matter for the week.
  11. That is absolutely disgusting. One of the worst killings I've ever seen. That's worse than things I witnessed in combat overseas. At least that stuff was war and killing tthreats. That video is straight up 1st degree murder. Yeah, the man was driving around with an expired tag/license, had an open liquor bottle in the car, and fled police, but I'm pretty sure the penalty for that stuff isn't on site execution. Body cams should be mandatory on all LEO personnel. And quite frankly at this point I'd be fine if they made military service a required prerequisite to be a police officer. That would immediately weed out 99% of the power tripping pigs. Those guys are too cowardly to serve. Military veterans are disciplined and make excellent cops. It would also provide ssteady work for all our troops that return home and struggle to find work. I'd be much more comfortable with Army/Marine veterans running my local police force opposed to all these uneducated, low IQ guys that get off on having a gun and authoritative position.
  12. This is the year Cam emerges as the future of the NFL. His rookie year he banged on the front door and got everyone's attention. Second year he slipped and fell off the porch. Third year he walked back up the porch and started banging again. Fourth year he was leaning against the door with crutches. This year he's gonna kick down the door and yell "GTFO THIS IS MY HOUSE NOW."
  13. "Look Stephen, we've gotta let you go. You're gonna have to pick yourself up by the nippleshorts and carry on." -DG
  14. Neither do I, but if this is true he is now a confirmed fuging moron. He's a fringe practice squad player who is two days away from starting the most important audition of his football career. He's fighting to save his career and this was likely his last shot. And everyone is well aware that weed is against the law, but more importantly that it's banned by the NFL and they are on overdrive with PC damage control. And he's driving around town with frigging weed and drug paraphernalia in his car. Certified dumb ass.
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