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  1. I wouldn't bet against Thomas Davis. He's not getting cut. This move still baffles me though ... he probably would have played for vet min just to be a part of the team. He's not as fast as he was in his prime...neither is Olsen, but he obviously still has ability. I know we wanted to get a better look at Shaq but damn I didn't see a downside in signing him for depth atleast.
  2. I'd hate to be that GM when the time comes to sign that Lattimore, Kamara, Ramczyk, and Marcus Williams. Kudos to that scouting department though.
  3. .. that was impressive and its pretty much undenaible the man has the ability. I'm not trying to debate the importance and game correlation that specific football drill has...esp. during the second day of minicamp...lol. Which is probably 75% drills ... the rugby helps yo. Bend is Bend ... nomatter the situation..you think a Matt Kalil could defend that?. Considering dude was limited and rotational and still managed to end up the season second in sacks on Alabama....I'd say it's working pretty good. Can he improve and do it at a higher level is the question.
  4. Combined with the other players on this front 7, you add in Miller with his speed and strength... if he can do what he does on this video consistently he'll be a monster. https://mobile.twitter.com/BrettKollmann/status/1095016610077630464
  5. Absolutely... I just hope his recovery doesn't go the Bene route. If he heals 100% ... I honestly think he's starter material. On the boundary that is. This is the first year that every position should be an upgrade in some form. Minus a couple of spots. And possibly the fastest we've been on defense in years. My expectations are close to that of the 2013 Panthers D (that year I liked watching the Offense play but I LOVED everytime the D took the field). I think that's the year..whatever year we had prime CJ-Star-KK-Hardy.
  6. I wonder at what cost? If I were Love, I would need a new car and abour 3% off every incentive you make this year....just saying ..
  7. Ok so I went back just to see how our dbs were graded .... specifically Cockrell in the last season he played - per pff....Results as followed: 2017-18 season Cockrell: 81.6- Good rating 2017-18 season ..Bradberry: 40.6 -Below Average Last year: Bradberry: 66.4 Above Average Jackson: 65 Above Average Eric Reid: 66.5 Above Average Captain: 61.6 ... Average Mike Adams: 51.4 ...Below Average Gualden (in limited snaps): 68.8 ..Unrated but according to the chart.....Above Average That said, that brings us to this upcoming season...we got rid of Cap and Adams, which was basically addition by subtraction. Bradberry is in his contract year and is trending in the right direction. I just want him to look back for the ball a little more. Alot of missed opportunities. Ross was projected to be starter last year before injury iirc so if he picks up where he left off it's possible he'll take the boundary while Donte takes the speed receivers at nickle(although I like him on the outside). Or they'll swap depending on the match up. Jackson with a year under his belt will be hard to beat for that #2 spot if he's improved on his tackling. He whiffed on around 15. Reid gets a full offseason to take in the defense. Gualden is the wild card ..but all of the above have three things playing in there favor which I'm certain will play a huge role in improving the performance of the entire unit this year. Eric Washington not calling plays, Perry Fewell and that front 7. Our backend might suprise some folks this year.
  8. Exactly...I knew it was somebody on our roster a while back... what happened to this guy ??.. did we release him or did his contract run out ??
  9. Yup you got me on that one .. the hell was I drinking Lol
  10. Worley was starting?? Raiders?? That had to be a tank move. If he starts this year ... I'd say you are correct. Speaking of starters wasn't Lorenzo Doss a starter in Green Bay?. I forgot about that guy. And Thomas Decoud I think it was. Searcy wasnt exactly thrilling either. Nakamura wins if we're talking worst Safety... landslide.
  11. Cam play in fear?...no not my qb. I do think with the changes made to our Oline it has the potential to be the best he's ever had, so that gives me confidence. I know those five guys will hold up... I'm just hoping they play with a mean streak this season. I haven't really seen that since Norwell left - minus Trai.
  12. There's alot of questions and unknowns about Cam's shoulder....and with good means BUT I gotta say, the Mccoy signing took away a huge portion of the doubt. That paired with the velocity he was throwing with at kicking it with Cam and the reports of him regaining the range of motion that was absent since last year... he should be ready to rock by preseason. I'd actually work him in training camp and snap count him in preseason...maximum @ 27. My concern with QB#1: I fear every team we face will probably be targeting that shoulder....ie TJ Watt.
  13. Bress doesn't get sacked alot because he releases the ball too quick..and when the pressure does arrive he tends to throw the ball at the turf near the closest receiver to avoid it.. It doesn't hurt that his receivers are coached to attack the ball every play. There is a vast difference between a Funchess and a Thomas.
  14. Zach Sanchez gets that title... followed by Worley tied with Corn... I'm not ready to give up on him yet though. If Ross is healthy and playing with full confidence again we are actually in pretty good shape... not to forget Doss and Seymour. Even that said, I still expect us to pick up a CB and FS after cuts lol
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