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  1. Alot of blame to go around...not on CMC... I love Cam but I think he doesn't trust his line...and his ankle is in bad shape IMO... Daryl Williams though ...smdh .....smdh wtf???
  2. I gotta say it ... the Ram's defense is pretty solid. Talib and Peters will most likely effect your decision making. We were a dink and dunk O last year before the decline... we are now....this doesn't mean the man can't throw past 25 yards...lol Last time I saw Cam throwing deep in a game was with a different coordinator (not that I don't like Norv, because I do but it is what it is) IIRC was the 2017 Wildcard game ... Last offseason, he was throwing long balls to AB. I refuse to believe he can't do it. On top of the media fuggin him over at every chance possible... his own fan base won't even give him the benefit of the doubt. It's only been 4 qtrs...relax. Reality is, things aren't nearly as bad as most people claim it to be. We had alot of good to take away ...although I would have preferred the win. Either way, we are only one game in.. I wouldn't take week 1 as an indication of this entire season....
  3. Interesting idea, I'm still waiting to see what Hurney does with this cap space... Shaq extension?? ...not likely yet....but if his week 1 performance becomes the new norm than it's very much worth looking into... Bradberry??... is my most logical choice but something tells me that'll get done this offseason. And at a modest rate unless he grabs 7+ interceptions this year.
  4. Whoa...Whoa... Little is still in the concussion protocol???? How long has this been?
  5. I would actually be down with this idea. Although it will never happen, I think the biggest threat we could have would be ... Speed...Samuel/Jackson on KR ... Elusive...Moore/McCaffrey on PR ... But we need all 4 healthy for a full year, so cancel that. Besides If our ST's can't block the other team without a penalty it really doesn't matter who we're sending back there to get murdered. Godwin could have been a beast in a couple years. No idea, why we didn't bring him back. Or maybe we tried and Detriot just got him first... along with our former QB #4.
  6. Ray Ray at KR and Bonnafon/Hogan at PR ... Side note: If Donte wasn't so important to the secondary, he would be a very solid choice on KR/PR. But his body is a thin as Byrd's was. I do believe he is faster though.
  7. Based off preseason alone... Biggest ?: Oline Disappointment: Paradis or Grier Surprise: Burns, Efe, Syle(??) Most improved: Haynes MVP: Heineke, Holyfield Honorable Mention: Bonnafan
  8. Speaking of this and not to derail too much ...our other rookie is also in the headlines but hopefully tonight he changes the narrative somewhat ... According to PFF, Will Grier is the lowest-graded rookie of any QB with at least 50 snaps so far this preseason.... (25.8). I actually didn't know they graded south of 30. IMO, he just need the reps and more time to build his confidence. Give him a couple of years and some good Oline protection and I think he'll surprise.
  9. No...thats ok..If we wanna get big (typically in the redzone) ... Two TE sets.
  10. Seeing that they really don't know what to expect from our D.... I guess they could say the same about us. Side note: One takeaway from the Pat's game = secondary tackling was impressive. Our front was getting pressure (minus the holding)...Brady just gets it out in 2 secs. That said, Aaron Donald on the menu subconsciously means KK and McCoy are going to step it up just based on competition. At least I hope.
  11. This actually changes alot. Maybe a 15 percent swing in our favor. I know last year they didn't play preseason...didn't know this year was the same.
  12. Damn... See I wouldn't want to shut him down due to fear of dirty play BUT do you really want to expose your franchise QB to countless hits aimed at his shoulder and ankle in week 1?... Guess we have to...I just wish our Oline was looking at least 75 percent improved. As much as Phillips has game planned for Cam over the years..I feel like he know's the recipe better than most...then again that was with Shula at that helm. Kinda sucks too that our first game could potentially be a blueprint for the entire season. I gotta say though... That line is a huge concern. GVR ...no.. We need Little at LT, Williams at G to help Paradis, Turner at G, Moton at RT. Or just say fug it... Moton LT, Little, Paradis, Turner, Williams RT... (Then again, I dunno if you wanna put a rook next to Paradis just yet...but could he honestly be worst than GVR) Questions, Questions, Questions...
  13. Bro....Bro... Wade Phillips... Aaron Donald being blocked by Paradis.. Hopefully Norv can scheme around that...dink dunk...screen...run. Wear'em out... them send it deep a couple times. Sadly, I'm pretty sure they will blitz the entire game.
  14. Turnovers on defense.... specifically Interceptions... The return game ...and of course the wr and rb comp.
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