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  1. You wouldn't happen to know against who, would you?.... I would really like to re watch that/those games.
  2. Sooo... Someone honestly thought they would defend this with claiming it was Monopoly money??? Wth Damage Control ..lol
  3. Hell why would he.... him and Luke (moreso him) are on the backend of their careers. Too many plans not enough time.
  4. I was actually looking forward to seeing just how much of an upgrade Larsen was.
  5. Hell no to Cam unless your looking for a TOTAL rebuild. BUT iirc, wouldn't cutting Poe give us like an extra 10 mil to work with. That said, we signed Mccoy at 10.25 mil.
  6. Bradberry, yes... but I'm not so sure McCoy would stay for another year tbh.
  7. No bro.. But I would be hoping he finally got a coach that would stick up for him and the treatment he deserves from the officials.
  8. Hell no I think he's praying he gets this job though. His comments on analytics just seemed a tad odd/forced IMO.
  9. I remember him then. Bucs in London..he actually had two fumbles that game..iirc
  10. Bobo Wilson ..??? Why does this sound familiar?? This wouldn't happen to be the Chris Collinsworths "BoBo made a Boo-Boo guy" from one of our earlier games?? If it is, we just got ourselves another fumbling returner.
  11. That's what happens when you get rid of your vets in search of getting faster. Cap and Adams I get... I STILL say, TD shouldn't have been shown the door. He probably would have took a massive pay cut and a backup role to stay here (And he's said as much). But I guess our talent scouts felt Andre Smith and Carter Jr. were better in those spots. Ironically, Shaq gets extended fresh off getting stiff armed to another dimension. I guess the whole logic was to see if he was worth keeping but IMO that could have still be managed better.
  12. I thought this was our linebacker Andre Smith... I'd bring him in if possible. Can't be any worse than what we already have, if the ankle checks out.
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