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  1. It's funny how he's on the board all the time, but hasn't come back to this thread once. I understand people being on either side of the fence at the beginning of the season. The problem I have is those like @t96 who dismissed the idea outright. Especially labeling the idea as "retarded."
  2. This would have been the correct move. The people on page one who thought this thought of trading funchess was "retarded."
  3. I would cut Torrey and use that $5m on some signings before I traded Funch
  4. @josephperson 49s49 seconds agoPanthers have cut linebacker Brian Blechen, according to a source. Hope to bring him back to practice squad.
  5. Delmas torn acl already confirmed and it happened after KB was hurt.
  6. UGH https://twitter.com/DNewtonespn/status/634020292571058176
  7. https://twitter.com/ProFootballDoc/status/634015873779433472
  8. I agree. No idea why that Toby Ward guy became an expert because he tore his ACL twice in the past.
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