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  1. bobsfoodbasics

    which player does this forum overrate the most?

    1. Ryan Kalil 2. Devin Funchess
  2. watch a bill belichick mic'd up segment to see the difference between bill and ron. bill continues to coach during games. he makes adjustments during the game, not only at halftime. ron has his thumb up his ass the entire game. have you ever seen a defensive adjustment after halftime since ron has been here? the pats learn from their losses. the ron rivera led panthers do not.
  3. bobsfoodbasics

    WHAT THE fug

    Kazee was ejected for the same thing in the falcons game.
  4. no need to insult infants everywhere
  5. no safety is keeping up with AB. are you guys being serious right now with "nO sAfEtY hElP"
  6. This man is a defensive coach hahahaha what a fuging clown
  7. bobsfoodbasics

    Corn Elder needs to get a look at nickel

    Ron won't pull a "vet" until they're injured. See Matt Kalil, Amini Silatolu and Torrey Smith.
  8. If it's up to Ron, both Torrey and Matt Kalil will be starting once they're healthy
  9. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-will-wear-black-pants-with-black-jerseys-this-sunday
  10. bobsfoodbasics

    Official Panthers at Eagles Gameday Thread!

    James Bradberry saved the game with that penalty. Anyone who disagrees is a moron.