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  1. bobsfoodbasics

    Rivera's wife cryptic tweet

    right there with you brother. much better organizations out there that deserve the support.
  2. bobsfoodbasics

    Anybody get fired yet?

    Most Panther fans
  3. Ron told the fox reporters yesterday that he knew Kyle Allen had what it took to win in the NFL. Yet Ron started Taylor Heineken last week. And people keep falling for his poo.
  4. Panthers defense still look like trash but the national media thinks letting ron call plays has been an improvement.
  5. because his "peers" think ron and hurney are the right men for the job. his "peers."
  6. bobsfoodbasics

    Streaming problems

    lol @ not knowing how to watch football for free in 2018
  7. bobsfoodbasics

    Do you believe we can compete next year?

    lol not with ron the neanderthal in charge
  8. bobsfoodbasics

    Funch inactive

    Ron is a moron if he plays CMC.
  9. Tepper is just another rich schmuck.
  10. looks like someone is going to get a good coach