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  1. We spend all week posting on this forum. We watch every second of every Panthers game. We read every tweet about the team. We spend money on tickets and jerseys. And what are we getting out of it? It's not even entertaining watching this team. Deep down we all know this team is not winning a super bowl. Every week the team comes out looking unprepared. Every week someone on the team lets us down. Even when the Panthers win, they make silly mistakes that should have been corrected in the preseason. Am I alone in feeling this way? Is it time to take a break from wasting so much time on this team? I think the only positive coming from this season is new ownership. Tepper seems like a stand up dude who wants to win. That's all I can think of.
  2. bobsfoodbasics

    Official Luke Kuechly sucks thread

    Look like an idiot on the sideline with his arms crossed?
  3. bobsfoodbasics

    Official Luke Kuechly sucks thread

    He doesn't suck but he has definitely lost a few steps.
  4. bobsfoodbasics

    Congrats to the Hurney and Rivera Nut Huggers

    ^ the last 2 DC's are just running Ron's defense
  5. bobsfoodbasics

    Congrats to the Hurney and Rivera Nut Huggers

    cam is the only reason they had a chance to win it
  6. stop looking for the refs to bail you out. those last 3 throws were terrible decisions by cam.
  7. eric washington has no idea what he's doing
  8. this comment deserves infinte pie
  9. holy poo you are delusional lmao
  10. you don't need to add "of any winning team." ron is a bottom 5 coach. has been since he was hired. his defenders will be in here shortly to tell you his winning record and 4 playoffs in 5 years nonsense. just imagine ron trying to win in the nfl with an average qb and average mlb for his career like a lot of other coaches out there have to do.
  11. eric washington should be let go tomorrow morning
  12. yeah the idiots on this site who keep defending him are just as special as ron
  14. skins have no timeouts so let's throw an incompletion and stop the clock for them
  15. yeah luke is average at best now
  16. run, run, run, punt time
  17. and people keep defending the coaching staff on this site...
  18. But he would still be on the bench if Kalil and Williams don't get hurt. fuging Ron.