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  1. I hope to god you’re still in school. Make sure you pay close attention in English because this hurts my brain to read. There may still be hope for you.
  2. How can this guy continue to drop wide open passes and not get sat down let Boykin get some work
  3. Jeremy you know you will lead every week lol
  4. Hopefully he does well here don't know what happened last year with them having davante adams also maybe he just got less opportunities because of the rookie
  5. We were minutes and one bad kickoff away from knowing that feeling and I think about that every football season unfortunately smh
  6. 2001 season opener because it was the only one that year and in retrospect the only one that mattered lol knowing what the next year would bring I wouldn't mind reliving the hell of all those close losses all over again
  7. JJ Watt excells in the 3-4 if we ran that defensive scheme possibly but in the long run the Texans haven't accomplished more than us so I doubt getting him instead would have rendered the panthers a super bowl
  8. I really like how the app scales on all my phones wish there were a more intuitive notification system for iOS blackberry 10 and android but beggars can't be choosers right
  9. He's situational only not a great player but good at what he does puts some fear in your Harry on a third down pass rush
  10. Talented yes overrated yes looking at garbage time which honestly doesn't count other than boosting your stats is when he got most of his yardage and scores against mediocre teams mind you once Cruz is back those numbers will deflate and the competition will bring him down to earth he's good but I still think we had offensive rookie of the year who had multiple highlight reel catches
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