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  1. Idc anymore the poo I’ve seen on here the past weeks has gotten me to a point where I understand why C S R thinks y’all are a bunch of cuckolds.
  2. Y’all saltines must be bored out of your mind to post this nonsense. Stick to football or post this in another thread. Tf who gives a poo about having dinner with these *** boys. Oh yea whatever mod bans me I’ll have dinner with their mom from the bizzack.
  3. I’ve been hoping we get him too. I’m a Big Blue fan and hated that QB play hindered his talents. He’s honestly a sleeping giant and I hope we are the team that can wake his potential.
  4. So far the consensus I’m seeing here is The Huddle LOVES JAmes Lynch he’s been mocked to more than 60% of the people that posted. Let’s hope its good a sign we get him lol.
  5. What I’m not understanding from most mocks or “armchair GMs” is the fact that ONE draft isn’t going to save this team. If we are rebuilding/retooling it’s going to take a few seasons of calculated moves. If we were to go predominantly defense like this mock then I’d be appalled. It should be a good mix because we still have June 1st cuts to work and next season and the season after. Super Bowls happen every year and we’ve waited long enough for one 2 or 3 more years of setting the team up for success won’t hurt. Look at the 49ers and how long it took them to rework their team and now they are legit a WB and maybe WR away from getting another. If they would’ve matched up against anyone but KC in the SB I feel they would’ve won. I couldn’t see many teams outside of NO competing with that offense unfortunately.
  6. I just chose this one for ease of use and it looking good. People can use any that they choose I just want more people to show who they favor for the team and discuss from there.
  7. With this version of the mock I focused on defense. I went with players that excelled at one thing. Didn’t have a significant non coach able glaring weakness and also got guys that understood “football” for their position. Coachability and having a natural strength at something goes a long way at being a solid candidate to make the roaster and beyond.
  8. 7 round mock draft. Let’s see how each one of us would help the team this year and for the future. Below is a link to one of the more aesthetically pleasing mock draft sites. Utilize it and post a screenshot of who you’d go after if you were the Panthers GM. https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine
  9. There’s a good chance he won’t be there either. Only way is if 3 QBs are taken ahead of us or 2 QBs and a OL. I honestly hope the top 5 fug it all up and leave some talent for us.
  10. If brown Simmons and Okudah are all gone I say WR. Anyone saying other wise clearly doesn’t know what is being asked in this new offense.
  11. I hope to god you’re still in school. Make sure you pay close attention in English because this hurts my brain to read. There may still be hope for you.
  12. He is clearly incorrect but please share who you’d draft Einstein?
  13. Your sentence structure makes me think it’s time to get your GED and make momma proud.
  14. So the question is do you guys really believe we are capable competing with the people we have now plus a few rookies on defense? Seriously it baffles me how contradictory this forum is. If we as a collective prefer to tank then getting more talent for one side of the ball makes more sense right? If we stack the offense we can build a foundation. Then slowly but surely add to the defense through free agency the next year and the draft. If you guys don’t think we should get more skill positions then I now understand why this forum complains like it does. I’m not saying go WR at 7 for sure, it’s contingent on who’s there and how the board looks. If we don’t get another WR by the 3rd round then I feel like this rebuild will be a lot more frustrating than initially hoped. I prefer Mims Claypool or Aiyuk I’m the 2nd honestly or Tee Higgins if he sneaks to the 3rd but we do need a big bodied WR anyone saying other wise is lost.
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