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  1. Lmfao this guy in terrible and they aren’t taking him out so it doesn’t ruin his psyche fuging Perry Fewell what a piece of work
  2. I’d rather see Grier suck it up than this ***. Y’all forget Haskins looked horrible his first couple games now is actually looking somewhat decent.
  3. He’s in a better situation but not better overall imo. The offense he’s in doesn’t require him to shoulder everything. He has a great line RB and a bounty of options to throw to. All those early round TE’s people were wondering why they kept drafting are a stalwart in the offense. Running out of that power formation and not knowing who is blocking and who is a pass catcher gives him time to run or pass easily. Harbaugh has set him up for success something we haven’t been able to do for Cam. I envy him having a legit coaching staff and front office and hope we can soon have competency there also.
  4. Most of y’all aren't seeing the big picture. He’s right. They called an all out blitz at the 7 fuging yard line and Ryan had almost 6-7 seconds to air it out. He was 1 on 1 50ish yards down the field. Not many corners could’ve hung with anyone that long let alone someone there’s no tape on or expectation to catch a ball on a play like that. You guys are so quick to call out a guy like him but let an Olsen or a Kuechly slide on a ‘bad play” what a joke.
  5. There is no reason to win another game. They need to bring in Grier to see what he’s capable of.
  6. This loss needs to happen. Rivera needs to be fired Monday. No more excuses Tepper.
  7. This effort is terrible. 100% on the coaching staff, Tepper needs to make something happen to get fans fired up and want to come out. The stands have been barren for weeks now because nobody wants to come out and see this staff look like imbeciles week in and week out.
  8. This team is clearly bad. When can we expect someone to get fired. Rivera and Hurney are gone for sure but there needs to be some sort of accountability for this consistent lack of preparedness.
  9. The staff has held us back for years because Ron Rivera is a biased old school football player that thinks he knows best and blames player effort for every issue. fug him
  10. If it weren’t for inept coaching we could be at least 7-4 or 8-3 not all losses are on the players. Someone please tell Rivera that for me I’ve been blocked from his twitter since 2013.
  11. Ron should be gone by Black Monday but hopefully someone else is fired first I choose Marty Hurney. Tepper needs to show the fans he means business because idgaf what he says until I see it. All I’ve seen is some weak ass soccer team proposal, nobody gives two shits about soccer if the Panthers can’t even bring a fan base together.
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