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  1. At some point, you make all that money so you can spend it on whatever the heck you want (and set your kids up so they never have to worry). I wouldn't be surprised to see Tepper finally "do what he wants" even if he never sees a return on investment. Not saying he is gonna flush a billion bucks down the drain, but I can see him spending money to make people happy, not necessarily to make money.
  2. He is giving up the job that made other people millions. His company will now only manage his money. Its a lot easier to not have to answer to investors.
  3. At worst, a signing like Jake Long provides some Pro Bowl knowledge at the now thin and young tackle positions. Hopefully he never has to play more than 4 games in a row but at this point, would you rather an Ex-pro bowler who is often injured or Chris Scott backing up Oher?
  4. He is 10x better than Byrd is (I have watched every gamecock game the past 10 years).
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