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  1. It all adds up to an "L" for the Panthers. I hate it but I've had this one down as an "L" since the schedule was announced. Nothing I've seen over the past couple of weeks makes me believe any differently. The Panthers really needed to take care of business last week but laid a fuggin egg to a lesser team. Coaching staff is holding this team back offensively for sure. Where the fug was Samuel? You're down 17 and need to pass the majority of the time to try to get back in the game and you leave your only deep threat on the fuggin bench the entire game. Morons!
  2. Cut bait with this dude. Has not shown his worth with the exception of one TD catch in ATL.
  3. Hey Torrey, shut the fug up and catch a freakin pass more consistently! If you could hold on to a damn pass as well as you hold you phone to Tweet maybe the passing game would be more consistent and we'd actually have a deep threat, which was the main reason you were brought here.
  4. She's definitely hot!

  5. Yeah, I agree. The first time I saw that one I had to have it as mine. I've had a lot of comments about it over the years. Thats one of the reasons that I keep it. Everyone seems to like it. I could watch that thing for days......

  6. That woman in your avatar is one of the sexiest avatars ever.