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  1. I thought he 'caught the last train for the coast.'
  2. At age 25, sure. At age 61, no.
  3. Contract? What is this quaint concept of which you speak? Tell me more, please...
  4. Will the three high safety be a problem with the NFL’s regular drug testing? Asking for a friend.
  5. Are you suggesting that the JAGS signed... wait for it... a jag?
  6. Cool. I would love to pull up at the Bojangles drive through window in one of these. "Medium seasoned fries and a large ice tea, please."
  7. In chess it is called ‘swapping queens’. If Samuel will be the third or fourth option and you have a glaring hole at CB, you might trade him for a second or high third IF you think this class is exceptionally strong at CB or fill in the blank with another position of need. We have many holes to fill. JMO and your mileage may vary.
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