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  1. right around the same time they lost their 2nd best corner. weird
  2. Go Seattle! Go Chiefs! Go San Diego! Go Tom Cruise and Baby Jesus!
  3. damn. you know it's bad when they decide to not show it
  4. yeap, true story. seems like they would figure it out since they are on the other end of it so much
  5. I cut my hair and ate the can of boiled peanuts I've had sitting here since right after the Seattle game last playoffs. This is bullshit. Couldn't decide on whether or not to roll with the same shirt or no. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!
  6. I'm glad they can stop yammering about going undefeated and just try to remember how to play 4 whole quarters
  7. he's a fkn troll, man. he only shows up when there's something to bitch about
  8. it's almost like that undefeated record brings out the best in all of these teams everyone expected us to stomp
  9. cool. i hope you picked yourself up a seattle jersey when they were cheap earlier in the season
  10. so, ron challenges more than any other coach, and wins more than any other coach. pretty much tells the story of officiating in panthers games
  11. people thinking these last two divisional rivals were just gonna lay down for the big bad undefeated team lol. next week will be even better, watch and see.
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